Miss Mousie Update (Super News!)

Hi Tarts,

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my recent ‘A Heart For Kitties’ post.  I knew you love animals and that many of you especially adore cats.

So I was hoping you’d rally, shake the tea room rafters, coming out in droves to help a cat in need.

I’d also hoped you’d help stir a buzz with Miss Mousie shout-outs on your own social media venues.  A single tweet or FB mention (or whatever) only takes a moment but can reach many people who might also spread the word.

I’m still hoping you’ll help Miss Mousie with shout-outs, donations, any way you can.

And I am DELIGHTED to say your support is helping!

Miss Mousie..

.. already has over $3,000 in her surgery fund!!  Isn’t that wonderful?

You can read the news here.

Thanks to the support of cat-lovers everywhere, Miss Mousie can be treated soon.

I was thrilled when Melissa told me this great news.  (I cried – and you know I’m not a crying person)

So THANK YOU to everyone who donated and helped spread word!  Your efforts worked and are so very appreciated.

Please keep up the shout outs (and donations).  Miss Mousie will need after-surgery care and check-ups, so further support is important.

For today..

There are lots of wonderful ‘Authors and Their Cats’ posts up on Miss Mousie’s blog.  If you love cats, you’ll really be moved by them…

Meet author Barbara Wallace’s Squeak here  Squeak’s story is probably one of the most uplifting animal tales I have ever heard.  It made me cry (again!) with its wonderful happy ending.

Writers (pubbed and unpubbed) will also appreciate Squeak’s story.  There is a very strong lesson in it for us all, so please read the tale.   You’ll be glad you did, I promise.

Not-yet-pubbed (but I am sure she soon will be) writer, Melia Alexander, lets her three darling moggies do the talking in a piece sure to make you chuckle and smile.

You can meet Melia’s three kitties and hear what they have to say here.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of them..

Isn’t he precious?  His name is Bennett Charles.  (and he’s just waiting to talk to you here)

Above all…

I hope you’ll visit Miss Mousie’s blog every day.

It’s good to help an animal in need.  And you’re sure to enjoy the posts about authors and their cats.  They’re all listed in Miss Mousie’s sidebar, so you can browse and meet the kitties of your favorite writers.

Thank you again for all your support for Miss Mousie!

**FYI – I am leaving this up a while again.  Helping needy animals is very, very important to me and I want to be sure as many animal-loving people as possible learn about Miss Mousie.**


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14 responses to “Miss Mousie Update (Super News!)

  1. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning :)
    I’m “over the moon” with this news, and will continue to update everyone on my facebook page, too. Thank you, Sue-Ellen for sharing this with us.

    Now I need to go find some tissue….laughter and tears are always a good mix.

    • I know, Mary. I’m sure Kosmos played a strong hand. I cried hard (with happiness) and I never cry. (only very, very rarely)

      It’s so heartening to see people rallying to help this poor cat. I’m “over the moon,” too.

  2. Kathy Luehrs

    YIPEE – that is great news – my prayers are with Miss Mousie till she is fully recovered

  3. Tarts – It’s a very, very busy work day for me – deadline writing, galleys, and mucho other NY business on my desk, so I am going silent now.

    Thank you again for your support for Miss Mousie. Every shout-out, dollar, telling a cat-loving friend in person, whatever… it all adds up and is helping this sweet girl to soon have a pain-free and healthy life!


  4. Wow, that’s wonderful! Just tweeted the update.

  5. This made me so very happy! My shoutout on FB got some shares so I can only hope they were shared again from those destinations. I’m heading over now to look at the links you posted. Go Miss Mousie!! *\O/*

  6. Makes me happy, too. Thank you again for commenting on my original post last week and, above all, for helping spread word. That is so important.

  7. Miss Mousie says thank you to all the tarts for their help and support! She’s right her purring her gratitude!

  8. As it has been very quiet in here lately, I am just posting this so Miss Mousie’s post does not snag on number 13.

    Thank you again to those who commented on my two cat in need posts. I noticed and appreciated your support.

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