Hi Tarts,

I generally don’t care for surprises, but this is a good one.

This adorable kitty was kind enough to slip into the tea room to help with today’s surprise..

He doesn’t really need words to get his message across, does he?

But if you’re wondering…

Woo-hoo!  The tea room is now officially open again!

Today seems like a good day.  Why wait until Sept. 1st when such a sweet moggie agreed to help out with our re-opening announcement?

Besides, I missed you all so much!!

And so…

The door is once again flung wide, Devorgilla has wriggled her fingers for us, using Highland Magic to sweep the tea room floor and dust the tables.  Indeed, I think she even opened the windows, letting cool, clean heathery air rush in to delight us.

It’s been a great month for me.  I hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves, too.

My break was used well.  I made wonderful progress on my deadlines and also just plain rested.  I took lots of lovely cycle runs and beach walks.  Em loved having my fullest attention.

The world was good.

So good that I have decided to only blog a few times a week and not to any set schedule.

I know many authors ‘do it all.’  Writing a bazillion books a year and dancing at every social media venue available.  I am not one of those writers, Tarts.  And I don’t have any desire to emulate them.

In my world, there’s a thing called ‘word energy’ and there is only so much in any given day.

And the bulk of my word energy needs to go toward writing my books.

So I’ll be posting when I something to say and not every day.  I imagine that’ll be 2 - 3 times a week.  Some weeks it might be less, some weeks it could be more.

I hope you’ll understand.

For today, I’d like to remind you that SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL (ebook) is still available for $2.99.

This offer ends Sept. 3rd.  So if you haven’t yet read this book, now is a great time to nab a copy.

So tell me…

How was your August?

Been anywhere exciting?  Or have you been hiding from the heat?

Anyone else as thrilled as I am that summer is almost over?  You know I’m so happy that my favorite time of year, autumn, is just around the corner.

I’m betting you are, too.


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69 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Good Morning Tarts! Surprise! Yes, we had to open early. We missed all of you!
    My August has seen a schedule change at Wal-Mart. I am working more hours and during the week they are mostly during the day.
    So I am just running through to say hi. I will be back this evening.

  2. Lexi

    Welcome back! Hope you feel like you have some new Duracel batteries in you! =)

  3. Yeah, so glad to be here as the doors are flung wide. My tummy feels better so bring on the Earl Grey and some scones. I’ll ask my gel Friday Stephanie to cook some up, she loves to bake especially lemon scones.
    I agree you don’t have to post every day, I do only 2 or 3 a week. So glad you enjoyed your time writing, biking and playing with En. My kids started school on August 9 th but we’ve had 3 birthdays so lots of cake. Welcome home Sue-Ellen and Kathy.

  4. Kathy Luehrs

    Oh what Joy!!! – I have missed all of you – I’m all in – I have made plenty of scones to go around – so everyone ENJOY!!!

  5. Cathy P

    Welcome back, Sue Ellen and Kathy! We have missed you terribly! Our August has been full of doctor appointments at the VA Hospital. My husband has been going in for IV’s every day for 1-1/2 hours for the last month. He seems to be feeling better. The doctor will be sending papers to Washington, DC, requesting a bone marrow transplant for him. He still has 2 people to meet with before they send in the papers though.

    • Oh, Cathy, this is best-ever news that a bone marrow transplant is being sought for your husband. That’s fantastic!! I’m also so glad that the treatments are making him feel better. Thank goodness. I keep you and him in my thoughts and prayers always, even when the tea room is quiet. You know all the Tarts are pulling for you.

      I missed you, too. It’s good to have the tea room lively again. :)

  6. Sue Ellen, I’m so happy you had a good month!! August was disappointing here as we had very little needed rain but otherwise is good. I got two of my deadlines covered with short novellas due in 1 Sept and Belle, my sweet littel furgirl, is hanging in there pretty well despite my earlier fears.
    I have posted a few things on my blog thru the month mostly on doggie things and in the next day or two will talk about another of my pet projects–fabric art stuff–over at deirdre-fourds.
    A special ‘blue moon’ coming up on the 31st for all you moon watchers (me too!) and then September, my favorite month for a zillion reasons–I may dish on that too ;-).
    Welcome back all–I’ve missed the tea room visits too!!

    • Great to see you in here, Deidre! Sounds like you had a productive month. Above all, I am sooo happy to see that Belle is holding her own and doing better. That’s wonderful news!

