Last Chance ~ Sins of a Highland Devil at $2.99

Hi Tarts,

My publisher’s special deal ($2.99) for Sins of a Highland Devil (ebook) ends tomorrow, Sept. 3rd.

So this is a friendly reminder.

If you haven’t yet read this book, now is your last chance to nab an e-copy at a super price.

This book has one of my all-time favorite heroines, Catriona MacDonald.

Her hero, James Cameron, is pretty special, too.

They made a great hero and heroine and I really love this book.

I’d like to thank everyone who picked up a copy.  Either when the book originally released or during this current promotion.  Please know I appreciate your support!

For anyone interested, and who has not yet read the book, you can learn more below…

Here is my original announcement… 

This weekend, I promised to share exciting news about Catriona MacDonald’s story, Sins of a Highland Devil.

Here’s why I’m so pleased…

Sins of Highland Devil (ebook) is now available for $2.99!

My publisher is featuring the book in their Sizzling Summer Reads promotion.

That means…

Between now and September 3rd, Sins of a Highland Devil will be at this super price.

It’s a limited offer, so if you haven’t yet read this book and have an e-reader, now is a great time to pick up and enjoy the first title in my Highland Warriors trilogy.

I’m so pleased that GCP (my publisher) is including the book in this summer promotion.

$2.99 really is a super price.

So if you missed the book when it released, now is an excellent time to meet Catriona and her hero, James.

I shared the book’s blurb yesterday.

Today, I’ll share how the blurb looks on the back cover..

I’ll also share the special ‘The Dish’ letter at the back of the book.

‘The Dish’ is a ‘Dear Reader’ letter.

My publisher asks authors to write them for each book.  It’s believed that readers enjoy seeing the author’s thoughts on a story.

I know I appreciate such letters in books I read for pleasure.  I like discovering a writer’s view of her story.  What inspired her to write it.  Tidbits that make the tale all the more special.

In the hope that you also enjoy such insights…

Here is my ‘The Dish’ letter for Sins of a Highland Devil…

Dear Reader,

     Wild, heather-clad hills, empty glens, and the skirl of pipes stir the hearts of many.  Female hearts beat fast at the flash of plaid.  Yet I’ve seen grown men shed tears at the beauty of a Highland sunset.  So many people love Scotland, and those of us who do, know that our passion is a two-edged sword.  We live with a constant ache to be there.  It’s a soul deep yearning known as ‘the pull.’

     In SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL, the first book in my new Highland Warriors trilogy, I wanted to explore the fierce attachment Highlanders feel for their home glen.  Love that burns so hotly, they’ll even lay down their lives to hold onto the hills so dear to them.

     James Cameron and Catriona MacDonald, hero and heroine of SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL, are bitter foes.  Divided by centuries of clan feuds, strife, and rivalries, they share a fiery passion for the glen they each claim as their own.  When a king’s writ threatens banishment, long-held boundaries blur and forbidden desires are unleashed.  James and Catriona soon discover there is much pleasure to be found in each other’s embrace.  But the price of their yearning must be paid in blood and the battle facing them could shatter their world.

     Fortunately, true love can prove a more powerful weapon than any warrior’s sword.

     There are a lot of swords in this story.  And the fight scenes are fierce.  But passions flare when blood is spilled as James and Catriona showed me each day during the writing of their tale.

     It was an exhilarating journey.

     Catriona is a strong heroine who will brave any danger to protect her home and to win the heart of the man she never believed could be hers.  James is a hardened warrior, proud clan leader, and he faces his greatest challenge when his beloved glen is threatened.

     Because SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL is a romance, James and Catriona are triumphant.  Their ending is a happy one.  Numberless Highlanders after them weren’t as blessed.  Later centuries saw the Clearances, while famine and other hardships did the rest.  Clans were scattered, banished from their glens and hills as they were forced to sail to distant shores.  Their hearts were irrevocably broken.  But they kept their deep love of the land, their proud Celtic roots remaining true no matter where they settled.

     Their forever yearning for home still beats in the heart of everyone with even a drop of Scottish blood.  It’s the reason we feel ‘the pull.’

     I hope you’ll enjoy watching as James’s and Catriona’s passion for their glen rewards them with a love more wondrous than their wildest dreams.



That’s my bit of book news.

With GCP including the book in their Sizzling Summer Reads promotion, I wanted to let you know that Sins of a Highland Devil is now available as a $2.99 ebook.

At least until September 3rd!

If you haven’t yet read the book, I hope you’ll pick up an e-copy here.

Have a great Monday, Tarts!

(we’ll return to my usual Monday funnies or grumbles next week, I promise)


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18 responses to “Last Chance ~ Sins of a Highland Devil at $2.99

  1. WOOHOO! Momma lent me her Kindle since she has an I-pod now so I will be scooping this one up for sure! :)

    • Thanks, Leah! I really loved this book when it released back in Jan. 2011, so I am very pleased to see my publisher offering the ebook at such a great price this summer. It’s a super deal. I hope you’ll enjoy the book.

  2. Aurora Mata

    I’ve already read Sins, but will buy it anyway so I can put in my Nook. I might be a WEE bloodthirsty, but I dearly love the battle scene where the three clans must do battle. I also think the king, and most especially his son, are supremely stupid. LOL

    • Bless you, Aurora! Ha ha… I am bloodthirsty, too! I absolutely LOVE that battle scene. I’d rather write a fight scene than a love scene, actually. Perhaps we were medieval warriors in a past life? ;)
      Agree about the king and his son. No one can have anything over Highlanders, right?

  3. Sue-Ellen this is super news! This is a wonderful time to get caught up/start this trilogy. This is a terrific story. The sub plots are so good in this book as well.
    It is the third book in this trilogy that Sue-Ellen just finished.

    Congrats on the inclusion, Sue-Ellen

    • Thanks, Kathy! I know you loved this book. It’s one of my favorites, too. One thing.. the book I just finished isn’t the third book in this trilogy. It was a different one. I finished the third book in this trilogy last winter. I did really tough revisions on it in late spring and that’s probably what you’re thinking of. I’m always juggling several deadlines and projects at once.

      But, anyway, isn’t it neat that GCP is offering Sins of a Highland Devil at such a great price? I’m really happy about that.

  4. Ginny

    Hey Sue-Ellen, I went to to purchase this for my kindle and it’s still listed at $7.99; do I need to go to another website?

    • Oh, dear, Ginny! I don’t know what to say. Except that I am very sorry!! I just checked and the price and dates noted above are correct – at least, they are what I was told some weeks ago.

      I emailed my editor just now and will let you know as soon as I receive her response.

      I’m as puzzled as you!

  5. Mary Morgan

    Oh Sue-Ellen that’s fantastic news! I will definitely let my bookclub group know about this. Double woot! :)

  6. Ginny

    Woo hoo; it worked!!!!!!!

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  8. Looks like a great read! I’ll grab it today.

  9. Hi Tarts – I have an idea it is going to be real quiet in here today. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing this holiday weekend, have a great time!

    I’ll look in again tonight. Till then, be safe and have fun!

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