Kilts Gone Wild!

Did you know London is presently overun with Scots?  Wild-eyed, boisterous, kilt-wearing Scots?

Well, it is.

This was the scene today at Trafalgar Square..

A - Kilts Gone WildAs you can see, the tartan army is out in full swing, ready to party!

They’re also doing a bit of rah-rah’ing for Scottish Independence, which I think is great.  (see the ‘Yes’ flag)

But the real reason the lads are in London is because of the Scotland v England football game this evening.  (‘soccer’ to Americans)  The game is at London’s Wembley Stadium and emotions will be on fire.  Spirits high, hearts pounding, blood heated.  Lots of kilts, saltire waving, and maybe some blue-painted faces.  All that because..

Scotland is facing the Auld Enemy.

And vice-versa, depending on your viewpoint.

Kick-off is 8 p.m. British Time / 3 p.m. EDT.

Look in early to catch the pre-kick-off excitement.  The playing of the Scottish anthem will ignite the stadium!

It’ll be quite a show, the rivalry at a fever pitch, so you may want to tune in.  At least one or two of the sports channels should cover the game.

Last time the two teams met, Scotland won 1-0. That was in 1999.  So this game has been long anticipated.

Learn more by clicking here.

I’ll be watching, cheering for our lads in plaid.

Hope you’ll join me!


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25 responses to “Kilts Gone Wild!

  1. Sheila

    I also will be watching our lads for sure! Scotland Forever!

  2. Mary Morgan

    I believe most of us here in the tea room will cheering our men of Scotland. Oh yes, I definitely will… ;)

    • For sure. Knew you’d be cheering for them, too. It’s huge in Scotland. All my Highland friends will be glued to their TVs. Likely the whole country. We can claim a ‘Tartan Ink tea room ‘ field trip section of the stands to make our own. And then enjoy the game, which Scotland will surely win, and, of course, we’ll also be eyeing THE KILTIES EVERYWHERE!!!

      Go Scotland!!

  3. Marianne

    I am going to check to see if I can watch the game online. I’m with you too about Scotland’s Independence vote…I say VOTE YES!!

  4. I’m away to watch the game now.

    GO SCOTLAND!!!!!

  5. Woo-hoo!!!! Scotland scores!!!! 0 – 1 Scotland leads already!!!

    Yay for our lads! :)

  6. Booo!!! The Auld Enemy scores. 1 to 1 now.

    Come on, Scotland!!!

  7. Loving the glimpses of so many handsome bearded men. I LOVE beards. :)

  8. Karen C

    Certainly is a lovely sight, all those men in kilts!! No tv at work, so can’t watch, but will be rooting for Scotland, of course. Field trip sounds wonderful!!

  9. WOW!!!!! Scotland scores again!!! 2 – 0.

    Yay….to our lads in plaid!!!

    Go Scotland!!!

  10. Oooh….getting hot now. Bit of a fight on the field….

  11. Oh….no! England scores. 3 England, Scotland 2.

    Start roaring, ladies! Calling in Devorgilla…

    Go Scotland!!!!

  12. Ah, well…
    Our lads played well. Fantastic. But England won: 3 – 2. It was a super game, both teams amazing.

    And we STILL love our lads in plaid! To us, they are always winners.

    Well done, Scotland.
    Congrats, England. Great game.

    • Karen C

      Thanks, Sue-Ellen for providing the running commentary – I loved it. Sorry we didn’t win, but it sounds like a well played game by both. And yes, we’ll always love ‘the lads in plaid’ regardless.

      • My pleasure! It was a super game. Incredibly close, highly charged atmosphere. Both teams were fantastic. It is a shame Scotland lost. But England claimed the win this time. There is always another day.

        And you’re right… for us, Scotland is always nr. 1.

  13. Just got in from work (got called in for a double today) so I missed the game but Be Still My Heart! All those shirtless kilties in the picture! WHEWEE!! ;) Thank you for sharing that with us.

    • Knew you would adore the ‘tartan army.’ They are quite famous. I fear they will have very sore heads in the morning. After the defeat of our braw lads in plaid. But they played like warrriors and will take the field on another day. Meantime, we can all continue to swoon over so much kilted hotness. :)

  14. Barb R

    Hey Sue Ellen,
    OMG – why couldn’t I have chosen to take vacation today there? Would have been ‘too much’ on this old woman’s heart – maybe! Sorry that our boys lost but you know, they are and will always be ‘winners to the end’ as far as I’m concerned. ‘Scotland Forever’!

  15. Kathy Luehrs

    Wow – now wouldn’t you just love to be there!

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