Authors Live ~ What’s Your Favorite Venue?

Hi Tarts,

What’s your venue of choice to meet favorite authors?

I’m planning my schedule for 2013 and I’d love to attend a reader-friendly gathering.  I enjoy meeting readers face-to-face and prefer smaller venues like regional conferences.

But I’m game for anything.

My personal favorite is one-on-one quality time with a special reader.  Like here, when I met a Scottish reader for lunch and an afternoon beach walk in a favorite Highland town..

More recently, I met with two Tarts who were in town on holiday.  This was about a week ago and to say we had a grand day is an understatement.

We hooked up in a local thrift shop which was loads of fun.  One of the Tarts knew I would be there (it was arranged, after all), but my appearance was a surprise for the other Tart.  After letting her wander around the thrift shop for a bit, I approached her and struck up an ‘innocent’ conversation.  I’d found a framed painting that could’ve been Scotland.

I knew this Tart had been to Scotland, so I asked her if the painting reminded her of Scotland.


Her eyes lit, and she started telling me about her travels there.  I said I ‘loved Scotland, too.’  After a bit, I smiled and asked her if she ‘believed in Highand magic?’

I also showed her a lovely rune necklace I wear.  (it’s a gift from a reader/friend and the runic inscription sparks creativity)  The runes seemed ‘Devorgilla-ish’ and a good lead-in to mentioning Highland magic.

It was about then that the other Tart spoke up, telling her who I was.

So we kicked off our day in a fun way.

After a very enjoyable morning spent exploring the local thrift and antique shops, we had lunch at my favorite waterside pub/restaurant.  Then we headed back to the mainland for more thrift shop cruising.  At one point, I’m pretty sure we encountered a ghost in one of the thrift shops!  We wrapped our day at Barnes and Noble, browsing the bargain book aisles and then treating ourselves to coffee and cake in the BN Cafe.

These two Tarts have been loyal readers and dear friends since Devil In a Kilt days, so it was really special for me to be able to spend time with them.

They even brought along a sister and a cousin, so it was great to meet them, too.  The more, the merrier, as the saying goes.

It was a wonderful day.

I was sad to say goodbye.  But I know they’ll be back one of these years and when that happens, we’ll do it again.

For now, I’m so glad to have met them face-to-face and for the beautiful memories we made.

I’d love to meet more of you.

So please let me know if you enjoy meeting authors live.  And if so, which conferences or get-togethers you love best.

If ever you’re in my area, let me know.  Unless the Deadline Dragon is fire-blasting me, we’ll hook up.  Small and intimate is always my favorite way to spend time with someone.


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44 responses to “Authors Live ~ What’s Your Favorite Venue?

  1. Hah, would this have to do with yesterdays email and my desire to get you to RomCon so people can meet you? I like RomCon, they do intimate chats with up to 15 people or less if you want where you meet and talk about your books or whatever. It’s not to expensive and this last year they added a lunch and a dinner with your favorite author which was a little too much money for me though. But you could have your own private meet and greet on your own. When I went to NYC for RWA booksigning I was lucky enough to get meet with two of other favs Robyn Carr and Sabrinia Jeffries at events they did to meet readers and it was really fun. So yes I’m trying to drag you out into the limelight so to speak so I can say ” Come meet my friend Sue-Ellen…she writes Wonderful Books with my Highlanders that I just adore.!”
    I can throw Rose petals before you as you walk ….please please please.
    Oh I do hear Lori Fosters Readers event for readers is also fun and really affordable. I am hoping to go this year if I can get registered in time.

    So I do like both, getting to meet them in small groups but also at a small conference of a bookstore signing….of course there is that future trip to Scotland someday that will be fun.

  2. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning Sue-Ellen! :)
    I’ve only been to one conference and it was here in California…RT convention. I have been tempted to go to RomCom, especially since Borders used to help host the event. Time and other plans prevented me from attending those in the past, but I have considered it for next year. I like the fact that it is near the Denver airport, too. I do like author events at stores and libraries.

    Your special day with other Tarts sounds wonderful….so much fun! :) Now that’s my kind of outing…Thrift and bookstores, woot!

    If I’m ever on your side of the coast, (I do have an Uncle who lives in New Port Richey) I’d love to get together.

    • Mary, I agree that being near the airport would be a plus if I could ever consider something like that.

    • RomCon really sounds ideal, I think. RT is lots of fun, but can be really wild. I used to go every year.

      The day out with the two Tarts was really special. I was with them from early morning until about 7 in the evening.

      New Port Richey is not too far. It would be great to meet you in person. :)

    • They are changing the venue this year from Denver to Colorado Springs I believe. The first year at RomCon was so nice with Borders there and we got alot of books. Now that Borders is closed I am so sad.