      Tarts, below is the link to Deirdre’s blog. As I’ve said before, Deirdre and I go waaaay back. We were friends and critique partners back when I still lived in Germany. She held my hand when I was struggling to learn the ropes of writing and she was a fantastic mentor. (likewise her wonderful late husband, Jim) Deirdre and I are still strong friends, all these years later. On her blog, she posts about everything near and dear to me… dogs, nature, Celtic lore, druid/pagan belief, etc.

      I’m sure you’d enjoy her blog, too…

      In the future, she’s kindly agree to do some guest blogging here as well, which will be lovely.

      Deirdre – glad you agree… today felt like a good re-opening day for the tea room. :)

  7. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning Sue-Ellen and Tarts! :)
    What a lovely surprise! And yes, I’m so excited that autumn is almost here that I even brought down my pumpkin tea pot from my cupboard. My DH just rolled his eyes, but I needed that little “extra something” to show me that summer is almost over. Doesn’t that sound crazy?

    It doesn’t matter if you post every few days, or even once in a “blue moon,” for each post will be extra special, as always…

    • A nice surprise, I agree, Mary. ;) Today just felt right to re-open.

      I LOVE your pumpkin tea pot! I’ll have to look for one of those. I feel the same way about autumn. (there’s a reason my books are usually set in autumn!) My ‘summer rebellion’ was making homemade tomato soap yesterday and enjoying it with a grilled cheese sandwich.

      Posting only a few times a week will be a good thing. I -do- have lots to say and tons of lovely pictures to share, etc.. But the majority of my time really needs to be focused on my deadline routine/schedule, so a few posts a week will be a good and do-able compromise.

      • Mary, it’s good to be back. I’m excited about the change of the season as well. I need to be getting my pumpkins out.

        • Mary I love the pumpkin teapot idea!! Precious. And thanks for you sweet words over on my blog. I think you are right–sometimes Brighid does not need words and I know I don’t either–I just feel blessed to make some pretty things to share as well as my stories. To me the worst sin is to have been blessed with some talent or skill and not use it!!

  8. Aurora Mata

    I’ve spent my entire summer recuperating from back surgery. Back at school. Had a bad scare on Mon. w/tornados and flooding all over St Lucie Co. I live only 3 miles from school and it took 2 hrs to get home! As luck would have it, I’d loaned my car to my friend Pablo as his was in the shop. He came to pick us up(my grandson is still with me) and maneuvered us over VERY flooded roads and highways. My heart was in my throat the whole time. I thought about you living on Fl’s west coast. Hope all is well w/you! And stop worrying about other writers and what they do. You DO what is RIGHT for YOU! I totally understand where you’re coming from. Take it easy and keep writing those wonderful novels. I know you’re not fond of FB, but if you ever get a chance, PLEASE befriend Scotland Scenery… You’ll feel SO AT PEACE when you see those photos! They’re simply fantastic!
    Take care and stay safe. Love always from the Crazy Cuban Scotophile.

    • So good to see you again, Aurora! I hope you are feeling much better these days. Your guardian angels surely arranged for Pablo to drive you in the storm. That was NOT a coincidence. Isaac was pretty much a false alarm here. We get worse ‘regular’ thunderstorms’ than the wrath he showed us. We did lose power, which was annoying. Otherwise, there was only very minor flooding from surge and some downed tree branches.

      You’re very right about not fretting about other authors. I’ve pretty much kept to myself throughout my career and have learned that is wise and the best way to navigate such a fiercely competitive career field.

      I’ll look at Scotland Scenery. It sounds lovely.

      (((HUGS))) to you!

  9. Marilyn Munro

    Welcome back I have missed hearing from you. I am glad you had a good time off. I stayed in most of the time to avoid the hot muggies. September is my favorite month also my birthday month. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Wish it were longer though. Enjoy the tea and scones.

    • I missed you, too, Marilyn. I thought of you often, seeing how hot it was up there. I think our northern states had a hotter summer this year than we did here. So bring on autumn, I agree! It’s my favorite season, too, and you are so right… it’s outrageous that summer is the longest season and autumn so short.

      Hope you will have splendid autumn-y weather on your birthday.


  10. Tarts – Welcome back into the tea room! It’s wonderful to see all of you again. I missed you! We have scones and tea, haggis, neeps, and tatties for the brave, and even a piper or two. ;)

    So enjoy the day!

    I’ll look in again tonight. Till then, have fun!

  11. catslady

    I think you posting when you want is a better idea all around. That way it doesn’t turn into a chore and something you feel you have to do. We will be here when you do post. Welcome back :)

  12. Trudy Miner

    Oh, Sue-Ellen, I’ve missed you! I wondered how you made out with Issac nipping at your heels and threatening all of Florida! We could have had what LA got and after TS Debby, it was scarier than all get out! At least the weather may have given you good ideas for story lines?
    As for me, all I’ve done is survived. This year has been very hard and I will be glad to see the back end of it. I am looking forward to a small trip with a friend to Ft. Lauderdale in a few weeks; the hotel is on the beach. Hopefully, there will be no more tropical systems. All I asked her to do is to take me to Miami as I’ve never been there before!

