Tart Zina Lynch Needs Votes!

Hi Tarts,

Zina Lynch of Seawitch Reviews needs votes over at HQ.  She’s in some kind of ‘caption contest.’ (don’t ask me for deets… I don’t follow contests) But Zina is a Tart and I love helping out our Tarts.

So it’d be great if you can cast a vote for her.

Here is the link to vote. 

And here is a link to Zina’s blog with the details.

Looks like this is time sensitive, so you need to vote soon.

I’ll leave you with something that amused me: proof that animals are smarter than people…

On a recent cycle round, I saw these birds resting in the shade..

It was hot, pushing 90.  Very humid.   And there I was peddling along in the broiling heat.  I also saw some joggers and walkers.

The birds… they knew better.


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15 responses to “Tart Zina Lynch Needs Votes!

  1. Marianne

    I tried to vote but you have to be FB user .. sorry.

  2. Sue-Ellen -
    Thanks for the link! It was quick and easy to do so she’s one vote closer!

  3. I’ve been voting daily and I’m happy that you posted this so that it can reach even more people. :)

    I loved the birds :)

    • Thanks, Leah! I should’ve known you’d already be helping her. It’s so good of you. :)

      The birds are very wise, aren’t they? I saw a really neat one yesterday while cycling and will post his picture soon. He was quite a character.

  4. Kathy Luehrs

    hey they aren’t stupid!

  5. Lexi

    Smart birds =)
    And thanks for helping out Zina!

    • Yep, they know better than we do how to deal with tropic heat. Isn’t nature wonderful?

      I was/am delighted to help Zina. I enjoy helping all the Tarts if ever I can.

      A week or so ago I was even able to hook up live with two Tarts. They were in town and we spent the whole day together, tooling around the local thrift shops, having lunch at a waterside pub, hitting BN for a book browse and then qw enjoyed coffee and cake/cookies at the BN cafe. It was a great day and every moment was special. I love my Tarts. :)

  6. Thanks for the shout out SE. 90 degrees shoot, we’re lucky to be in the high 60′s here…you’re in a heat wave. Saw the most beautiful sunrise yet yet this morn and my phone was dead so no picture.

  7. Zina, I voted right away. I just forgot to post it here. Good luck, my friend!

  8. And of course I am comment number 13. This full moon has been horrible!

  9. Mary Morgan

    Voted yesterday, but noticed that today Zina is up to 36 votes! :)

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