Monday Funnies (a bit X-rated)

Hi Tarts,

It’s that day again, isn’t it?

Actually, I could say it’s that week as this one is a toughie for me.

As I mentioned when I posted my ‘closed for the weekend’ notice on Saturday, I’m presently in the thickest heat of a deadline.

Yep, I’m wrapping a new book just now.

And that’s always good news.  I LOVE finishing a book!

But doing so means ye olde nose to the grindstone.

Or, in my case, pounding dear old George.  (my keyboard, to those not in the know)  It also means way too much coffee, way too little sleep, a neglected personal appearance, a messy house, including an office that looks like a cyclone rolled through.

Above all, it means staying offline.

This is when I don’t check email, ignore the phone, and just, well, write.

Better said, WRITE.

All the day long and well into the night.  Only Em gets attention.  That never changes.


The work is consuming me.  However, as today is Monday and I love starting the week with a chuckle, I thought you might enjoy seeing just how much the work fills my mind.

For example, one of the things I did this weekend was write a love scene.  A really hot one, by the way.

At one point, I took a break to take Em outside.

This is what I saw..

Now it might just be me, but I burst out laughing.

These innocent Florida bromeliads reminded me very much of the scene I was working on.

If you can’t see why, here’s a closer look..

Kinda skinny, I’ll admit.

But still…

To a writerly mind totally occupied with… ahem, ahem… certain heated goings-on, the imagery fits.

At least, it did to my warped and wicked sense of humor.

Besides, laughing is good for the soul, as I like to say.

So even when the work consumes me, I’m delighted to find a spot of whimsy in my world.

Even in the form of an X-rated plant.

I really needed the chuckles.  And when I returned upstairs to my turret, I was smiling.

That’s good!

I hope my wicked mind wanderings bring a Monday chuckle to you, too.


Please understand if I’m not here (even in comments) for a few days.  Being silent is the only way I can get to ‘The End.’ 

I’ll be back with bells on when the work is off my desk and in NY.  So look for me on Thursday or thereabouts.

Till then, be safe, be happy, and remember to smile.


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11 responses to “Monday Funnies (a bit X-rated)

  1. Kathy Luehrs

    I do see what you mean – Guess a wraped sense of humor is what happens from too much caffine and too little sleep. Glad to see you are taking a few breaks – I am sure Em appreciates it.

  2. Thanks for the smile!! …work on! ;o)

  3. Mary Morgan

    Well…it seems as if your muse is definitely with you, Sue-Ellen! Even on your walks. Hahaha! Love it! And no worries here, since I’m jumping for joy at another book from you. :)

  4. Oh Sue-Ellen I swear Devorgilla puts these things in your path. :) Yes, I’m smiling.

  5. Trudy Miner

    I got it right away! Did you put these thoughts in our minds??? Don’t forget the beach!

  6. Ginny

    Glad to hear that you are almost there with the book!(gotta admit, it took me a minute to appreciate your photo.. I better start catching up on my sleep too!)

  7. Janice Lee

    This made me chuckle lots, we try to find release from stress somehow and it’s just so cute the way you did. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for that giggle :)

    It seems my mind stays in the gutter, LOL! That’s okay because I’m always laughing. I cannot wait to read the results of this book that you’re finishing up. I always get that anxious feeling when one of your release days draws near. I’m sending you and Em a (((HUG))).

  9. Lexi

    God has a sense of humor, and sometimes he lets us see it. =) Glad you got the chance to laugh a little before you went back to it!

  10. Karen C

    Oh, I do love a warped sense of humor! Thanks for the smiles. Looking forward to your new book!

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