After-Deadline Whimsy ~ A Stone Circle

Hi Tarts,

Here’s another bit of whimsy I encountered recently.

A mock stone circle seen during one of my after-deadline beach walks.

I think it’s pretty neat.

The rocks really do resemble a stone circle.

Truth is, they are set in a ring.

I know because I examined them.  I wriggled my toes in the sand, discovering a circle of stones, indeed.  I also knelt and brushed away the sand, quickly seeing that I wasn’t mistaken.

It was a stone circle.

The rocks were big and heavy.  Not easily moved.  Only the tips are showing above the sand.

So how did they get there?

By man’s hand?  If so, when and why?

Or are they a quirk of nature?  A natural rock formation left by the gods to enchant the whimsically-minded?

Here’s another look..

You can see why they caught my eye.

Being rather fond of stone circles, I decided to investigate.

However they happened to land there, I’m betting they were exposed by the huge, flooding tides that ravaged the beach when Debby swept in a few weeks ago.

Here’s a closer look..

As noted above, only the tips are peeking from the sand.  The rocks (coral) are large and they do form a ring.

I was reminded of a fascinating stone circle in Miami.  

And, of course, I’ve visited quite a few in the UK, including Stonehenge.  I prefer the less-touristy stone circles in the more remote parts of Scotland.  But that’s a topic for another day.

This is about whimsy.

The wee stone circle on the beach probably has a logical reason for being there.

Something totally unromantic and non-whimsical.

But who knows?

Fact is, about 2,000 years or more ago, this island was visited by the Calusa and other early Native Americans hereabouts.  Encampments have been found.  It’s believed these people came here to fish and hunt, staying only a night or two when they did.

Perhaps they also came for celebrations and rituals?

Maybe Debby uncovered a wee ring of coral used in sacred rites?  Something that happened at sundown, as sunsets are so breathtaking here.

It could also be that the coral was ‘excavated’ when two nearby stone (cement) piers were constructed..

Workers could have tossed the coral in a heap.  A heap that formed a circle.  And then sunk into the sand, never to be seen again until tropical storm tides washed away the sand, revealing the hidden rocks.

I’m thinking it’ll remain a mystery.

Whether an ancient stone circle or discarded coral from the building of the two piers, the rocks made me smile.

Smiles are always welcome.  I’m wishing you lots of them today.

(and remember to always watch for wonder, and open your heart to magic.. it’s out there, I promise)



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10 responses to “After-Deadline Whimsy ~ A Stone Circle

  1. However they got there, Sue-Ellen, they are magical because it is now your stone circle.
    Off to work 9-5.

  2. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning…
    You were truly inspired during your dealine madness, Sue-Ellen. There was magic all around you to help “fill your well,” as you wrote. Super amazing! :)

    I have never heard of Calusa. Very interesting… Your week may have been frenzied, but it sure was magical. Smiles to you today, too! :)

    • I was blessed by the whimsy gods, for sure. I think it is very important for writers (or anyone) to get out at least once a day to enjoy nature. I am always refreshed by my outings. And I love discovering new bits of whimsy.

  3. Kathy Luehrs

    I prefer to belive that it’s an ancient stone circle – maybe even a fairy ring. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

  4. What a fantastic find! In the first and second picture, the sand even looks to be windblown around them showing their protective nest. Yep, definitely whimsy. :)

  5. Karen C

    I’d like to think of an ancient stone circle, too. Agree with Leah about the sand, too. Love the whimsy.

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