Catriona MacDonald.. Have You Met Her?

Hi Tarts,

Isn’t Catriona MacDonald a wonderful heroine name?

I believe the name speaks of a beautiful, fiery lass with heart, spirit, and an abundance of passion.

A strong and proud heroine.

That’s why I chose the name for the heroine of Sins of a Highland Devil (Jan. 2011), the first book in my Highland Warriors trilogy.

Have you met Catriona?

If not, here’s the blurb for her book…

Sins of a Highland Devil

The first book in the Highland Warriors trilogy… Three proud warriors locked in a struggle for victory. Three beguiling women united in their vow to restore peace.

The king has ordered three clans to battle to the death: the one left standing will reign over the Glen of Many Legends. James Cameron, known throughout the Highlands as “The Devil,” leads his men with ruthless determination. He knows no weakness — until a headstrong, flame-haired beauty from a rival clan tempts him to abandon his ironclad loyalties.

Catriona MacDonald’s past encounters with James have proved that ladies who play with fire can get scorched. But her brush with this devil leaves her burning to feel his touch once more, even though the fierce warrior is her sworn enemy. Now “The Devil” must fight for his family, his honor, and his very life… even as he surrenders to his desire to possess Catriona at any cost.


Readers familiar with my work probably know that I write strong heroines.

You’ll never find a weepy, sobbing female in a book of mine.  Nor a tragic, long-suffering heroine.  I prefer bold, spirited lasses like Catriona.

Duncan MacKenzie’s youngest daughter, Gelis, is another strong and high-spirited heroine I really loved writing.  Gelis’s story was Seducing A Scottish Bride.

That book has my all-time favorite cover.  I think it looks like a master painting and would love to have it enlarged and beautifully framed, above my fireplace.

But this is about Catriona MacDonald.

She is special to me.

And I was so pleased when Catriona caught the attention of Romantic Times Magazine.

They gave her book, Sins of a Highland Devil a wonderful review…

RT Top Pick — 4.5 Stars

“The first installment in Welfonder’s Highland Warrior’s trilogy continues a long tradition of well-written, highly emotional romances.  This marvelous novel is rich in love and legend, populated by characters steeped in honor, to make for a sensual and emotional read.” —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


What really pleased me was that RT loved Catriona so much that they contacted me, asking me to write a special article for them about strong heroines.

As I’m passionate about such heroines, I was delighted to do so.

You can read the article by clicking here(opens in a PDF file)

Catriona’s story released in Jan. 2011.  But she remains near and dear to my heart.  She’ll always be one of my favorite heroines.

And I have a special reason for bringing her into the tea room today.

I have some great news to announce about her book, Sins of a Highland Devil.  I’ll be making the announcement tomorrow.

It’s exciting and I hope you’ll be as pleased as I am.

For today, do you enjoy strong heroines?

And isn’t Catriona MacDonald a wonderful heroine name?



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23 responses to “Catriona MacDonald.. Have You Met Her?

  1. Mary Morgan

    Yes! Love strong heroines, especially those who like to take charge, and give that extra bit of sass. ;) Then there are those who can be quiet, but possess strength within their character; those I enjoy, too.

    I’ve been saying Catriona’s name outloud…for I do love the sound of it as it rolls off the tongue. A very strong name, indeed. :)

    I can hardly wait for your good news, tomorrow!

    • I adore the name Catriona, Mary. I loved giving it to this heroine. It suited her well.

      I wrote another ‘Cat’-name heroine years ago. She was Caterine Keith, dear Sir M’s heroine in Bride of the Beast. She was Devil In A Kilt Linnet’s sister. Caterine (Sir M’s heroine) is probably the only ‘quietly strong’ heroine I have ever written. I really do prefer them high-spirited and bold. Full of passion and unafraid to claim their hearts’ desire. ;)
      Catriona of Sins of a Highland Devil certainly was such a heroine.

      My news is neat. I’m very happy about it.

