Friday Funnies ~ Be Warned: Scottish and X-Rated!

Hi Tarts,

Earlier this week, I shared some after-deadline whimsy that had to do with naughty blooms.

We had fun in the tea room that day.

Laughs and smiles were had by all.

And so-o-o…

I thought I’d wrap the week on a similar note.

When a friend in Scotland sent me a photo of a very popular little bridge over there, I knew I had just the thing to end our week on a high note.

It’s a very special bridge.

Picturesque, quaint, and in a lovely off-the-beaten track area.

There’s just one wee problem with the bridge.

It’s name sign is frequently stolen!

Despite extra-heavy screws to hold it in place, the sign vanishes almost as quickly as it is replaced.  Happens again and again.

Can you imagine?


Weel, have a look and you’ll understand..

Bet you now see why the sign disappears a lot.

Bet you’re also chuckling.

Can you believe anyone would give such a name to a bridge?

I promise you it’s real.  I’ve been there and have seen it, so I can vouch for the bridge’s existence.  And its unusual name.

I hope the ___ Bridge brightens your day.   I can’t even bring myself to type the name!

But I am smiling.  Hope you are, too.

Have a great Friday, Tarts!


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24 responses to “Friday Funnies ~ Be Warned: Scottish and X-Rated!

  1. Carol L.

    lol lol Only in Scotland Sue Ellen. lol Wonder where the thieves put it once they get it. :)
    Carol L.

  2. Yes, you got a fine chuckle out of me.
    Work again 9-5.

  3. Janelle Hart

    Still chuckling…probably will all day! Your posts this week have brought me many smiles….and I needed them for sure! Thank you for my daily dose of laughter!

    • My pleasure, Janelle. That sign is a real hoot, isn’t it? I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts. I’m in a good mood lately and always appreciate lightness and fun. Laughter really is good for the soul.

  4. Kathy Luehrs

    Chuckle I did – quite cute – It’s Friday – YIPEE – Enjoy the day – nice here today finally under 90 degrees.

    • You’re so funny, Kathy. Woo-hoo to the cold wave up there. Under 90, huh? Brrrr…. Winter, calling Winter!! Where ARE you??? I’m sure ready for summer to go away, too. Enjoy the weekend. (and look back in the tea room later tonight – 10 p.m. EDT, for a special (fun) announcement. ;)

  5. Mary Morgan

    Awww….laughter is so good for the soul, and face, too! Thank you, Sue-Ellen for the many chuckles this week. Today’s was absolutely hilarious! I really like this bridge…makes me wonder what’s on the other side. ;)

  6. HAHA! I wonder how many rooms are displaying that sign proudly? :D

    • No kidding, Leah. As we all know what braw, earthy, and bold men Scots are, I’m sure they do hang it with pride. Can’t you just see them swaggering past the sign, their chests swelling? A twinkle in their eye? (esp. the Highlanders)

  7. Barb R

    Hey Sue Ellen, you got it right about those ‘braw’ highlanders but can’t you just picture those ‘red faced yanks’ – LOL!!!


  8. Karen C

    Oh, I love it! Hard to imagine someone taking the sign down and not being observed. During our travels we’ve found a state that uses the alphabet to name their highways and it cracked me up when I saw the sign for ‘HWY TT’!

    • HWY TT?! What a hoot!
      You should keep daily notes, at least. Your adventures would make a wonderful travel book. The bridge above is in a really out of the way place. It would be easy to fiddle with it unseen and undisturbed. Cute, isn’t it?

  9. Lynn Lanzon

    Lol! My aunt lives in cocke county, tn. she did not want her license plate to say cocke county on it when she first moved there now she has to have 1 with it on the plate

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