Comet Photos (and viewing tips for tonight)

A - Early SkywatcherMany of you have been trying to catch a glimpse of Comet Panstarrs and so…

I’m sharing pictures taken on the beach yesterday evening.

Hopefully they’ll help you spot the comet.

It isn’t as ‘spectacular-looking’ as you may expect.  Not with the naked eye.

Through binoculars it’s breathtaking.  That’s when it turns golden, the lovely forked tail streaming behind.

Below are yesterday’s photos, taken around sunset, and posted in order.

In the top picture, the comet is not the long, downward-streaming cloud on the left.  That’s an airplane contrail.

The comet is the little ‘smudge’ of light in the center of the picture.

Look to where the the orange of the sunset starts to blend into the blue of the sky above.

That’s the comet..

A - SE - Comet Panstarrs I - 13 - 3 - 13

The following three photos were taken with a zoom lens.

They give you a hint of how stunning the comet is when viewed with binoculars..

A - SE - Comet Panstarrs II - 13 - 3 - 13

Here’s another look..

A - SE - Comet Panstarrs III - 13 - 3 -13And finally..

A - SE -  Comet Panstarrs IV - 13 - 3 - 13Keep the top picture in mind when you go comet chasing.

That’s what you’ll see without the aid of binoculars or a camera’s zoom lens.

Head out before or around sunset and look for a small and bright ‘spot’ that is larger than a star.

Then, if you have a pair, use binoculars to see its true beauty.

And take photos using your zoom.

If you’d like more detail (how to spot the comet tonight), my favorite sky-experts have tips.   Click here to read the advice of

Catching a glimpse tonight is crucial if you’re able as the comet will start growing dimmer tomorrow.

Good luck!


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17 responses to “Comet Photos (and viewing tips for tonight)

  1. Kathy Luehrs

    that’s cool – I am going to try to see it tonight – not sure if it will be clear enough though – supposed to snow again today – YUK

  2. Reblogged this on The Linden Chronicles and commented:
    Great directions to see the comet and a good reference. We saw it last night!

  3. Thank you for your great directions on seeing the comet! Last night we went to Imo’s for pizza right when the comet was visible. We found it right on the horizon (thanks to your directions!) and we told a couple in the restaurant and then everyone came out to see it! They were all eager to learn and I was actually able to tell them by your information. Thanks! It was fun!

  4. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I am beginning to think it’s the only way I’ll see the blasted thing, LOL! I refuse to give up trying though. :)

  5. I’ll have to take the kids out and try to find it. Thanks SE.

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  7. Kathy Garuti

    About an hour before sundown a shaft of sunlight found its way into the house. We jumped in the car and headed for a high hill. No luck, too many clouds. We made a quick stop and then checked out another spot. Still too many clouds. Then we had a lot of sun so back up the hill we when. No luck.
    about an hour after sundown I looked out the west window to a clear sky with the moon. I had seen a graph on the computer last night with the comet in regards to the moon. So, out to the bog I went. Still no luck. I think the moon was already too high.

  8. Trudy Miner

    I didn’t even try tonight; I’m still cold from yesterday! :( Besides, it’s still so cold here today, in the 50′s, totally ridiculous for Florida at this time of year. If I’ve thawed out by tomorrow and it’s warmed up, maybe I’ll try again! Thanks for your photos though; that’s what the sky looked like last night but I didn’t see it. :(

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