Winner – National Feral Cat Day!

Hi Tarts,

Thank you so much for helping Tartan Ink celebrate National Feral Cat Day.

I think it’s fabulous that Alley Cat Allies and other rescue organizations go the extra mile to help stray and feral cats.

They really are the neediest of the needy.  And they need help all year round, every year.

Not just on a special day.

But it’s very good that such a celebration as National Feral Cat Day exists.  It increases awareness and that’s so important.

To thank you for helping spread word last week, I offered a signed copy of Tails of Love as a giveaway.

The winner is…

Jeanne Sheats

Congratulations, Jeanne!  Please email me your mailing address.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy Tails of Love.  It has all kinds of animal stories, including lots of great rescue cat tales.

For everyone else…

Here’s something sure to bring a smile..

(Please note ~ If you received this post as email, you may need to visit the actual Tartan Ink site to view the video.

Also ~ Music alert!  Turn down the volume if you’re not alone.)

Aren’t they adorable?

These kittens are Manuls, small wild cats aka Pallas Cats.  Long may they live and thrive.

Here’s wishing all cats in the wild at least have a safe place to sleep at night and enough food to eat.  Above all, that anyone they encounter will be a good soul and not someone who will harm them.

How I wish they all could have a loving forever home.

Thankfully, some eventually do.

If you have brought such a cat into your heart, please give him/ her/ them some extra loving today.

You know they’ll return it a thousand times over.


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20 responses to “Winner – National Feral Cat Day!

  1. Mel K.

    Congratulations, Jeanne! I’m so glad you won TOL. I know you will appreciate it and enjoy it. Jeanne is a wonderful woman. She has done a lot for kitties and she deserves to be rewarded. Hope I didn’t embarrass you, Sweets. But the truth must be told. :-)

  2. Mary Morgan

    WooHoo! Congratulations Jeanne! :)

    Thank you, Sue-Ellen for the laughter this morning. These little darlings are adorable.

  3. Oh wow. Congrats Jeanne! There is a shelter here in Alamogordo, NM called Kitty City. They are doing great work for the feline residents here. My friend Brenda Cockrum and her hubby are very involved with it. I donate something now and then but cannot work with actual cats due to bad allergies. However last night I dreamed there was a hole in my kitchen floor and a cat hiding in it who fought with my kitten (?) –I just caught a glimpse of that. So I was going to fill up the hole and stop the exit but then there were three cats all in it and I stopped dumping in dirt! About that time I woke up and said, “Whoa, what was that about??” That’s a dream I cannot quite analyze!

    • Deirdre, Kitty City sounds wonderful. Probably very much like the great Cat Depot here. Thank goodness for such dedicated souls. !!! Must say, the first thing that came to me on reading about your dream was that it was showing you cats from a past life (or lives) – cats you loved and cared for but who are not with you in this present life, hence the floor (this world/life) keeping you apart. (likewise the allergies assoicated with this life) Just my take on it.

  4. Oh, thank you so very much. All you guys are great! And I know I’m really going to enjoy that book!! It’s so wonderful that there are people out there that care so much but of course we always can use more. Thanks again!!!

    • My pleasure, catsady. I am super-delighted that you won, knowing how dedicated you are to helping strays and ferals. You will love the stories in this anthology. Patricia Sargeant’s stoty, Scaredy Cat, has the most wonderful little stray in it. You’ll really love that story. Keep a tissue handy! But no worries, the story has a fabulously happy ending. All the stories do. :)

  5. Kathy Luehrs

    love thoses eyes – you bet lots of loving of the kitties goes on here everyday and for Shadow (our dog) too

    • Aren’t they precious, Kathy? I’d love to cuddle them. Bet your pets do get tons of loving, knowing you. :) Lots of pet love at my house, too.

      Today I saved a huge turtle. It was crossing the road when I was out cycling. Gigantic! He was at least as big as two dinner plates and nearly as tall as my knees. I stopped my bike, got off, and carried him to the pond he was clearly aiming for. I set him down at the very edge and he stuck his head out, looking back at me as if to say thank you. Then he slipped into the water, swimming quickly into the pond’s depths. Made me feel so good to have helped him. I’d have felt terrible if I hadn’t and then later seen that a car got him.

      • Kathy Luehrs

        oh wow – that must have been cool – good for you – bet Em loved it – wet, cold, rainy-snowy mix here in MN today – YUK

  6. Karen C

    Congratulations Jeanne!!

  7. Congratulations, catslady! :) I just know you are going to love the stories in Tails Of Love as much as I did.

    Sue-Ellen, I am now hopelessly and utterly in love. That video was so cute and I smiled as soon as the Benny Hill music came on. :D I showed Sean the video and as soon as I gave him the puppy dog eyes he said,”NO!” LOL! Precious!

  8. Congratualations, you will love your book, so many great stories sharing the authors love of animals. Congratualtions again and enjoy!

    • I think she’ll love TOL, too, Zina. Every story in the anthology is wonderful. I am very, very proud of that book and so pleased Lori Foster invited me to participate in the project. I love that all author and agent profits go to the shelter. That’s beautiful.

  9. Ivy

    Congrats, Jeanne!

  10. librarypat

    Congratulations Jeanne. I hope you enjoy this book. It has been on my wish list for a while now.

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