  3. Marilyn Munro

    Hi Sue-Ellen,

    I also have been a fan since Devil in a Kilt but do not get around very well so have not been to any conferences or book signing. If you ever get to Grand Rapids Michigan I will do my best to see you. One on one is always the best visits.
    Hugs, marilyn

  4. I would love the day you just had, Sue-Ellen. I would love to have been either the one in on the plan or the one surprised. That would be the best way to meet a favorite author. I have met internet quilt friends by planning shopping and lunch in Maine. I also did a weekend in Indiana where I shared a room with my friend Karen I. and her daughter. We had never met face to face before that. It was grand fun.
    Book signings are not great for getting to know an author but I would not miss going. At least you get to say hi. Just wish I would say something original and interesting.

  5. Glittergirl

    What a wonderful day Sue-Ellen. That kind of time with a favorite author sounds like a prize winner day. I have only been to two book signings at bookstores. No conferences, yet. Finances are tight and they are always so far from me here in Oregon. A used bookstore 100 miles north of me on the outskirts of Portland was my first signing with Kate Douglas, Meljean Brook, Lisa Hendricks and Minnette Meador. I was welcomed warmly and felt shy trying to talk to this awesome ladies. Lisa and Kate quickly put me at ease and it was nice to get to know them and their lives. The second signing was here in my town just before Christmas. Delilah Marvelle was on her way to visit family and stopped by my favorite used bookstore. As it was the Friday evening before Christmas I ended up being the only one who showed up. We had a cozy chat while she signed books and I go to meet her hunky husband (a fireman who definitely provides inspiration for her books) and her two children. It was a real treat, she’s a real fireball :-). I’d love to visit with you if we ever find ourselves close. I don’t get out much though with my parents.

    P.S. Tomorrow at 10:00 Pacific time is the “Big Interview” and turning in the final application (“Dissertation”) for Medicaid. The nightmare hopefully is about over. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just give them my first-born than all this paperwork…

  6. I’ve never been to a conference since they always seem to be too far away. I think it would be fun to go to a smaller one, as I don’t do well in huge crowds. The feeling I get in large crowds is similar to road rage, but without a car. LOL! And that’s only if it’s in a building. I can get in huge crowds outside, like at the Ren Faire here, and do just fine. I hope you can go to one as I’m sure there are many readers who would love to meet you! For me, I will hold out for the day I’m in your neck of the woods or when you are in mine. What a wonderful day you had with your reader friends. Opportunities and memories like that are to be cherished. :)

  7. Karen C

    I’ve never been to any writer/reader conference. When I was working, I never had the time; if I went to any conference, it was work related. Now that I have the time, I don’t have the disposable income to go to these type of events. I would love to meet any of my special/favorite authors in person, although I think I would just be so ‘in awe’, I wouldn’t know what to say.

    Sue-Ellen, your day with your readers sounds like so much fun – glad y’all had such a great time. Great memory for all.

    • Karen, I hear you on the time or money. Right now I have neither.
      I met several of the Celtic Woman. I kept walking back and forth and almost didn’t get to talk to them. This was about 6 or 7 years ago at my Wal-Mart.

    • Karen, I promise you’d feel right at ease with most writers. This is such a solitary career. Most of us really enjoy getting out and meeting readers. I certainly do.

      And you are so right – the day with my readers was wonderful and such a special memory.

      I hope to meet you one of these years. Either when you come this way on the road or in Texas. I get out there now and then.

  8. Aurora Mata

    Lass, ye need tae ask? Are ye daft, woman? It’d be a great honor! I have Mae been on the west coast in over 20 yrs! All I need is an excuse! LOL And a long weekend as I have a 3 hr driving limit one way. A hotel stay is a must & makes for wee vacation!

  9. Sue-Ellen, did you try the cabbage recipe yet?

  10. Kathy Luehrs

    I like small and intimate – conventions are way too busy – can’t have yourself a good gab session – believe me if I am ever in your area Iwill let you know – and if you come close to Minnesota I’ll be there.

  11. Trudy Miner

    Ah, Sue-Ellen, I’ve been missing you! Two weeks ago, my friend took me along with her when she went to the east coast to check out a time share in Pompano Beach (didn’t buy it). It was my first long road trip in 10 years and the whole way down 75, I kept looking for you! ha, ha, ha! So you know that should you come anywhere near Pinellas County, I’d love to meet up with you. Reading some of the other comments, you have other readers here too and we could all meet up here in Pinellas County; there is a B&N in Clearwater, right off US 19. Also, there’s Honeymoon Island State Park and Caladesi Island which are both really beautiful places to walk. And Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Oldsmar, and Safety Harbor are charming little towns. So I hope that someday you’ll be able to come this way

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