Re-Posted ~ It’s August 1st and…

SE Notes ~ I’m re-posting this and keeping it in place all month so anyone looking in knows why I’ve closed the tea room for the month of August.

Also ~ I’d like to remind everyone that from now until September 3rd, SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL (ebook) is available for the super price of $2.99.

You can learn more about the book by clicking here.

Read on for my original post about closing the blog for August…

Hi Tarts,

As the header says, it’s August 1st and I’m officially beginning a new deadline.

Sure, I began this book about a week ago.

But I’m starting it in earnest today.

That means I’ve set my daily page count and those pages are carved in stone.

I don’t want to ever again spend 40 straight hours writing, racing to meet a deadline.  Being awake that long, living on coffee, nerves, and panic, is not good for you.

I’m not going to do that again.

I also want to finish this new book early.

There are always several projects on my desk at any given time, each one in a different phase of work.  All are important and require my entire focus.

I also have a lot of other things going on in my world every day.

Pet care, for one.  Keeping fit.  You know I cycle and walk the beach daily.  I also work out.  And I go to the grocery, the post office, run other errands, and cook and clean house.  Do laundry.  Etc, etc.

Somewhere in the mix, I write my books.

Doing so eats up a huge chunk of time and energy.  Writing books and meeting deadlines also pays my bills.

The work has to be top priority.

And so…

I’m closing the tea room for the month of August.

No worries…

I’ll re-open the doors on September 1st.  (unless unexpected weirdness happens deadline-wise and I am unable to comfortably do so)

Actually, I am in a very cozy place right now, work-wise.  The dread Deadline Dragon is sleeping, content and sated from the last deadline.

The thing is, I want to stay in this happy place.

And the only way I can do that, and keep the Deadline Dragon from scorching me again, is to work steadily, focusing only on The Book.

Sadly, that means surrendering the hours I spend each day thinking up and writing blogs for the tea room.

I am hoping to jumpstart this new deadline and get a ton of work done this month.

That’s my plan.

And the reason for taking a month-long break.

I hope you’ll understand.  I’ll definitely miss you all.  But that will only make the tea room’s re-opening all the more special.

Till then, be well, be safe, and may all your reads be great ones!

**Because this blog was started to promote my books, I’d like to sign off with a wee reminder that from now until September 3rd, SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL (ebook) is available for the super price of $2.99.

Thanks, Tarts.  See you in September!


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28 responses to “Re-Posted ~ It’s August 1st and…

  1. Cathy P

    We will miss you Sue-Ellen! Already looking forward to the time you will be back.

  2. Karen C

    Will definitely miss you, Sue-Ellen, but I can certainly understand why you are doing it. Having been on the road for three months, I am so far behind in so many things, it will take me all of August to catch up. Sending you some cyber hugs and good thoughts.

  3. Kathy Luehrs

    I will miss our little chats – but I totally understand – you do what you need to do and we will be here when you get back

  4. librarypat

    Will miss the posts, but I understand completely. I am not a writer, but at the moment have several major projects in the works. I dearly wish I could put at least one on the back burner, or eliminate it entirely. No such luck. I need to learn to say no louder.
    Hope this new project of yours goes along smoothly.

    • Hahaha!!! Isn’t that the truth? A simple two-lettered word and we’d have much less stress. But the word falls so hard from our tongues. It was my recent 40 hour marathon writing stint that drove me to take a month off to just focus on the book (and jumpstart the page count). I do not want to do that again.

  5. KelleyF

    I will miss the daily posts, but I totally understand why you need to concentrate on writing. I’ll be thinking of you and all the Tarts while I’m in Scotland next week.

    • Kelley!!!! I am so excited about your trip! We’ll have to enjoy another girls’ day out next time you’re down here again. And then you can tell me all about your adventures. I’ll email before you leave. (((HUGS)))

  6. Mary Morgan

    Giving you BIG cyber hugs, Sue-Ellen. You know I totally understand. I don’t know how you’ve been able to “do it all!” Keep that happy, glowing feeling. And if you stray on over to my site, I talked a wee bit about autumn, today. Just think…when you return, we’ll be sliding into the best part of the year. Lots of love…and may your muse fill your well of inspiration. :)

  7. Lorraine Kline

    Will miss you! August is a very long month. But, looking forward for the fall. In Phoenix, it is still hot. Can’t wait for your up and coming books. Stay on your deadline’s.

  8. Janelle Hart

    Will miss your daily posts! However, like others have said, I definitely understand! Good luck to you and I hope you are able to get a lot done. See you in a month!!

  9. It made my heart smile to hear you say that you’re in a cozy place work wise. You will be missed but knowing that you’re taking care of your self and your priorities makes it worth it. Let those happy fingers sing with these character’s voices. (((HUGS))) and love <3

  10. Tarts – I will keep posting my daily tweets throughout August. So if you look in here, you’ll see what I’m doing each day.

  11. Trudy Miner

    I was aghast when you said that you wrote for 40 hours straight! I never want you to do that again either so I completely understand what you’re doing. However, I’ll miss the tea room especially now that the tropics are getting active and maybe Ernesto is forming out there? You will be inspired with the stormy weather up there in your turret. But, who will I have to commiserate with during that time? Stay safe, let your fingers fly across those keys and I’ll see you next month.

    • I was aghast myself, Trudy. It brought me to my knees, too. I don’t ever want to do that again. That’s why I decided to take this month to just ‘go hermit’ and up my daily output on pages and so (hopefully) finish with time to spare this next go-round.

      Dear heavens, I hadn’t seen the Weather Channel in a few days. I have noticed a change in the air, though. So I am not surprised about Ernesto. Glad to know of him so I can watch him now. If he does come our way, email me. We can stay in touch that way.

      And be sure to look in now and then to check my tweets in the right sidebar. I’ll keep them updated daily, so everyone will know I’m alive and haven’t been devoured by the dragon. ;)

  12. Cutie B

    Happy writing, and may the dragon keep sleeping peacefully and leave you be. See you in September!

  13. Trenda

    I know I post very few words in here, but I do come every day and sit over here in the shadows. I’ll miss it and you. Keep that fiery dragon away any way you can, and we will all be here when you get back. Take care you!

    • Bless you, Trenda, I know you’re in here. And thank you for your kind words. I’ll miss you, too. Will miss everyone. I’ll be back before you know it, and with bells on. I have tons of things to share (oodles of neat photos) and other stuff. And who knows what I’ll gather over this coming month. So the tea room will be hopping when Sept. rolls around. Till then.. (((HUGS))) and love to you!

  14. Ginny

    I think you are making a wise decision; good luck with your writing and see you in September!

    • Thank you so much. I felt/feel bad shutting down the tea room for a whole month. But I know it will be a very good thing to gain momentum on this new book. And September will roll around before we know it.

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