Great News for Miss Mousie!

Hi Tarts,

The cat lovers among you will be delighted to hear that Miss Mousie is doing well.

All the support has helped and she’ll soon have her life-saving surgery.

For today, she’s the star at The True Book Addict’s special feature, Cat Thursday!

It’d be wonderful if you swing by and wish her well.  Her mommy, HQ Author Melissa McClone, tells all about the super progress Miss Mousie has made.

It’s a happy tail!  Oops, I mean tale.

If you stop by, please say you came from Tartan Ink.  Thanks!

You can also follow Miss Mousie’s progress at her own Help Miss Mousie blog.   

Many thanks to all Tarts who supported/are supporting Miss Mousie.  Your shout-outs and caring was noted and much appreciated!


Otherwise… I’m very busy juggling a variety of deadlines these days.  That’s why the tea room is so silent.  The work has to come first.  I will post when I can, and when I have something to share.

Look for updates soon re my next release, Seduction of a Highland Warrior.


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14 responses to “Great News for Miss Mousie!

  1. Mary Morgan

    Thanks Sue-Ellen for the update. I’ve been checking in every few days and keeping my fingers crossed that she can get her surgery soon.

    Take care my friend…and may the light of the muse shine down on you. :)

    • It’s wonderful, isn’t it? I’m thrilled for Miss Mousie (and her people). :)

      Thanks re the muse. I have several deadlines rising on the fast-approaching horizon, plus some other projects in the works, so I have hardly a moment to spare these days. (better than being not busy, though!)

      I’m sending you writing fairy dust, too. ;)

  2. Karen C

    Glad to hear Miss Mousie is getting the care she needs. Thanks for the updte.

  3. Kathy Luehrs

    So good to hear Miss Mousie is good – our prayers are with her throughout her journey to recovery – totally understand about the work – I am spending all my free time quilting Christmas presents – can’t wait to read more sneak peaks – take care and give Em a pat for me

    • It’s fantastic news, isn’t it, Kathy? I’m so pleased. Have fun with the quilting. Your friends and family will be so blessed to receive such special gifts. A dear friend made and gifted me with a gorgeous seascape quilt recently. It hangs like a wall tapestry in my office now. It’s beautiful and reminds me of a very special friend of many, many years.

      Thanks re the writing. I’m juggling a deal of various projects right now, so will have lots releasing over the next year or so. But that means cave time just now.

      I’ll give Em your love! Thanks! (he adores attention) :)

  4. Yeah for miss mousie.yeah for working on books.

    • No kidding, Zina! I am soooo happy cat/animal lovers rallied to help this poor kitty. She’s special and I’m just thrilled she’ll be well soon, a new lease on life won. Yay!

      Thanks re the writing. I’m going like a steam engine. ;)

  5. This warmed my heart! I even gave my cats an extra hug and am very thankful for their health. I am so glad that she is able to have her surgery and get healthy and pain free.

    The cover for Seduction Of A Highland Warrior is amazing! My three favorite things grace that cover…. A handsome man in a kilt wielding a sword with a castle in the background. Drooling :)

    The tea room may be silent but you’re thought of daily.

    • Thanks, Leah. I’m happy, too. Miss Mousie really stole my heart and I am so pleased to know she’ll be good as new again soon. Yay!

      Thanks re Seduction of a Highland Warrior. I’ll be posting the final cover, incl. the full-spread cover (with the back cover) in here soon.

      I’m glad everyone understands I need to bunker in now and then. The writing always has to come first and I need to be concentrating solely on my books these days.

      I will post book news as I have new things to share. And anything really special otherwise. But mostly, I need to be working and not online.
      Deadlines know no mercy (and also pay my bills).

  6. Lexi

    Awwww, what a happy post.

  7. I just opened my email for the first time today and was delighted to see this post. Go Miss Mousie!

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