I Love This!

Hi Tarts,

Everyone knows how much I love animals.

How strongly I feel about helping them, especially the neediest of the needy.

Shelter pets.

Dogs and cats waiting anxiously and eagerly for their loving forever homes.

You know it is hard for them.

They don’t know why they are where they are – or if anyone will ever want them.  Even with a kind-hearted staff and good care, they are sure to be nervous, living as they do.

That troubles me.

And so I was delighted to learn about the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project.

Pamela Fisher, an Ohio vet, pre-loads pet calming music on Mp3 players and then donates them to animal shelters.  The music soothes the pets, making them relax and taking a lot of stress out of their often-fraught lives.

Take a look at the music in action..

(Please note:  If you received this in email, you may need to visit the actual Tartan Ink site to view the video)

Isn’t that beautiful to see?

As I know many of you are animal lovers, I wanted to let you know about Pamela Fisher and her good work for shelter pets.

I learned about Rescue Animal Mp3 Project through the newsletter of AAF (the Animal Adoption Foundation)  in Ohio.  It’s the shelter that benefits from Tails of Love.

AAF received one of Dr. Fisher’s Calming Pet Music Mp3 players.  AAF staff say that the dogs and cats in their care really responded to the music.

I love classical music and New Age music (which is very soothing) and play both throughout the day.

Em enjoys listening, too.

Shelter animals must really appreciate such beautiful music.  Especially if they come from a place of harsh noise and jarring chaos.

Dr. Fisher is an angel on earth in my view.

Em and I hope you’ll mention her project to fellow animal lovers.

And.. if your pet ever seems edgy, maybe you should lay on some calming New Age or classical music.

It works for Em.  (and for me!) 

Does your pet respond to music?  TV?

Em loves animal programs.  When he was younger, he’d even run up to the big TV screen to greet them.


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17 responses to “I Love This!

  1. Kathy Luehrs

    Of course, music to calm the beast – it even works on husbands – my dog and cats all love music. Shadow (dog) enjoys shows with other dogs in them – I think she thinks they can come out of the box and play with her – when I was younger we had a cat that would try to catch the hockey players – it was a hoot to watch her.

  2. Wow, Sue-Ellen, what a wonderful project. I used to play Mozart in the classroom when I was a substitute teacher.
    Bailey, the JRT next door used to run up to the TV when she was younger, as well.

  3. Marilyn Munro

    My Mandy did not watch TV but she did like listening to music especially if I had to go out without her.

  4. Lorraine

    Hi Sue-Ellan, yes music does help Iona too. She is a high strung Beagle, so music does help her a lot!

  5. catslady

    That was amazing. I only have cats right now and they always look at me strangely, especially if I sing along hahaha.

  6. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning! :)
    How wonderful to see these sweet animals being soothed by music. When I get up in the morning, I turn on the coffee and flip on the classical station to NPR. I’ve been doing this for years. Our animals loved listening to music, especially our little dachshund.

    It’s true when they say…”music calms the beast within.” :)

  7. librarypat

    It is interesting in a way, that it has taken so long for someone to think of this. Many farmers have been playing music for their dairy cows for years. I can’t say that I have noticed our cats and dogs responding to music. If course, having bag pipes blaring away wouldn’t be the most smoothing of sounds for them. I tend to play a wide variety of celtic and classical music in addition to just about everything else. Maybe that is why our terrier spends most of her time under the table.

  8. First I want to say that I got the biggest smile on my face with Em smiling at us in that first picture. :D

    This video was amazing and I shared it on my FB page. I caught myself giggling at them as they all went straight to their beds. How adorable! I think every shelter would benefit from doing this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • That is my favorite picture of Em. It was taken near a bench we always stop at on his walks.

      I’m so glad you shared the video. Word of mouth is so important. The music project really is wonderful and would benefit every shelter. It’s good to see the project get attention.

  9. Please Help Rescue Animal Mp3 Project win $10,000 to by VOTING DAILY until Dec 14th to get the most votes to win the Hugo Challenge!! Tell your friends to help too. We donate calming music to animal shelters: improving the animals health, behavior and chances for loving adoption. Click here http://bit.ly/116qijC

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