It’s Monday.. Did You Know Deadline Dragons Exist?

Hi Tarts,

It’s my favorite day of the week again.


But this week isn’t that bad.

The Deadline Dragon isn’t breathing fire down my neck.  He’s appeased.  At least, for the moment!

That said…

I’m here to share something really astounding.  An astonishing discovery that will prove beyond doubt what I say so often.

Magic is real.

Whimsy isn’t just figment of fancy.  It’s alive and breathing.

Among us!

To me, just coming off deadline, that’s terrifying.  (well, it is when the talk is of DEADLINE DRAGONS)

‘Course, it’s rather hilarious, too.

That’s why I’m bringing the news into the tea room today: Deadline Dragons exist!

I spotted one this weekend during a cycle run..

 Can you see him?

If not, look in the middle of the U-shaped branches.  Center of the picture, close to the ground.

Betcha see him now?

His two beady little eyes and big, sharp teeth!

He was looking right at me as I innocently halted to drink some water.  There the bugger was, hiding in the underbrush, spying on me because I wasn’t at my desk, banging away on George.  (my keyboard)

The nerve!

Likely, he forgot the new book has been on my editor’s desk in New York since Thursday.  Or maybe he was mad because I didn’t jump right into the next deadline?

I allowed myself the weekend off.  I’m starting the new-new book today.  I don’t think that was good enough for Mr. DD.

I think he’s following me around, Tarts.

Here’s a closer look at him..

I think he rather resembles a Komodo Dragon.

I’ve seen those beasties in Indonesia.  Believe me, they are scary critters.

Naturally, a Deadline Dragon is worse.  There’s no getting around that.

Of course, if you take good care of them, feeding them daily, giving them treats and back rubs now and then, it’s easy to keep them content.

As this one above forced me to work 40 hours straight last week, I am going to be reeeeeal nice to him this go-round.

For starters, not only am I starting my new-new book today (yay!), I brought the Deadline Dragon into the tea room.

So you can all oooh and ahhh over him.

That’ll help keep him happy.

And, I hope, bring you a smile and a chuckle to start the week.

I have lots of other neat things to share.  Special bits and pieces of whimsy and what-not that caught my eye during my recovery weekend.

So hang around.  And have a great week!

Watch out for Deadline Dragons.  You’ve now seen proof they exist.  ‘Course, they only want books turned in on time, so we can’t really think poorly of them.

This one is kinda cute, isn’t he?


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24 responses to “It’s Monday.. Did You Know Deadline Dragons Exist?

  1. Marilyn Munro


    I am glad I am not a writer with a deadline dragon dogging my every breath. So glad it will leave you be for awhile now.

    Hugs for you

  2. Aurora Mata

    Not a afeared o’ DD’s. My life, during the school year at least, is regulated by the Super Dreaded TIME Dragon, even when we get to use the restroom(and that’s another misnomer or euphemism).

  3. Oh, Sue-Ellen I saw him right away. I read the top part and said now I’m supposed to see a dragon in this picture and there he was. Then I read your guide and was right. Glad to have you back! :)

  4. Kathy Luehrs

    He’s kinda cool looking – I have a fresh bag of marshmallows just waiting for him – that should keep him happy for a while – Good Luck with the new book – YIPEE something new to read!

  5. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning! :)
    Oh yes…I did see him, and he can stay put! Hahaha! I have enough sprites jumping around me these days. He would just battle for control. ;)

    I’m so excited about the book you’ve just finished, and…the new one you’re starting. One chapter closes, and another one begins. Woot!

    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed your weekend. You truly deserved it!

  6. librarypat

    I think I need a few Deadline Dragons to get after me to get more done around here. I have been dragging my feet (and commenting on blogs) instead of doing the many projects just waiting for me plus a BIG event I am planning that will be upon me before I know it. Maybe you should send him to my yard to stand outside my door and remind me to WORK.

  7. Sue-Ellen, Tarts, I am working 9:30-6:00 tomorrow so I will be among the missing.

  8. I just love your pictures and sharing the whimsy through your eyes! Yes, I saw him. :)

    I can’t say that I like that deadline dragon when it’s breathing fire your way but I do love dragons. So much so that I carry one for life on my back. I saw one in the clouds the other day and it brought a smile to my face.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about the other whimsy that came your way. It always brightens my days.

    • Your dragon is beautiful, Leah. I loved him. Would have enjoyed the cloud dragon. I had LOTS of whimsy in my path this weekend. I cycled and walked miles and miles. Have so many neat things to share.

  9. Trudy Miner

    Are you sure that it really isn’t one of those Komodo dragons? With where you live, close to the Everglades, there are more than just pythons roaming around. I believe I saw an article about those little critters being in the Everglades too. In any case, I couldn’t really see it; it must be because I’m really tired and stressed out. I’ll do better next time because I usually see these things right off! Be careful on your trips though; we are being warned about the poisonous snakes and toads coming out due to all the rain!

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  12. Karen C

    This DD does appear to be a kinder, gentler version of your Deadline Dragon – thank goodness! Glad to hear you have recovered and ready to face the world again.

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