Seduction of a Highland Warrior ~ The Countdown Begins!

Hi Tarts,

Wouldn’t you love to step into this picture?

I know I would.

I took this some years ago on an autumn walk in Scotland.

This isn’t the Highlands.  It’s a hamlet in the Borders, very special, and a place that saw much action way back when.  (yes, I mean in medieval times, during the Wars with the English)

In truth, there isn’t anywhere in Scotland that isn’t drenched in history.

And legend and lore.

Tragedy and triumph, proud and fierce warriors, and the strong, equally fearless women who loved them.

And we can’t forget Highland magic, can we?

Those are just a few of the many reasons we’re all so in love with Scotland.

And why so many authors write Scottish-set romance.  Likewise, why so many readers love these books.

Speaking of which…

It is finally time to start letting you know about my upcoming release, Seduction of a Highland Warrior.

Many of you have been asking about this one.  It’s been a long wait, I know.

And so-o-o…

The release date is Jan. 29th, 2013.

For now, I thought you might like to see what the galleys look like..

I did these a good while ago.

If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘galleys’ (or ‘first pass pages’ as my publisher calls them), this is what the author receives to proof-read before a book goes into final print.

It’s at this stage that we (hopefully) catch typos and any factual errors and report them to our publisher so they can be fixed before the book lands on the bookshelves.

For me, reading the galleys is also when I fall in love with a book again.

At this point, I’ve spent so much time working on it (through the initial writing stage and revisions, copy edits, etc..), that I can grow tired of the story.  Then eventually the galleys arrive and I revisit the tale, and its magic captures me anew.

I love reading galleys!

And I hope you’ll love Seduction of a Highland Warrior when the book releases.

In its pages, you’ll also be able to revisit beloved characters from the first two books in my Highland Warriors trilogy:

You’ll once again see…

The hero and heroine of the trilogy’s first book, Sins of a Highland Devil: James and Catriona Cameron.

And the hero and heroine of book two, Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel: Kendrew and Isobel Mackintosh.

You just might encounter one or two other much-loved and well-kent characters from other books.  But you’ll have to read the story to find out who they are.

I’m not telling.

For today, here’s a mini-blurb of Seduction of a Highland Warrior

A proud Highland chieftain returns to his beloved glen only to find that he still desires the woman he’s tried to forget and that claiming her is more likely to destroy them than quench their forbidden passion.

But sometimes all must be risked for love, even everything a man holds dear.


I’m also sharing the final cover at the bottom of this post.  I’ll let you see the full cover and blurb sometime soon.

And so you know, I’m leaving this post in place in for a while.

I am again in the end throes of several looming deadlines.  So I’m pretty much hiding out in my writer’s cave these days, keeping the Dragon happy.

I know lots you have been waiting for this book, so this seems a good post to keep on view in the tea room.

I’ll look in again when I can.  (not this week as I have pc maintenance going on for a few days, beginning this morning.. so I am offline this week.) 

I hope you’ll enjoy this first glimpse at Alasdair and Marjory’s book.

If you’re interested, Seduction of a Highland Warrior is now available for pre-order.


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48 responses to “Seduction of a Highland Warrior ~ The Countdown Begins!

  1. Carol L

    I’m so happy and excited. I can’t wait. :) And the cover is amazing. Love this trilogy Sue Ellen. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Carol L

  2. Trudy Miner

    Looking forward to reading the book!

  3. Tarts, I’ll pop in and out over the next few days. But for now it’s lunch and back to bed.

  4. Oh I can’t wait. I do so love Marjorie, she is so different from her brother, I, I just canna wait.

  5. Cathy P

    Hi Sue-Ellen! I am looking forward to this book and love the cover.

  6. CateS

    Gotta love a hunky bare-chested guy embelished with kilt & Big sword!!

  7. The countdown is on! :) When I think about things over the last year that make me happy, books published by my favorite authors are always on the list. I hate to wish my days away but I’m hoping January hurries it’s way here. There is nothing better than being carried away to a place and time and meeting characters that you can’t help but fall in love with and your writing always gives me that.

    • Leah, you will be carried away right from the first word. You know well Sue-Ellen gives much care and detail to time and place. Her characters have such depth and a reality about them. You will love this book!

    • Thanks, Leah. It’s always a goal to make readers feel transported into the storyworld. I read to be swept into another time and place, escaping this modern world of technology and hectic, density, cities, noise, and everything else that just isn’t my cuppa in this super-busy maddening world. So I always hope my readers -if they read for the same reasons I do- will feel swept away to a different time and place when they open one of my books.
      I’m very aware readers have other favorite Scottish romance authors to choose from (there are tons of us, after all), so I appreciate every reader who enjoys my work.

  8. Wendy McKinnis

    Can’t wait!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books.

  9. Mary Morgan

    Good afternoon! :)
    I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. It will be a lovely “after Christmas” gift. The cover looks fabulous, especially in the large (ahem) format. You can really make out those massive arms–swooning here. :)

    Take care and sending a pixie to tease the dragon…

  10. Barb R

    Hey Sue Ellen, I simply cannot wait to read how Alexander reacts once he realizes the ‘love bug’ has hit him and hit him hard!!!!!! Woohoo, talk about ‘sensual and steamy’ – oh, yeah, am really looking forward to his ‘letting go’ as well! I just love reading as well as imagining a man ‘lose it all in the name of ‘love’!!!


    • Barb, you will not be disappointed! But then, Sue-Ellen never disappoints. I can’t wait until release date!

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Barb! You really made me smile. I am so glad you’re looking forward to this book so much. It’s been a long wait this time, but I think/hope it’ll be worth it. Alasdair made an amazing hero and Marjory is a wonderfully determined and strong heroine. There are also some surprises I hope will please my readers. I hope you’ll love the book. I’ll be posting more about the story soon. :)

  11. Lexi

    How exciting!!!

  12. Cutie B

    Beautiful picture and beautiful cover! Can’t wait to read the book!

  13. Aurora Mata

    Not one to play favorites, but IMHO, Alasdair is the Most handsome if the three heroes! By the bye, Sue-Ellen, did your package arrive? Sure do hope so! LOL

  14. Kathy Luehrs

    You are so nasty teasing us this way – can’t wait to get my hands on it

  15. librarypat

    Love the picture. I could easily loose myself there.

    Looking forward to SEDUCTION OF A HIGHLAND WARIOR.

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