My World on Monday

Hi Tarts,

Wicked storms are rolling in here even as I type this, so…

This will be another quickie.

But I can’t let Monday roll by without saying hello.

I’d planned to do my usual start-of-the-week grumbling post, but something happened this morning that changed my mind.

I woke up to Em kissing my ankles.

My heart lifted and I smiled.  Warmth filled me, even though it was dread Monday.

And so I just couldn’t do a grumpy dinosaur piece.

Instead, I thought I’d share a bit of my world with you.  Things I saw on my cycle run early this morning.

They’ll also give you a glimpse into how a writer’s mind works.

Although, I’m betting lots of you would make the same associations.

You’re all so creative and full of whimsy.

Here’s the first thing that I noted..

I took this picture because of the tree branches in the middle of the pond.

It stormed last night and that’s surely how they landed there.  This is part of a golf course I cycle past daily and I know the branches weren’t there yesterday.

The branches reminded me of an island.  More specifically, an island in a Scottish loch.

A stretch, I know.

But that’s how a writer’s mind works.

Lots of my books have settings with a castle on an island in a Highland loch.  Duncan’s Eilean Creag, anyone?

Or how about Catriona MacDonald’s Blackshore in Sins of a Highland Devil?

Either way, the branches in the pond made me think of such an island.  (and the castle that would be on it) 


As I am presently writing a book that (again) has a castle on an island in a Highland loch, I took the branches-in-the-pond and the association to such story settings, as a positive sign for the new book.

A portent, if you will.

So I smiled, the morning good to me.

And as I peddled along, I soon passed this..

My smile grew brighter.

It did so because this cactus (or whatever it is.. I’m not sure) always reminds me of the desert.  Actually, the desert in Arizona where I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a few holidays.

So I always smile when I cycle past here.  And not just because I like Arizona.

I connect the state (and the desert) with a very good friend.

She’s Tart, Deirdre O’Dare and her alter ego Gwynn Morgan, aka deirdrewindancer.

And she’ll be guest blogging tomorrow.  So including the cactus blooms in today’s post seemed a good way to let you know she’ll be in the tea room tomorrow.

So be sure to look in.  It’ll be a fun day.

Before I leave you, I’d like to share another bit of fun.

But be warned…

It’s X-rated!

Stop now and don’t scroll down any farther unless you’re prepared for, well, you know…

Something naughty.

But also nice.

Definitely chuckle-worthy.

I’m just so glad this isn’t Em..

Quite a darling, what?

Bet this sweet little JRT earns smiles and laughs everywhere he goes.

And as Mondays don’t always bring levity, I thought he’d be a great addition to today’s tea room.

So have a good one, Tarts!

(hope you’re chuckling)  I’ll look in late tonight, after my work.     


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25 responses to “My World on Monday

  1. Mary Morgan

    Yes! I am definitely chuckling….still. I kept thinking, “what’s wrong with the little doggie?” Then I saw it! Hahaha!

    What a wonderful morning you had, Sue-Ellen. Those little bits of whimsy, mixed with our beloved furry friends never fails to brighten the gloom of our day, right? The picture of the tree branches reminded me of a small island on Loch Lomond. :)

  2. Lexi

    Hahaa, see God does have a sense of humor!

  3. Cute Sue-Ellen just plain cute!

  4. I couldn’t think of anything sweeter than how Em woke you up this morning. Just makes my heart swell. That cactus tree thingy brought a huge smile to my face and even a giggle. It’s just something about it that looks comical. :D I absolutely busted out laughing at the little dog. Sue-Ellen, the markings are exactly like that cloud I saw that day. Much cuter on the dog though, for sure! I can’t wait to read the blog tomorrow. It’s so nice getting to know the women in here a little more.

  5. hahahaha cute!! I wonder what they named him, possibly Dick :)

  6. Aurora Mata

    The tree in question is a baobab, native to the savannas of Africa & India.
    I continue to watch the live webcam at Eilean Donan. It’s live streaming. Saturday, I saw a bride & groom coming thru the castle gates. They were so cute! And then, they stopped, looked up at the webcam, and waved merrily! Like a dodo, I waved right back! They can’t see anyone; it’s not two-way, after all. Good news: I’m going home tomorrow. A lady friend from church is picking me up & another will meet us at the condo in case I need additional help. I can manage a VERY short walk w/a walker & by then my legs have turned wet noodles! Quite aggravating! But I have & I’ll see miracles. I’ ve surprised everyone by how much I can do. But I have Celtic ancestry & us Mata women are tough cookies! Once home, I have 2 hrs’ worth of exercises to do every day, twice a day! Wish me luck!

  7. Super fantastic news, Aurora! I’m so happy to hear this. Wonderful!! :)
    And thank you so much for identifying the tree. I’m glad to know. (((HUGS)))

  8. Just posting so comments don’t end on 13. BIG BAD electrical storm kicking in here now… I’m out of here, Tarts.

    See you tomorrow.

  9. Trudy Miner

    Sue-Ellen, you must be doing happy dances all over the place with the storms today!! I was driving down Edgewater Dr. in Dunedin (do you know it) around noon and watching it storm over the Intercoastal and Clearwater Beach. I saw some amazing lightning strikes! And to think that all week is going to be this way! But, I’m going to do you one better, on Wed. night, I’m going to Flannigans in Dunedin to see George Donaldson, the only Scot in Celtic Thunder in concert!!! He regularly plays at Jintys in Glascow when he’s home and he’s released his own CD, which of course, I own. Should I tell him “Hi” for you? Ask me if I’m excited?? Nah, dumb question. Happy dances for you!

    • Oooh, you’ve turned me pea-green, Trudy!! You are going to have such a grand time tomorrow night. :) Yes, please tell him “Hi” for me. And enjoy every minute. (know you will) Yes, I know Dunedin. An aunt used to live there and I enjoy driving up there for the Dunedin Games. It’d be lovely to hook up with you at the Games sometime.

      And, yes, I am doing the happy dance. Stormed all night and more to come later today, as you said. I am definitely a rain dancer. ;)

  10. Vicki Hammons

    The pics are beautiful. And thank you for the chuckle! Poor lil’ guy :)

  11. Marilyn Munro

    Sue-Ellen please send some of that rain my way. There has not been any rain here since June 18. Dry dry,dry,

    Ew all must cope with those necessary bodily functions,but not all of us can look as cute doing so.

    • Marilyn, take another look at the little dog. The funny thing is the shape of the brown marking on his back. (it resembles a man’s you-know-what).

      Wish I could send you some rain. It’s been storming here all night. Pause just now, hence looking in here.

  12. Karen C

    I just love the way your mind works! So glad Aurora identified the tree – I’ve never seen anything like it. The dog is sooo cute. Yup, lots of good things to start your week!

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