Trying to Think Cool Thoughts

A melting Kathy here:

Tarts, I am so hot!  The house is so hot!  What breeze there is comes from the south and as it ripples across the bog, that wide expanse of sunshine heats it up.  A cranberry bog may be a form of wet lands but it does nothing to cool things down on a steamy summer day.

Being in New England we usually have moderate temps and when we get these ninety plus heat waves we really feel it.  I am blessed to be under the trees and near the pond so it usually is a little cooler here than in town.

I know the rest of the country is suffering even more than we are here in New England.  So I thought I would throw up a little relief while we wait for the heat to break.  As Sue-Ellen sits in her air-conditioned turret (I can’t convince her to take back all this icky summer weather) finishing her book, we will enjoy the cool view below.

Close of the day, Billington Sea, Jan. 2011

Here is one more picture to enjoy as I attempt to do a little writing.

Front yard and hill across the street alongside the bog. Jan 2011


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19 responses to “Trying to Think Cool Thoughts

  1. Hi Kathy -

    I live in New England too but I’m from Rhode Island and am thrilled that I’m finally “warm”. My husband tells me it’s hot but I’m finally comfortable!

    I grew up in up-state New York where is only gets warm for (to me) a few short weeks. Needless to say at the first opportunity I moved – first to Arizona for college and then to Florida! I LOVE THE HOT WEATHER!

    Of course recently my husband has been putting on all the fans PLUS the air conditioner. Do you see me walking around with long pants and a sweater? It’s finally “my kind of weather” and I’m still COLD! Anyone know a good handyman that can let me know what part I can take out of the air conditioner so it doesn’t work?

    • Hi Jeanne! I haven’t talk to you in a long time. I knew there would be those who loved this kind of weather. For you I am happy you are enjoying it. My husband used to love this too before his stroke. Now he doesn’t like the heat or the cold.
      You got me laughing over the handyman. I can just picture you doing that.

      How’s Charlie?

      • Kathy –
        Charlie (aka Atilla the cat for those who haven’t “met” him before) is up to his usual tricks.

        This week-end he tried “adopting: two bunnies that were playing in the backyard playing. He tried to “coax” them inside (through the sliding glass door he had opened all by himself – now he’s figured out to up-hook the “latch hook” we added by jumping onto the counter, leaping in the air and somehow unhooking the latch).

        Lucky bunnies – they escaped at the last moment! I really don’t think that my husband would have appreciated having bunnies in the house especially since Charlie would have taught them to sleep the bed with him. (The only thing my husband has managed to teach Charlie is to sleep on MY side of the bed).

  2. Kathy, I’m with you about it being way too hot! Our AC unit was broken so we decided to change to the duel fuel system with the ac/heat pump that lets the oil kick on for heat once the temps get down to 35. Well, they put the new unit in and got us ac again but when they came back yesterday to do some duct work, they asked us to keep it off until after Wed. when the guys who are going to actually wrap the ducts get through. They were worried the condensation wouldn’t let the sealing they did work. Our house is old and there is asbestos tape on the duct work that is deteriorating. They painted over it with a tar like paint to seal it in. So… was like “let us tease you with cool air, then take it away again” type of feeling. I cannot wait until Wednesday! LOL!

    Beautiful pictures and yes, I will try to imagine myself in that cooler weather. :) I hope your words flow freely for you today!

    • Leah that’s just terrible! But tomorrow you will have all that lovely cold air. I get lovely cold air from 6AM to 2PM tomorrow as I picked up a shift at work.
      As for words, I have been side tracked.

  3. Marilyn Munro

    Hi Kathy,

    I am also in the throes of a heat wave here in West Michigan. We have not had any rain for almost a month.I am enjoying you Winter photos very much. Although I am not asking for snow, I would enjoy some cool Fall days. Kepp thinking cool thoughts.

    • Marilyn, fall weather is the best and what I would truly enjoy. But with this heat I had to hit it with the hardest I could find quickly. That was just a little bitty snow storm. I have blizzard pictures some place and couldn’t find them.

  4. Lexi

    Oh winter!! How I miss you!!
    We are melting here in MN, I can’t wait for snow!

  5. Am I going crosseyed or is there a ‘critter’ crossing from left to right in the picture? It might be a cat; at first I thought it was a larger animal but not much to scale by here. Lovely and cool but soooo not my scene LOL. It is about 97 here today, maybe a degree or two more. Break in the rains and still just humid enough to be kind of muggy! But not nearly as bad as back east, I know. Do feel great sympthy for all who are suffering. Winter will come; trust me. It always has but not for a bit yet. Drink cool things and use a fan!!

    • Your not going to believe this, Deirdre but that is actually the dock pulled up. It is about a 2 foot drop to a very narrow beach.
      Fans – our bedroom is 9 x 11 and we have a 20 inch box fan in the south window, window fan in the west window. That one has two 7 inch fans. Then we each have another small fan on each side of the bed.
      Autumn can’t come soon enough.

  6. Trudy Miner

    Having spent from the beginning of March to May in Florida without any air at all and then from May until July with it only intermittently, and the week of the Fourth with no air at all, let me tell you that you Sue-Ellen is quite happy to be tucked away in her turret with her a/c running!! Still, Florida has managed to be the “cool” spot in the US this summer, although I wouldn’t call temps in the 90′s and 100% humidity cool by any means. So for the rest of you, I feel for you! Try and stay cool if you can.

  7. Aurora Mata

    I can only imagine the heat. Here in Florida I try NOT to go out unless it’s unavoidable. It’s made worse still bc I can’t drive due to back surgery. I’m still in bed trying to get enough energy to get up & take a bath. My max time to stand up is 10 mins. After that, better get me a chair before I collapse. LOL
    Advice: take lots of TEPID showers. Helps body cool down better than cold ones.

  8. Karen C

    We were in Texas yesterday and it was very hot – nearly 100 – so these pictures are refreshing. I don’t particularly care for snow and cold weather though. Every place we’ve traveled is in the midst of a heat wave and crying for rain.

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