A Heart For Kitties

Hi Tarts,

You know how much I love dogs, but…

I love cats, too.

A friend sent me this adorable ‘kitty heart’ picture the other day, and..

These little darlings seemed like a good lead-in to today’s post.

Not just because they’re so cute and because I love cats so much. But also because I want to spread the word about something that is near and dear to my heart…

A cat in need.

The kitty’s name is Miss Mousie and she belongs to a fellow romance writer, Melissa McClone.

Miss Mousie is in dire need of TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) surgery that will cost an estimated $5000. To help raise funds, Melissa has set up a special Help Miss Mousie blog.

It would be so wonderful if enough donations roll in to help Miss Mousie.

Melissa is hoping that many cat-loving writers will contribute stories about their own kitties for posting on Miss Mousie’s blog.  The idea is that these author-and-their-cat stories will drive traffic to the blog.


If you are a cat-loving writer and would like to share a tale about your special kitty, please contact Melissa.

You can find all information here.

This is the sweet girl you’d be helping..

Even if you aren’t a cat-loving author, you can help by spreading word on your favorite social media venues.  And when you do, please ask people to tell their friends, too.

If you know any animal-loving writers, please tell them about Miss Mousie and how they can help her.

All participating authors will get some nice promo out of sharing a cat story. The writers’ names appear in the blog’s sidebar. Lots of great writers have already sent in stories.  Kay Hooper, Anne Stuart, and Rebecca York, just to name three.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

As noted on Miss Mousie’s blog, every wee bit helps..

“$5000 is a lot of money, especially for a senior cat, but when you break it down that’s only $2 from 2500 cat lovers or $5 from 1000 cat lovers. When you look at like that, raising that much money doesn’t seem so impossible.”

To follow Miss Mousie’s blog and read new writer-and-cat stories as they appear, you can find the blog here.

You can meet Miss Mousie here.

You can contact Melissa (Miss Mousie’s Mommy) here: email helpmissmousie (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’ll leave you now and you have my best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

I know Tarts are great animal lovers, so I’m hoping you’ll rally to help Miss Mousie.

Remember, even if you can’t donate or aren’t an author-with-a-cat, you can still help spread word.  So lets rally, Tarts, and do what we can for Miss Mousie.

Tell your friends, share the link(s) on FB and Twitter, and anywhere else you visit on the ‘Net.  Mention Melissa and Miss Mousie on your own blogs.  Let’s make noise!

That would be grrrrreat!!!

**Please note that I am leaving this post up through the weekend.  The more people who see it, the better.  Miss Mousie needs us!**


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16 responses to “A Heart For Kitties

  1. Lorraine

    I love cat too, I have five and one beagle!

  2. Thank you so much for telling the Tarts about Miss Mousie! The more who know about her the better!!! xoxox

    • My pleasure, Melissa! I sure hope lots of people will help Miss Mousie. If not through donations, then at least by spreading word. That doesn’t cost anyone more than a caring heart, after all. So fingers crossed!

      Please keep me updated on how the blog effort goes and, above all, on Miss Mousie. I care!

      Sorry to look in so late in the day. I am having pc issues. And, I was away for a spa day and just returned. Full body massage, hair cut, pedicure, the works!

  3. Kathy Luehrs

    Love the kitties heart – too sweet – Poor Miss Mousie – all my prayers are with her – she is just adorable

    • Thanks, Kathy. I really appreciate it that you took the time to look in here today. This particular post was/is incredibly important to me. I was/am really hoping to help attract attention to Miss Mousie’s plight. Thank you.

  4. Mary Morgan

    Wonderful post Sue-Ellen…spreading out the word asap! I just LOVE that top picture. :)

  5. It makes it easier when many people help. Have a great weekend.

    • That’s the idea, Zina. And even when a cash donation isn’t do-able, word of mouth is worth gold. It’s very easy to pass on a link or mention such a cause/action on social media. One click, and the whole world can be reached.

      I know that Tarts are all animal lovers, so I’d hoped/hope everyone would rally to spread word. I hope they are doing so. Miss Mousie deserves to have us beating the drum for her.

  6. Sue-Ellen, I posted a link for the donation site and also a little information about it, on my Facebook page and asked my friends to donate if they could and to pass it on so this could reach as many people as possible. I couldn’t afford to donate much, but donate I did. I would only hope others would be willing to help me in a situation like this were I ever to find myself in a similar one. To many of us, our animals are our worlds. Miss Mousie is in my prayers.

    • Thanks so much, Leah. I really appreciate the shout out on FB. And it is very good of you to donate. (I did, too, obviously) You’re so right – to those who love animals, our pets are our worlds. I would be beside myself if Em was in such a terrible situation.

  7. Thanks to everyone for posting! Appreciate you taking the time to read about Miss Mousie and spread the word about her situation! Also a big think you to those who donated. Even $1 gets her closer to her surgery and away from being sent to the Rainbow Bridge! It all adds up! And prayers are very important. It was looking very grim in August for her, but people kept praying and she is back to her old self! Thanks again!

    • Melissa, I will keep beating the drum for Miss Mousie. I worked actively in rescue (in the field) for many years before deadlines. These days I do what I can through donations and supporting actions for needy pets as best I can. Helping animals means everything to me and I will be hoping upon hope that enough people help and that Miss Mousie can be saved. Please keep me updated.

  8. I’d like to join Melissa in thanking everyone who commented on this post for Miss Mousie. Special thanks for spreading the word on your social media. Huge thanks, too, to everyone who donated. As Melissa said, even a tiny amount makes a difference. The key is reaching as many cat/animal loving people as possible.

    So thank you very, very much to those of you who responded.

    I am leaving this up a while in the hope that more people will see it and, hopefully, help spread word and donate.

    Thank you.

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