Welcome to Tartan Ink!

Tartan Ink launched on May 1, 2011, created by USA Today bestselling author, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, and another writer, as a joint author blog: a friendly place to discuss everything that interested us, and to promote our books.  The other author left several months later, but Tartan Ink lived on, welcoming readers and friends (dubbed Tartan Ink ‘Tarts’) into the comment section, affectionately known as ‘the tea room…’

A - SE - Tartan Ink Tea Room

Tartan Ink remains a gathering spot for anyone who loves Scotland, kilted men, and all things Celtic.  Other favorite topics are Highland magic, the mystical and strange, nature, skywatching, a recipe now and then, imagination, inspiration, whimsy, and animals. (rescue dogs and cats are especially welcome in the tea room)

When appropriate, Sue-Ellen shares book news.

A writing veteran, Sue-Ellen has been published fourteen years, penning Scottish medieval romances and contemporary Scottish-set paranormals.  She enjoys sharing a blend of her views on writing, life, and her great love of Scotland and her travels there.  Sue-Ellen’s friend, Kathy Garuti, looks into the tea room when she can, offering glimpses of life in New England and her own visits to Scotland, her mother’s homeland.

Here’s hoping you’ll nip into the tea room soon.  When you do, you’ll be sure to find good blether, a hot Scot or two, and lots of tartan-tinged fun.

Tartan Ink’s original header photo

A - SE - Red Beach

Tartan Ink’s lovely first header photo was Red Point south of Gairloch on Scotland’s western seaboard.  Rudha Ruadh in the Gaelic, Red Point is a place of special meaning to Sue-Ellen (who took the picture).

Across the water is the Isle of Skye, seen almost in its entirety.  This photo was chosen to launch Tartan Ink because it captures the quintessential Scottish landscape of sea, land, and sky.

**Personal Note from Sue-Ellen on the original header picture:

My visit to Red Point was spurred by my love of wild places and the little bay with its glowing red sand and high dunes exceeded my expectations.  It’s a lonely place that wears quiet well, tempting those who appreciate such things to linger as long as they can.

I’m especially pleased by this photo because I’ve set a book in the area: my Allie Mackay title, Must Love Kilts, (NAL Jan. 2011) takes place largely in and around Gairloch.

So I have indelible ties and memories to this remarkable place.  I’ve always held Red Point in my heart.  I enjoyed sharing it as the original header for Tartan Ink.  In the future, I intend to switch out header photos now and then, just to keep things interesting.

The current view was taken (by me) from Skye’s Kyleakin Harbor, looking toward Kintail, the setting of my popular MacKenzie series.