Today is National Feral Cat Day! (incl. Giveaway)

Hi Tarts,

It’s no secret how much I love animals and stray and feral cats hold a very special place in my heart.

They’re pretty much the neediest of the needy.

And today is their day!

The good souls at Allie Cat Allies have a ton of events in celebration of the day.  Celebrations online and throughout the country.  Many of these events are running for several days, not just today.

To learn more, visit Allie Cat Allies’ special National Feral Cat Day page.

I know Tarts love animals so I’m asking you to check out the events, participate (if you can) by mentioning the day on your social media.  Or letting your cat-loving friends know such a day exists.

If you’d like to see why these cats matter so much to me, here’s a blog I did back in June about ‘going the extra mile’ for stray and feral felines.

These cats need help, compassion, and love.

And today..

.. They need us to get out word about their special day.  Lots of cat-loving volunteers across America are rallying to stir interest and support  for these cats who don’t have a voice themselves.

It’d be great if you help spread word.

And if you have a cat, please give him/her/them some extra-loving tonight.  Your pet(s) will be among the lucky ones.

How I wish they all were.

**GIVEAWAY ~ I’m keeping this posted until Sun., Oct. 21st.  On that day, I’ll give away a signed copy of Tails of Love to one cat-loving winner!

Everyone can enter ~ International cat-lovers welcome!**  


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31 responses to “Today is National Feral Cat Day! (incl. Giveaway)

  1. I posted a link on FB, I wish it was possible to save all of them.

    We adopted Ceaser and Sweetpea from a shelter but Emory we found on the wood pile in the backyard, in the rain, and he weighed almost 2 lbs. He had messed himself and it was all over his little body. We brought him in, bathed him, and the love began. We couldn’t really afford another pet but it was beyond us to give him away. Now, four years later, he weighs 23 lbs., is spoiled rotten, and the added cost of another animal is moot. I have often wondered what would have happened to him had we not found him. So many are out there that need help and I’m thankful for programs like Alley Cat Allies.

    • Thanks so much, Leah. Really appreciate the FB mention. I know your darlings are all rescues. And Emory is one lucky boy. But then so will you be to have him. I agree – thank goodness for Alley Cat Allies and others like them.

  2. A wonderful post. All my many cats have been strays and ferals :) They give me so much more than I give them!

  3. Our new vet participates in a feral catch spay/neuter release program and back on my mum and da’s farm we feed feral cats that live in the barn.
    There is another cat sanctuary called The Cat’s House on the Kings. We have two cats, Tiger who is getting on in years and Scobby Doo who came from Guam.

    • Wow… that’s a wonderful rescue group, Zina. Thanks so much for the link. I am going to buy some of their coffee. Please cuddle your Tiger and Scobby Doo for me. It’s so neat that Scobby Doo comes from Guam. (I used to fly there in my stewardess years.)

  4. Karen C

    Best I could do was to giving our cats some extra lovin’ – when they let me! Thanks for making us aware of this event.

  5. Another great post, Sue-Ellen. All four of my cats have been strays. There are people who do work with the feral cats here in the Plymouth area.

  6. Kathy Luehrs

    I have 2 cats one was a stray – they both are spoiled rotten and we truly love doing it.

  7. Ivy

    Had a huge black tom, Nemesis. He was part of a litter @ the vet. All the kittens ran to the front of the cage & he sat back in the corner & just looked @ me & said mrowr… Even as a kitten he was all attitude so of course I had to have him. I was the only one he tolerated. I swannee he thought he was a man. He’d call me to bed when he thought it was time to go, even to the point of grabbing my clothes in his teeth & trying to pull me. He slept curled around my head & no one could get near me…
    Sure do miss him.
    Will FB it, Sue Ellen.

    • Oh, man, what a special boy Nemesis was, Ivy. I am so sorry you lost him and can well imagine how much you miss him. As I believe, our lost pets remain with us always, in spirit. And when we move on ourselves, they will be there waiting. And what a joyous reunion that will be.

      Thanks so much re FB. :)

  8. Ivy

    BTW, we have a similar program here where they vaccinate them, spay or neuter, & release. They notch their ear so you can tell.

