My World In October

Hi Tarts,

Writing is dominating my life these days…

Several deadlines are cresting the horizon, their respective dragons flexing their muscle, flashing claws, and watching me with their red, glittering eyes.

Toss in the usual whirlwind of other business stuff like edits, galleys, proposals, misc. special projects-in-the-works, and life in general, and my days are hopping.

For those reasons, the tea room is quiet.

But autumn is my favorite season, so I did want to honor it with a post.  Unfortunately, there is nary of hint of true autumn here in the subtropics.

Actually, it’s sweltering.

But those with whimsy in their hearts can always pretend.

So I’m sharing a few glimpses of Florida’s ‘Fake Autumn.’

The little things I see on my daily cycle runs (and while out walking Em) that make my heart smile…

Typical autumn colors can be enjoyed here, too..

Lovely beech hedges as I so enjoy when in Scotland in autumn are nowhere to be found.

But I can delight in these..

Likewise missing are Scotland’s broad sweeps of yellow broom and whin.

Now that’s something I really miss.

How lucky that my cycle run takes me past these beauties every morning..

Of course, no Highland autumn is complete without rowan berries.

None of them around here either, alas.

But, I do see lots of Florida holly berries..

It must also be said that Florida offers its own spooky ambience to the witching season.

A bit o’ Spanish moss, anyone?

This was early in the morning as is pretty obvious by the dazzling sunlight.

You’ll have to take my word that these woods.... Look much more ghostly when I do my sundown cycle run and the shadows are long and deep, darkness drawing in.

Speaking of which….

Even if the temps are still soaring, there have been lots of hefty thunderstorms in recent weeks.

They’re always great for atmosphere..

The storm above (as the one below, on another day) caught me good.

Obviously, I wasn’t hiding away in the comfort of my office when I took these pictures..

I was out in the day, as is my daily wont, and about the time I snapped the photos, the heavens opened.

I had to cycle home through the teeming rain.

And I loved every minute of it!

Even if I arrived home drenched and dripping.  It was worth the joy of the rain.

Like my heroes and heroines, I thrill to wild weather.

Speaking of my story characters…

Just as they also appreciate a soft Highland evening, full of mist and lovely blues, I can also find find such soothing scenes when I walk Em of an evening..

Sure, this little Florida shag isn’t Nessie.

But on such a fine evening and if you have a bit of whimsy in your soul, such a scene will still bring a smile.

So there you have it, Tarts.  My world this season.

Look for book news soon.  I’ll be sharing the full cover for Seduction of a Highland Warrior, mini-excerpts, and fun background info.  Above all, with the exception of Em’s walks and my cycle rounds, I’m deep in the turret these days.

Wherever you are this autumn, take care and enjoy the season!


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24 responses to “My World In October

  1. Cathy P

    Thanks for posting, Sue-Ellen! Loved the pictures and hearing from you. We do miss your posts, but know that you are coming out with more delightful books for us to read.

  2. Aurora Mata

    And just as ye promised a wee surprise, I just ordered some wee Scots surprises of me own. So ye’ll be surprised too some time in the future! Don’t let those wee draggins bother ye. I’ve been reading some novels w/ shape shifting draggins as the heroes w their human female life mates.

  3. Limited fall colors around my neighborhood in California, too. However, you can have ALL the Scotch broom in the entire county, if not the entire state, due to their status as an invasive weed.

    There are some Spanish moss around here also, but not as much as on the trees above, more like tufts.

  4. Marilyn Munro

    The Fall colors here in Michigan are just breath taking. If I knew how I would send some photos.

  5. Mary Morgan

    Thank you for sharing your lovely autumn pictures, Sue-Ellen. The sprites have descended to sprinkle the grounds with gorgeous colors. I think I did spy Nessie in that photo. ;)

    I can hardly wait to hear your book news. How exciting!

  6. Trudy Miner

    Your pics are beautiful. There is actually a fall, of sorts, in Florida; only if you blink you may miss it. Has the switch been thrown in your neck of the woods yet? It has here; while the temps are still in the mid to upper 80′s, the humidity is gone, thank God! Now we enjoy the beautiful weather until next spring! I hope the photo of the storm isn’t the same storm where lightning hit the boy in Ft. Myers and killed him. It looks similar to the storm that hit here and I’ve never seen a sky so black! I’m glad that you got home safe and sound that day. Have fun typing away in your turret and we look forward to each time you stick you head out to see us.

  7. Kathy Luehrs

    Great pictures – what beautiful scenery – fall colors are starting to fade here in Minnesota. Wet, cold and raining here today. Fall can stay around a bit longer – way too early for snow – enjoy the views with Em.

  8. I love the pictures, both UK and US. Thanks.
    Helen in Ark

  9. Oh Sue-Ellen what beautiful pictures! Makes me almost want to be there. Almost …. to bad you have all that heat. :) Seriously, this was a beautiful post.

  10. Those little colorful bushes are beautiful! I have always loved seeing pictures of the trees with the Spanish moss on them. They have always drawn me. We don’t have that here. I laughed at the “Nessie” picture. Fate brought you around that moment for the picture. You always have Scotland close with you as it’s in your heart and soul. :)

  11. Karen C

    Sue-Ellen, your pictures are just wonderful. Our temps are still warm in Texas (mid-80′s this past week and will be through most of this week, too). Don’t get to see many fall colors here, though. I’m going back on the road with hubby on the 22nd (through til Thanksgiving) and I’m really looking foward to seeing fall across the country – although it may be too late to catch the colors. Loved ‘Nessie’! And I love Spanish Moss, too – we have some on a couple of trees at the farm. Thanks for taking the time to post about your activities. Be well.

  12. The Spanish Moss always freaks me out. When Denny’s sub was in King’s Bay Georgia they were parked near two huge trees, one on each side of the road. The trees when I was there were bare and covered with Spanish moss and each tree was covered in Vultures at least 30 or more in each tree and they would watch you drive by…so spooky.
    Did you show Em his sign?

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