Hi Tarts,

Kathy Here:

There are terrific thunderstorms from New Hampshire to New Jersey.  On the south shore here in MA the regular programming has been interrupted to cover this. It’s like we have never had such storms. I will be shutting down soon.  I can hear the thunder over in Duxbury.

I started Scotland 101 – Part III and will finish it very soon. Look for it in the next few days.

Sue-Ellen is locked away in her turret, I do believe the turret is surrounded by stinging nettles.  But she will be back with us very soon.

I worked a full shift starting early this morning so am just getting in here.  Now I need to start closing windows.  See you after this blows through.



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20 responses to “Yikes!

  1. Kathy -

    No rain along the southern shore of Rhode Island yet! Hopefully it will hold off for a while because my husband runs the World Famous Doug’s Dogs at Narragansett Beach for the summer and when a storm hits there on the coast the winds are pretty fierce.

    My niece lives in Kingston, MA and her Mom, my oldest sister, lived in Scituate, MA until about 15 years ago. My brother-in-law grew up in the Boston area and went to Boston High and Boston College and being from a good Irish family spent time each summer on the Cape!

    Around here at long as there’s no hurricane force winds blowing trees over in a politician’s neighborhood or flooding his local bar they don’t even acknowledge it on the news!

    • Small world Jeanne, if your niece shops Walmart I may have waited on her. I may have pasted her in a dozen stores or even the Kingston Library.

      I did some substitute teaching in Scituate in the ’90s. For those who don’t know how to pronounce this town. It is Sit-chew-ate.

      Now I have to visit Narragansett Beach!

      • Kathy -

        Let me know when you and your friends and family are visiting Narragansett and I’ll set you all up with my husband who owns World Famous Doug’s Dogs at Narragansett Beach and you’ll get lunch free! His dogs alone are worth the trip! What other hot dog cart do you know that also has Rhode Island famous meatball sandwiches?

        He doesn’t make any money but it gets him out of the house!

  2. Marguerite Guinn

    Glad to hear someone is getting rain! We are hot and very dry here on the plains of Oklahoma!

  3. Marilyn Munro


    Please send some of that rain here to West Michigan.

  4. Karen C

    We hit some heavy rain in Houston and San Antoino last week and while we definitely need it, it’s a bear to drive a big rig in it. Hope all is well. We’re just outside New Orleans for the night and it’s hot!

  5. Mary Morgan

    Yikes is correct! Take care…we went from temps at 106 last week to 73. I believe summer and autumn are fighting for control. ;)

  6. I hope you don’t get damage from the storms. They have been hitting here in the afternoons. Nothing serious though. The good thing is the temps drop a bit.

  7. Aurora Mata

    We’ve had several thunderstorms & lots of rain on Fla’s east coast. I’ve walked 1/2 a block outside twice today even w/ Fla’s flying fortresses(read that ‘Mosquitos’) diving at me. Proud I could walk THAT far w/ my walker & one of my grand kids as my spotters(you’d think I was using a trapeze or trampoline!) I also FINALLY had a physical therapist come to the house & I successfully, more or less, completed the exercises she had me do. Incision is healed, just about. BP was great; oxygenation was 100 percent; no fever. How’s that for a comeback?

    • Mary Morgan

      That’s fantastic news, Aurora! I will continue to send healing energy your way. :)

      • Aurora, that’s super! Glad the grand kids are taking care of you. I went into care taker mode reading your progress. Once you learn this stuff it seems to become automatic. Keep us posted on your progress and big Hugs from everyone.

  8. I hope the weather moved on and left you unscathed Kathy. Yikes is right. We got some rain yesterday–a quarter inch with lots of lightning!!
    Off topic but please visit my deirdre-fourds blog today http://www.deirdre-fourds.blogspot.com if you can and read about a horrible accident where four dogs were killed and the couple walking them gravely injured.And if you can spare a small donation every bit will help them!! Mary M, this was in Carmichael so you may have heard about it! I was just shattered. May the four now frolic at the Rainbow Bridge and wait for their people. At least I expect they all died nearly instantaneously but it is –geez, I am just sick over it.

    • Deirdre, yes we are fine up here.

      Thanks for sharing your concern for those poor people and their dogs. The address wasn’t working and I finally found out why. The u was missing in fourds on the address part but not the name part. Any way I went in and edited it so it will work now.

    • Mary Morgan

      Oh Deirdre…this was absolutely horrific. I cried when the news report came on. They were just taking a walk, when a maniac ran them down going at least 80mph. Tragic on so many levels….

  9. TART ALERT!!!!!!
    Please see Deirdrewinddancer’s comment above. If you have and the link would not work, try it now it should be fixed.

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