Well, gee…

Hi Tarts,

I’d really love to be in this picture right now.

I’d nip inside the pub that inspired the Laughing Gull in Haunted Warrior, nab my favorite corner table, order a pint of real ale and a stiff dram, and then gaze out the window, admiring the view.  Instead, I have to stand in the middle of the tea room with egg on my face.

But, hey…

I write and love strong heroines, so I’m not about to hide and cower when I make a gaffe.

And it would seem I have made one today.

Some of you have kindly let me know that Sins of a Highland Devil (ebook) is not priced at $2.99 today.

I am so sorry!

And I have no idea what happened.  I was given that price and the dates noted.  I’ve emailed my publisher and will let you know what I hear when I receive an answer.

For now, I had to say something lest more of you look for the ebook at $2.99 and wonder why it isn’t available at such a price.

So what can I say?  I meant well, Tarts, truly.

I was so excited to offer you such a great price on this book.  If something changes and the promotion does happen, you’ll be the first to know.

For tonight, come join me at the Laughing Gull and we’ll, well, laugh about my gaffe!  (hey, that rhymes)

So tell me… have you ever done anything like this?


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10 responses to “Well, gee…

  1. Mary Morgan

    No worries, Sue-Ellen…I’ll buy the first round of pints. And yes, I have. I just get so excited and caught up in the moment of great news, only to find out that I was wrong in my information. Your heart was truly in the right place. You are not alone…. :)

    • Bless you, Mary. I do feel awful. I double-checked the info I received and it matches the dates and price I announced. I’m baffled and wonder if my publisher didn’t cancel the promotion. I’ll let everyone know what happened as soon as I hear.

  2. Ginny

    No worries, Sue-Ellen; we know you meant well and I’m sure things will be ok!

  3. Lexi

    Well it was fun to get some hype for the book anyway =)
    The pub sounds great, see you there!

  4. Sue-Ellen, It’s still a super bargain at full price! I seem to make errors like this all the time. If you were told one thing and it didn’t happen you can only go on what you were told.
    Working 8:30-5.

  5. Aurora Mata

    I seldom make mistakes, but on the RARE occasions when I do, they are DOOZIES, & no mistake! And you didn’t make a mistake. Whoever does the posting was slow on the uptake. I downloaded the book late last night & $2.99. It awaits my re-reading in my Nook. So BREATHE, lass; breathe.

  6. Kathy Luehrs

    really – who hasn’t – all you can do is laugh it off and move on

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