    • That’s excellent, Ivy. There is so much that can be done. People just have to care. I also wish more people would microchip their pets. At my vet, it only costs $70. And one of the large no-kill shelters (for cats) here offers lower cost microchipping, spaying, and neutering.

  9. Mel K.

    I have the book TOL but I just want to say I recently adopted a feral kitten. He is wonderful! My other 2 babies took to him right away. This is a very special day!! Later I will give all 3 of my babies treats. (I give them treats every day) lol! But today I’ll give them extra.
    If you live in Austin there is the Spay Street program, and Emancipet. Low cost to no cost to help with animals. They do what Ivy said above and then some!
    KISS YOUR FERAL KITTY TODAY!! (and every day) =^.^=

    • Yay to the new feral kittie, Mel! That is great news!! Give him some treats and playtime from me, please. :) Ferals make such wonderful companions.
      So glad Austin has such excellent programs, too.

      Btw… if I don’t get to email … call me Sat. or Sun. Anytime after 2 p.m. your time is good.

      • Mel K.

        I will definitely call. Thanks, Sue-Ellen.
        We got our little no-longer-a-feral boy a toy yesterday and all the cats got extra treats. I also gave them kisses from you, and Dev. Dev’s angry with me. I want her off my back so we must talk soon. lol! HUGS!!

  10. Mary Morgan

    What a wonderful post, Sue-Ellen. There are so many out there that need our help. I have several friends who are active in these types of program. They are on my speed dial list to call if I need help with a rescue.

    My uncle just rescued some kittens recently and then managed to take one home. When I went to visit earlier this week, I got to spend some time holding it. Why do baby animals smell so sweet? Love it!

  11. Trudy Miner

    I have a friend in Wesley Chapel (Pasco Co) whose home is in foreclosure and she has about a dozen cats, indoor and outdoor, stray and pets. Do you know where she can take them that they won’t be put down? She’s a real animal lover of all kinds and her home is in a rural area so she’s acquired many of the cats that way. Unfortunately, most places around her and around me aren’t no-kill shelters; I’m in Pinellas Co. I thought a place in Hillsborough opened up that was but I don’t know where it is. This post couldn’t have come at a better time!

    • YES….here in Sarasota is a wonderful no-kill shelter. Cat Depot. I will add a second comment shortly with contact info! This place is heaven on earth for cats in need.

    • Trudy – Here is the Cat Depo info. (no-kill shelter for cats)
      Call (941) 366-2404
      Address: 2542 17th Street, Sarasota, Florida 34234

      Here is their credo:
      ” Cat Depot is deeply committed to a no-kill facility and believes in:
      •Giving individualized care for cats and kittens until they are adopted
      •Treating every cat with humane kindness, love and care
      •Enforcing and protecting the rights of animals
      •Educating and supporting the public in matters of feline care and behavior”

      Find out more on their “About Us” page:

      Important – have your friend call soon. It sounds like they have a waiting list! See below..

      They list other area no-kill shelters here:

      I would have her try for the Cat Depot – hopefully under such dire circumstances they will take them right away.

      Good luck!!! Please keep me posted. I’m sending good thoughts to your friend and her cats, bless them all!

    • Trudy – Here are two more no-kill shelters, but they are in Venice, a bit south of here. She’d have to drive farther down I-75…
      (941) 525-4568
      (don’t worry – they aren’t in Key West!)

      Also in Venice:
      St. Francis Animal Rescue of Venice Inc.
      1925 S. Tamiami Trail
      Venice, FL 34293
      Phone: 941-492-6200

      And here is list of all no-kill cat shelters in Florida:
      (I saw some near you!)

      • Trudy Miner

        thank you so much for the info; I’ll pass it on to my friend and hope she uses it. I spoke with her this weekend and she doesn’t know when she’ll have to move yet so, I doubt if she’s even thinking about her cats at this point. But she’ll be thrilled to have the information at hand, I’m sure. I’ll keep you updated. The Hillsborough facility is set to open soon as well. Unfortunately my computer has the blue screen of death and I must wait until the end of the month to fix it so I can’t be of much help to her.

        • Trudy Miner

          Sue-Ellen, I talked to my friend about your infornation and she was thrilled to receive it. In fact, she had been down to Venice to check out one of the places! I mailed her the little bits of paper with the info on it and she will follow up on the other places. Thank you so much for your help!

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