It Just Gets Funnier (X-Rated.. be warned)

Hi Tarts,

I always talk straight about writing and the biz.

I tell it like it is.  (or how I see things, anyway)

Deadlines are not fun.

They’re a necessary evil and always come with dragons.

You met one yesterday.

Of course, dragons aren’t a deadline-plagued writer’s only worry.

Hilarity also kicks in at some point.  Your mind gets fuzzed, the book is alive, consuming you.  That’s when ANYTHING can and does happen.  Your fingers fly across the keys, your office fades away and you are there, in the story.  The rest of the world ceases to exist.

It’s just you and the book.

Even when you must leave your desk (gah!… what a bother), the story goes with you.

You can’t escape it.

Even the most innocuous things remind you of the book.

Like last week when I oh-so-innocently finished writing a love scene and then stepped out with Em only to see Florida bromeliads bearing a striking resemblance to, well, you know….

If you’ve forgotten, take a peek at the top photo.

Or this one..

As I commented in last week’s post, I burst out laughing when I saw these bromeliads.

Such a sight, having just finished a love scene, struck my funny bone.

I love laughing anyway, so the hilarity-break was very welcome.

But the deadline still needed tending and so I couldn’t stand around chuckling for long.

Em and I enjoyed a fine walk (we do love being out and about) and I then returned to my desk.

I forgot about the bromeliads.

The next day, I decided to read through the love scene I’d written.

I wanted to make sure I was pleased with it.  That it was, well, satisfying for my hero and heroine.

I decided it was.  Em decided he wanted another walk.

We headed out.

And when we came to the bromeliads, I laughed even more than the day before.

This is why..

I don’t think words are necessary.

I will say that I took this as a sign that the love scene was indeed most satisfying!

And so I smiled the rest of our walk.  I hope the special ‘love scene’ bloom brings you a chuckle, too.


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21 responses to “It Just Gets Funnier (X-Rated.. be warned)

  1. Sue-Ellen thanks for sending me off to work in a good mood!

  2. Lexi

    Oh this is too funny, I had no idea these plants did this!

  3. Aurora Mata

    Woman, you have a warped & wicked sense of humor! LOL

  4. Marguerite Guinn

    You are so funny! And to have pictures, too – very interesting!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post and my photos. Those bloom stalks are now limp and drooping on the ground. Needless to say, each time I see them, I crack up. Resisted taking pictures of them in such a ‘depleted’ state.

  5. Kathy Luehrs

    Karma…has to be

  6. Mary Morgan

    Well…thank goodness I didn’t have coffee in my mouth, or it would have spurted everywhere. Hahaha! That’s so funny. ;)

    When I’m in the “zone” writing, I hate when my body calls out to me, demanding to take that long overdue bathroom break. Grrrr…

    • Hahaha, indeed! I’ll never look at bromeliads again without thinking of, well, you know. :)

      I’m with you on hating to leave the work when I’m in the ‘zone.’ I ignore email and don’t answer the phone, but some disruptions can’t be ignored. All writers should live on Pluto. Or at least alone!

  7. Trudy Miner

    You made me laugh and that’s hard to do, you wicked lady, you! as I go off chuckling…… that picture and your comments are definitely going to get me into trouble if I go out into polite society!

  8. Oh, TOO funny! I will admit this was my first laugh today and here it is 10:40 at night. I’m glad that I logged on and came straight here. :)

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  11. Karen C

    Thanks so much for the visual and chuckles!! I truly think it is very important to laugh each day, even if you just have to be downright silly. And I like to make other people laugh. My husband and I were eating breakfast at a truckstop the other day and laughing over something – don’t remember what it was. The trucker next to us stopped to tell us he enjoyed hearing our laughter – made him feel good. Which made me feel good, too.

    • What a beautiful story, Karen! So touching. You made a real difference for that man. You really should write a book of your experiences. The way I see things, it could be you were meant to do this to touch people in a good way, as with this man.

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