Something Special

Hi Tarts,

Back in July, I shared pictures of a beautiful swan I encountered on my morning cycle run.

He was special.

As I happened upon him after deadline, seeing him was even more a delight.

He really brightened my day.

Loving whimsy as I do, I also believed his appearance was a good sign for my recently-finished book.  I enjoyed bringing the swan into the tea room.

He was a bit of magic.

Maybe not Highland magic as this is Florida, but still….

To me, he was an enchanted swan.

I saw him again the other day.  It was in late August during my writing break.  I was out cycling later than usual.  These days, I’m up very early and cycle and walk the beach before the big heat sets in.

On this particular day, I wasn’t able to get out as early as I’d hoped.

I was delayed.

And as I reached the pond where I’d seen the swan, there he was..

My happiness at seeing him again quickly faded.  He was restless.

Something was bothering him.  I could tell.

And I soon saw what it was…

On this day, he wasn’t content to enjoy his lovely pond.

His usual stomping grounds..

He appeared to have decided that the ‘grass is greener’ on the other side of the road.

Thing is, cars travel on that road!

I was horrified as I guessed his intentions.  (you know me and animals)  The closer he waddled toward the road, the more I worried.

He didn’t seem at all concerned..

I was getting more alarmed by the minute.

Swans may be grace defined on water, but they are slow and awkward when toodling about on land.

Cars are fast, drivers often too absorbed with their own day to consider a swan might be ambling across the road.

So I did the only thing I could do…

I left my bike on the path and went to stand guard at the edge of the road.  If a car came along, I was prepared to wave my arms in the air, warning the driver of the swan.

I made the road a swan crossing!

This was necessary because at this spot, there’s a bend in the road.  Trees and shrubbery block the view around the curve.  A driver wouldn’t see the swan until it was too late.

The curve in the road is between the two lamp-posts..

And wouldn’t you know, as soon as I positioned myself at the road’s edge and the swan started his slow waddle across the pavement, a car came around the curve?

Fortunately, an animal lover was at the wheel.

The driver saw me first, then the swan.  He stopped, waiting until the swan safely reached the other side of the road and the pond that apparently beckoned to him more than his own that day.

Here he is safe and sound, his ‘road trip’ behind him..

So, Tarts…

I’ve often said, there is no such thing as coincidence.

To my way of thinking, the Kosmos delayed me that morning.   Any other day, I would’ve been out and about hours earlier.  Yet there I was, meeting my old friend in the exact moment he decided to cross a road.

Maybe nothing would’ve happened to him.

I certainly hope that is so!

But I am very happy that I was there, just in case.

Everything really does happen for a reason.

There are no coincidences.

I think Devorgilla delayed me that morning.  And I also think the swan knows I’m his friend.

What do you think?  Kosmos or coincidence?

Either way, have you ever gone the extra mile to help an animal?  (knowing Tarts, I’m betting you have)


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27 responses to “Something Special

  1. DebraG

    I often do the same thing for the ducks who cross the road at a park I pass. And once a friend and I turned around and moved a small turtle off the road. We won’t talk about the large snapping turtle I saved from the road near my house. He was not sure he wanted to be saved. And he made us late to church.

  2. marianne

    Definitely you had a Cosmic mision! ame thing happened when I took my deceased pet to animal shelter 5 years ago. A young couple were brining in a Boston Terrier. Thru my tears I asked if they were taking dog to turn in; yes, she was tearing up house. I learned later that they had only adopted her less than 4-5 mos. earlier. My door was open and dog jumped right in with me. I had been lost on way to shelter; if I hadnt, I would NOT have been there when they came by and Trixie would have ended up back in shelter (3yo dog). She is now 8 years old and settled with my family. We had some tough learnng moments :) but with help of a crate she was retrained and leaves books etc alone and has no problems of that sort for many, many years now. Though I work still (69) she keeps me moving. Though I had only cats for many years, she is a blessing.

    • Trixie’s story is beautiful, Marianne. She was definitely meant to be yours – and you were meant to be hers! This made me all misty-eyed. Thank goodness you were there in the right moment. I really believe Kosmos, guardian angels, or our spirit guides (name such power what you will) do step in at such times. Please cuddle Trixie for me.

  3. Kosmos, I had that happen to me years ago about going to the bank and making a deposit. We are getting ready to get going this morn, so I’ll stop in again later we’re almost to Wyoming.

    • I’m sure it was Kosmos, too, Zina. I am always out cycling and walking way before I was out and about that day. I do not believe in coincidences. Not at all. Never.

      Example – I had a very strong feeling that I should re-open the tea room a few days earlier than the planned re-opening today. We’d been posting all month that we would re-open on Sept. 1st. Everyone knew that. Yet something told me Thursday was the better day for us. I am really glad I heeded my instinct.

      Travel safe!

  4. Karen C

    I believe it was Kosmos, too. So glad you were able to help. While it hasn’t happened with animals, there have been times when I was later than usual for something and found that I had avoided some unpleasantness as a result. Yup, I’m a believer.
    I live near a community that has a large pond with large groups of ducks and geese and maybe a swan or two. You can find families there with children feeding them. You can also find people stopping to just take pictures (it’s a lovely setting and I’ve often thought about taking some pictures). Sometimes they like to take a walk – no pond on the other side – and everyone stops to let them pass.

    • Morning, Karen! I believe it was Kosmos, too. Cars (and big landscaping trucks) fly around that curve. It’s totally blind coming from the other direction, the road blocked by shrubbery. A fast vehicle would’ve seen the swan too late.