    • I missed you, too, and thought of you when the storm looked set to strike our coast. Excellent about your upcoming trip will be wonderful. You’ll have a great time. :) (((HUGS)))

    • Trudy, I wanted to give you a Miami tip…

      When there, if time allows, I am sure you’d enjoy visiting Vizcaya. It is one of my favorite haunts in Miami. I did a post on Vizcaya and here is the link.

      The official Vizcaya website link is noted in my blog piece.

      Knowing you, you’d really enjoy Vizcaya. It’s the closest you can get to a European castle in Florida.

      • Trudy Miner

        I know it took awhile but, I checked out Vizcaya and, you’re know me so well, I love it! It reminds me of Longwood Gardens, do you know that place? I used to go there all the time and get lost in the beauty of the gardens. I will definitely check out Vizcaya when I go to Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks so much for the tip!

        • My pleasure! Yes, I knew you’d fall in love with Vizcaya. Wait till you get there in person! It’s like stepping into another time and place. Be sure to walk the gardens. Speaking of which, no, I haven’t been to Longwood Gardens. I have been all over that area (I love PA), so I’m very sorry to have missed it. Definitely sometime. :)

  13. Glittergirl

    Welcome back Sue-Ellen and Kathy :-)
    It has been a long month without your “smiling” words and healing thoughts…I am so glad SE that you got so much done. I know that feels good. I am also glad you allowed yourself to now post as you feel your muse move you. It’s important that it come from your heart and not be forced by a schedule. The Tea Room is a place of hearts meeting and your posts are our springboard. Don’t feel you have to fill the page, just talk to us about what’s on your heart :-). Short is good sometimes. I need to that that advise as well, lol.

    Life has pretty much been the same for me. Momma has settled into her new foster care home pretty well. It’s been 6 weeks and 3-4 Dr. visits out. She managed to topple out of her bed 6″ off the floor and break her collar bone…she’s also lost 3 more pounds on the feeding tube. Not Good, now she’s 76#. One of those visits was to the Nutritionist to get everything re-evaluated and OKed by Ins. so it get paid for (another appeal I’ve had to deal with). Daddy is declining (he was my stable one) and has managed 2 ambulance trips to emergency and one to Urgent Care plus 2 Dr visits in the last 6 weeks as well. He’s had 2 bladder infections and 4 staples in his head from a fall out of his bed…We also have discovered he has Prostrate Cancer which is probably pretty advanced as his urine is purple. I’m applying to Medicaid on Tuesday to start that up with the “sharp pencil” g-men as well. I still have to find and purchase a grave site for them…

    I did get away for 4 days and it was HEAVEN. The stress went away as soon as we left town, and came back as soon as I walked in the door. It is but a season and will pass…One day at a time.

    • Oh, dear, I am so sorry to see you parents are struggling so. Your dad’s cancer is especially heartbreaking. I lost my beloved dad to lung cancer and know how terrible it is to see a loved one go that way. You know you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so glad you were able to get away.
      Great big hugs!!!

    • My goodness, I’m glad you were able to get away for a few days. You sure needed that! I wish peace for your parents and for you the knowledge that you are a daughter who is more than any parent could hope for. We are all standing with you in spirit.

  14. Kelley

    Welcome back, I love wonderful surprises (not the other kind). I’m happy the tea room is open again.

  15. Sue-Ellen, I sent you some interesting stuff last night and shared dinner with you.

  16. Glad you’re back….
    Couldn’t stand the heat….
    Love autumn, but wiil turn 80yrs. old in October….
    Going to Siesta Key to celebrate birthday….
    Taking lotsa books and lotsa Champagne.

  17. Karen C

    I love these kind of surprises ~~ Welcome back/home!! You’ve both been missed and I’m looking forward to the upcoming posts. I’m so very sorry to hear about those who didn’t have a good summer/August – sending hugs to each of you.

    I got home (from traveling with my husband for the summer) around the 9th of August and we immediately had to deliver some furniture to DH’s niece who was getting her first apartment for her second year of college. He went back on the road and I stayed home hoping to catch up with dentist/doctor and the stuff that accumulates from being gone for 3 months. So – I got a sinus infection that really laid me out for 1 1/2 weeks – figures doesn’t it??

