Thoughts on Mist

Kathy here:

Plymouth Long Beach disappearing into the mist.

Since most of the country has been having such heat, I thought that a little mist and rain would at least make us feel cool for a moment.  So here are some of the mist pictures I have taken in the last few months.  To go with it is a little original free verse to further set the mood.

Mist, it cools and refreshes

Swirling and drifting it wraps us

It embraces us

In the low light of night it is white

In the street light each little droplet is seen

Throw up your arms and celebrate the mist

Dance in its cooling touch!

Plymouth Bay looking toward Clark’s Island and the Gurnet. All hidden by mist.

Mist, It covers all

By day it turns the world grey

It erases the far away

It allows the close up to come into focus

It drifts past like a fine sheer scarf

Slow down and explore that which is at hand!

Billington Sea with out the heavy mist.

More mist on Billington Sea

Billington Sea shrouded in mist.

Mistit is like a cotton blanket in summer

A woolie blanket in winter

It makes you want to pull in

To bake or cook,

To curl up with a cup of tea and a good book

With a furry friend at your feet!

Mist is magical

It makes you believe in faeries

It brings the long ago to you

It can be eerie

It transports you to far away places and times long gone.

Mist, I love mist!

Warren cove with the Pine Hills in the distance.

Eel River salt marsh, Native American encampment at Plimoth Plantation is about where white object in distance is.

Tarts, I hope you are as refreshed as I am after looking at the pictures.  I love that I have figured out how to put captions on the pictures.


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14 responses to “Thoughts on Mist

  1. Karen C

    I love the mist pictures and the ‘free verse’ that goes with it. I think of the Tarts every time I see a field or woodland setting in the early mist with the mist still rising – just beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

  2. What beautiful pictures! For people like us, mist brings a comfort. There were a few days in Michigan that mist was rolling around out on the lake and I sat in the swing and just soaked it all in. I thought about where it might take me were I to walk out the dock into it’s midst. Sometimes I feel it has a life of it’s own.

    • Leah, well said. I can just picture you sitting and soaking it in. I have some cloudy day pictures of the bog when I was doing the same thing, just sitting on a rock. Mist is comforting.

  3. Beautiful post, Kathy. Lovely words and such special pictures! So glad you put this up.

    Otherwise… I really am in the thickest heat of a looming deadline, hence my silence.

    Tarts – I’ll look in and respond to all comments tomorrow. For now, it’s just me and the dragon….

  4. Lexi

    There is something magical about mist…

  5. Mary Morgan

    Great photos, Kathy! Now off to dream of the highlands and mist filled mountains.

  6. Diane Sallans

    We finally got rain her in NJ tonite – hope some of my plants coma back to life & the grass turns green again.

  7. Amanda B

    Beautiful pictures! What a nice reprieve from the California heat!

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