      So glad your sixth sense warns you of unpleasantness. Kosmos/guardian angels/spirit guides really do give us nudges. We just need to be aware and heed them. See my comment above (to Zina) for a good example. Although we’d been posting all month that Sept. 1st was launch day to re-open the tea room, I just KNEW Sept. 1st was a day to avoid for the re-opening. Something just told me it’d be better to re-open early. We did. And I am very glad.

      We should always pay attention to gut feelings.

      Your community pond sounds lovely. I bet it is so nice to visit, enjoying the serenity and the wildlife there. Beautiful.

  5. We do the turtle assistance. They go back and forth between the bog and the pond. I can’t even think of how many turtles we have assisted across Black Cat over the years. Yes, you were put there to help your swan friend. Lovely pictures, he sure is a ham.

    • So glad you can help the bog turtles, Kathy. I have carried turtles to safety, too. Once a big old box turtle on the busy access road leaving DFW airport. Probably stupid, but I’d do it again. I can’t see an animal harmed, just can’t, and couldn’t live with myself if I drove/cycled/walked past without helping.

      Mr. Swan is gorgeous, isn’t he? I saw him again this morning on my cycle run. :)

  6. Gracie Miles

    What a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you for beautiful pictures. Your “friend” is gorgeous.

    • Isn’t he a beauty, Gracie? I saw him again a while ago when I cycled past ‘his’ pond this morning. As I do not see him daily, I think seeing him today was a special Kosmic nod as he’s the guest star in the tea room today. I like to think so, anyway.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I have lots more beautiful pictures and whimsy to share in the coming weeks.

  7. Tarts – I’m away to write now. Before I go, if you missed it in comments, I saw Mr. Swan again this morning. He was gliding about in ‘his’ favorite pond (see picture above) and enjoying himself, by the looks of it. As I don’t see him every day, I believe seeing him this morning was a Kosmic nod as he’s our star guest in the tea room today. :)

    At least, I like to think it was wink and a smile from Kosmos.

    Have a great Satruday, wherever you are! I’ll look in again later this evening or tonight.

  8. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning! :)
    You know me, Sue-Ellen….I believe in the Fates. He needed and trusted you to be his guide. What a wonderful story for this first day of September.

    For myself, it would seem that I’m always rescuing baby birds. Especially the ones that fall out of their nests. I take on their role as protective mother, and don’t rest until they can start to fly.

    • Mary, I love that you rescue and nurture baby birds. I am also not at all surprised. I bet they hang around your garden (or return now and then), once they are grown.

      I, too, believe Kosmos delayed me the morning I helped the swan. There are no coincidences.

  9. Oh, I giggled while I read this. I can see you now standing there waving your arms telling Mr. Swan to waddled on over. Maybe shooing him a little. Maybe you can name him Kosmos.

    I tried to save a little bird that flew into my 1st husbands grill as he drove home one day. He got out and it was stuck there so he brought it in the house and I took it to the vet but there wasn’t anything they could do that I couldn’t do for it myself at home. The chances were slim of it’s survival. I took it back home and gave it love and as much comfort as I could until it passed. I remember crying for hours after it died. Our animal loving hearts are so huge and when they break it such a huge break. I’m still glad that I tried.

    • Oh, dear heavens! That poor wee bird would have broken me, too. That is just so sad. It was so good of you to try and help him. And to ease his passing. I say… someday… he will alight on your shoulder and thank you.

      The swan… I love your name for him. As of now, he is Kosmos.

  10. Cathy P

    Hi Sue-Ellen! It was definitely Kosmos. The swan is very beautiful. Thanks so much for this post. I have rescued animals and have been rescued by Fate in car crashes that didn’t happen because my guardian angel was with me and talking in my ear.

    • Cathy, you are so good to rescue animals. And you are so right about Fate saving us from (or in) car crashes. Years ago, in Germany, I survived a terrible car crash that should have killed me. It was a head-on collision. I was badly injured and remain certain ‘someone’ protected me. It clearly wasn’t my time.

      I agree that Kosmos led me to the swan.

  11. Aurora Mata

    Good for you! Pip, Pip, Hooray! And I break for animals! I also help humans too! LOL

  12. Kathy Luehrs

    Oh definitely the Kosmos – who knows what the swan will become – the fates sent you there so protect him when he needed it and in return for your kindness that good act will be passed along – you were his guardian angel that day

  13. This was such a neat story. Yea for you, Yea for the driver, and yea for the swan. I hope he has the good since to wait until you come again to cross back to the other side. No blue moon watching in Arkansas – we are busy with Isaac covering the sky. The rain is much much needed.
    Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone. BE SAFE. Helen In Ark.

    • Hope you’re not safe and dry from Isaac, Helen. The storm was such a lightweight here. It’s just terrible to see the flooding and damage it’s causing in the other Gulf states and up your way. Dreadful. Be careful.

      The swan ‘rescue’ really warmed my heart. Thanks to Leah’s comment/suggestion, I now call him Kosmos. That’s fitting. Didn’t see him on my cycle run this morning, but I did see four ducks in his pond. They were cute.

      Also saw scores of dragonflies. They were flying everywhere. I kept hoping one wouldn’t collide with me – I’d hate to have caused one harm. One did leave his pals and cruise along beside me for a while. Like a little winged co-pilot. So sweet.

  14. Ivy

    Not a believer in coincidence…there’s always a why I think, even if it isn’t obvious for a while. He is beautiful. Let’s hope he always waits for you before attempting to cross the road.

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