    Zina, would love the recipe for lemon scones – I just love scones (not so much the haggis)!

    • Karen, It’s good to have you home again. I have a few things in the work and some things already scheduled. The sinus infection doesn’t surprise me. You slowed down just a tad, so boom. Happens to me all the time.

    • Ha ha ha.. I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw your comment, but I was sick, too. A flu bug laid me low for about a week mid-month. We could have kept each other company!

      I always smile thinking about your road trip. That must have been so wonderful.

  18. librarypat

    Welcome back. I will be so glad to see the last of August and I don’t think September will be much better. I have gotten sucked into 3 major projects that are eating my life. I should be working on things rather than checking my emails. It will be almost over Sept. 29 and we leave for a much needed 3 week vacation on the 30th. I will have to write final reposts, but I can do that from Orlando, Puerto Rico, and/or the cruise ship. I just hope there are no hurricanes to spoil our trip. That was actually the 4 project that made this month interesting. I am a Red Cross disaster volunteer and we had flooding here. I am on call, but can’t leave our area because of all this other stuff going on. I’ll bring my RC ID with me on the trip and I can always deploy from along the way, except for the cruise ship I guess.

    Fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait.

  19. I got the biggest smile on my face when I saw this in my e-mail! :D

    Love the cat pictures above. My cats always have that look in their eyes when I take their pictures. Sean says they’re possessed……not my babies! ;)

    My month has been a very good one. Went back to work. (Kathy, I’m at KMart so I guess we’re the competition, LOL!) I’ll be moving back to the service desk in two weeks. I worked here before about 4 years ago part time and I really enjoyed it so I came back. It’s a lot less stressful for me than sewing in a plant. I even had a man come through the line a few weeks ago in a kilt. Had to keep myself from drooling right there in his face. I did compliment him and tell him how good it was to see a man in a kilt and he thanked me. August also had me watching my daughter start her first year of teaching. I am so very proud of her and she is loving it. I cannot put into words how good it feels to see her accomplishing her dreams. I sat in her classroom as she was going through some things before school started and saw in my mind her at four in her bedroom with all her dolls lined up as she was writing their assignment on the wall in crayons. I’m so thankful that my spaz attack that day didn’t deter her from her dreams, LOL!

    Life is good! I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling so refreshed and it is so good to see you back! Give Mr. Adorable a squeeze and a kiss for me. Em is such a cutie!

    • Leah, I’m a K-Mart alumni. I worked for them in 1973. I liked it there. We have quite a drive to the nearest K-Mart, the on here in town closed a good ten years ago.
      I remember lining all my dolls up on the bed and passing out my school papers out to them. :)

    • Leah, you always make me smile. I know this has been a great summer for you. I’m so glad you are enjoying your new job. WOW to the man in a kilt. :) Please give Courtney my best on her teaching career.

      You bet I’ll give Em some loving for you.

      A friend sent me the cat funny. It’s a hoot, isn’t it? Too funny about your cats. I love cats.

  20. Well Tarts, I am going to have a cup of tea and take one last look at Castleville. Then I am going to bed. It has been a long day and tomorrow will be long as well. Goodnight!

  21. Ivy

    My favorite time of year too. I love the cool temps, the brisk feel to the air, the colors & smells…

    So good to have the tea room open again.

    My mom was recently diagnosed & operated on for kidney cancer. They removed her right kidney on a Tues. By Saturday she was home & is doing amazingly well. The Dr.’s are in awe of her recovery. Her kidney specialist told her that the type of cancer she had shouldn’t have been detected for at least 2 more years by which time the prognosis wouldn’t have been good. When daddy took her to the ER with awful stomach pain they found no reason for it (they did a scan & that’s how they discovered the cancer). The pain wasn’t from the cancer because at this point it had no symptoms. All they found was a bit of heat exhaustion. I’m feeling very blessed for her exceptional recovery & that they found it so early. I’m taking both as small miracles so my August has been blessed..:D

    G’night, y’all…

    • Oh, Ivy, I agree that you and your family were incredibly blessed to have your mother diagnosed and treated so quickly. And with such success! That’s wonderful. It sounds like her guardian angels stepped in to get her seen and tended. I’m so glad she is doing so well.

      I’ll keep her in my prayers.

      Glad you’re pleased to see the tea room open again. I am, too. I missed everyone. Yesterday felt like a good day to re-open.

      The re-opening was scheduled for tomorrow, Sept. 1st, as everyone knows, but earlier just felt right. So we re-scheduled to ditch Sept. 1st and open earlier.

  22. Ivy

    Thanks, Sue-Ellen..:)
    Hope your weekend’s lovely.

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