  2. Whitney

    I love a strong heroine with pluck! When confronted with a strong hero I like it to go either way so I cannot predict what his/ her reaction is going to be. They can certainly keep the ball rolling in a book you cannot put down and are sorry to see end even if a sequel is pending. Please keep writing–no sissies allowed.

    • Woo-hoo, Whitney! I’m so glad you enjoy strong heroines, too. And I absolutely agree – it’s wonderful to pair them with a bold, Alpha hero and then watch the sparks fly. So, you bet, I’ll keep on writing fiery, spirited lasses and bold and lusty wild Heilanders. That’s how I love ‘em.

  3. Janelle Hart

    I love strong heroines as well and yes, Catriona is a strong proud name. The heroines of your books always please me. I believe that is why I am drawn to your writing so much. I get strength from your books. Is that strange to say? I cant wait for he third one in that trilogy! I cant wait for your announcement either!

    Thank you!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Janelle. I LOVED your comment. It made me happy because that is always a goal when I write my strong heroines – the hope that they will encourage readers to stand just a bit taller, walk just a bit more proudly, and be, well, stronger in all ways. I believe romance novels empower women, helping us all see just how wonderful we really are. Women – are – strong. We have backbones of steel, oceans of caring and strength and compassion. And we’re so passionate! I’m so glad you enjoy my books/strong heroines so much. Thank you!

      Alasdair’s book will be out before we know it. Jan. or Feb., I think. It turned out wonderfully well and I think/hope the long wait will have been worth it. I’ll start sharing a few excerpts soon.

      Tomorrow’s news is neat and fun. I’m very pleased. :)

    • PS – Forgot to say that I’m so glad you, too, appreciate the name Catriona. I love it because it is both beautiful and strong.

  4. Tarts – I’m heading back into the cave now. The new book is calling me. ;)
    I’ll look in again tonight. Till then, have a great Sunday!

  5. Kathy Luehrs

    I love strong heroines – cannot stand weak, simpering female characters – I enjoyed all your females characters. Sins of a Highland Devil was great. I can’t wait for the next two books. I like when stories carry over into other books – linking the characters. Have a good day writing.

  6. Lexi

    Exciting news you say… Can’t wait to find out what it is.
    I enjoy a strong heroine, and she does have a great name.

  7. leahluvsmedieval

    I am looking forward to your news tomorrow!

    Yes, I love the heroines strong and have loved each of the ones in your books under both writing names. I see myself being like them had I lived then. I’d go so far as to say I’d have been wielding a sword too, LOL! I love it when the heroine is a force to be reckoned with. :)

  8. Barb R

    Sue Ellen, it is always a pleasure reading your ‘encouragement’ for stong, determined women in your stories. Also congrats on your well deserved review! I am so looking forward to Alistairs’ tale – no doubt it will be a truly wonderful end to your triology!

    • Thank you so much, Barb. I’m so glad you enjoy my strong heroines. I love writing them. RT was very good to my Highland Warriors so far. I hope they’ll also love Alasdair. I’m really pleased with his book. And Marjory made a wonderful heroine.

  9. Karen C

    Yes, I truly love strong heroines and adore the name Catriona MacDonald. – I immediately thing of a fiesty woman who takes no guff.

    • Great to see you in here, Karen. Hope all is going well on the road! So glad you agree about Catriona MaDonald as a wonderful heroine name. She’s a very special character for me. Love how you describe her. So true!

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  11. Trudy Miner

    A little late I know but I like strong heroines too; no wimpy females for me please! Nothing turns me off to a book quite so fast or in life is a woman who can’t stand on her own two feet! Maybe it’s because I’ve had to live by my wits for 22 years now but I can’t handle wimps.

    • My sentiments exactly. Like you, I have worked long and hard for many years. All my life, really.
      Never a free ticket. Always swim or sink. So I can’t abide shrinking violets. You’re a real hero. I love seeing women stand tall and soldier on, always.

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