Scotland 101 – Part IV

Kathy here……

Hi Tarts,

With our trip on Loch Ness behind us now we once again board our bus and set off for Inverness.  Thankfully, Sue-Ellen has shared some of her own pictures of Inverness here in the tea room.  Two of her photos follow below.  The first is her favorite bookstore in Inverness. To read about this bookstore click here.This is the one with the café that makes the marvelous tuna sandwiches.  Oh how I would love to spend an afternoon browsing and visiting.   Oh yes, lunch would be a must.

Sue-Ellen has also shown us some restaurants in this, the capital of the Highlands.

To re-visit Sue-Ellen’s post about Inverness, click here.

I am truly thankful Sue-Ellen has done this, as my one look at Inverness was a blur.  At this point in the day trip we were starting for home.  For all intents and purposes the tour was over.  When we hit Inverness it was to find the fastest way to the motorway south.    I do have my own picture of Inverness Castle taken from the bridge.  It is very similar to the one Sue-Ellen shared with us.

Once on the motorway our guide took a few questions.  I asked him if we would be passing Culloden and was told we were the closest to it just then.  It was three miles to the east.  No, I could see nothing of this famous site.

After our questions were answered our guide popped in a CD, “Scottish Tranquility”, and we settled back to simply enjoy the scenery.  I loved this CD from the start and when we stopped for dinner I asked the name of it.  Yes, it was one of my last purchases at the airport before leaving Scotland.  Every time I listen to it, I am back on that bus on that motorway.

Here is the first piece on the CD, Flower of Scotland.

(As always those, reading in email form please come to the Tartan Ink site to view the video.)

We are now traveling south through the Grampians.  As we followed the highway down towards Glasgow we passed Blair Castle.  This is a beautiful castle set in a marvelous country setting.  The castle is all white!  This is the home of the Duke of Atholl.  

Our dinner stop was in the town of Pitlochry.  This is a very pretty little town.  It has a main street where all the shops and restaurants are located.

We were given an hour to eat and explore.  I was afraid to pick a sit down restaurant because I was afraid we would not be served fast enough.  So after looking around to see what was on offer we settled on a little fish and chip shop.  To my delight they had Scottish meat pies.  These pies are round with vertical sides. To see a picture click here.  They are filled with either mince (ground beef) or lamb.  Now, I am not overly fond of lamb but I was in Scotland and how can you be in Scotland and not eat lamb?  So it was a lamb filled Scottish meat pie for me.  I was not disappointed.  My daughter had some kind of bacon roll if I remember.  She was not impressed.

While a nice meal in a sit down restaurant would have been lovely, we did get to experience a fish and chip shop.  The experience was much like eating in a clam shack or pizza parlor here in the States.

One last time it was back on the bus for the final push for Glasgow.

This last leg took us past Stirling Castle, Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn.  All of these could be seen to varying degrees in the distance.

Stirling Castle

Wallace Monument

We arrived back in Glasgow around nine in the evening.  From George Square we had to walk a couple of blocks to catch the #16 bus back out to my aunt’s flat.  This was somewhat tricky.  I needed to remember which way to go.  We found a bus stop that listed the #16 headed in the right direction and waited and waited.  It was interesting waiting as it was still broad daylight.  The bus stop was just up from a bar and the people were coming and going.  There were a lot of happy drunks that night.  That was the weird thing of it.  It was so light out that it felt more like six in the evening than what was now going on ten.  We wondered why there were so many people drunk so early in the evening until we realized it was really getting later in the evening.  We had trouble remembering it was so late.  We eventually changed bus stops and caught the bus home.


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7 responses to “Scotland 101 – Part IV

  1. Lexi

    Sounds like a good way to see Scotland. At the same time too bad they do not stop at so many historical sites I would want to see.
    An amazing trip! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lexi, it was a good way to see Scotland. It was just a one day trip. If we had stopped more places it would have had to be a two day. I gave us a little bit of most of Scotland which is what I wanted. As others have said, I need to go back and spend time at some of these sites.

  2. I think it would be a great way to spend a day and find out how to get to the historical sites that you had to pass by. It would make the trip back on your own much easier, I would think. Then you could take your time and spend as many days as you needed. That book shop that Sue-Ellen loves so much looks like heaven, and that wood stove is calling to me. I can just feel the wonderful heat coming from it now as I browse the store in my mind. :)

  3. Oh, so glad you got to see Pitlochry. It is such a charming town. But you missed the Heathergems outlet that is there – They show how the Heathergems are made from the heather stalks and it is so interesting how they turned this into a business. Have you seen the Heathergems in the gift shops yet?

    • Urbangirlreader, Thank you for the link, the jewelry is beautiful! Yes, I wish I had more than an hour in Pitlochry. The shops were all closed for the night so we didn’t even get to browse.

  4. Tarts I picked up a late shift and will be back around mid-night. Today I spent trying to get these browsers to work better.

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