Just Drifting…

Hi Tarts,

I’m not really ‘drifting’ this weekend.  I can’t allow myself such frivol.  Not on deadline, anyway.

But isn’t it lovely that writing for a living means I can go anywhere and anywhen in my imagination?  So, in a way, maybe I am drifting.


I’m pretending I’m still here..


The truth is, I’m in my office.  Working like a fiend.  It’s crunch time in the turret again.

Seriously, is it me or is a writing career loaded with pressure zones?

Either way… holy moly!

And so I’m closing the tea room until Monday.

Only so can I get the needed words on the page.  The book page, that is.  So it’s bunkering-in time.  Poor old George will get a right pounding.  My fingers will bleed on the keys…

But a new book is being born!

And that’s good.  (even if I currently feel like I’m being pressed through a grinder)

Have a great weekend, wherever you are.  See you Monday.

Ta ta!


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12 responses to “Just Drifting…

  1. Not so fast there, Sue-Ellen. It looks as if there will be a new piece tomorrow. It is scheduled, I do want to go back in and pretty up the lay out. Still not happy with the way the pictures are. But you have a great writing day today and tomorrow I will help you out with a little atmosphere. :)

  2. Mary Morgan

    Sue-Ellen, sending tea and scones your way….May your muse help to fill those pages. (((HUGS))) :)

  3. Kathy Luehrs

    Have a good day writing – I know we will all enjoy the fruits of your labor – but please remember to take a few breaks – for you and for Em – going to stay inside myself this weekend – too blasted hot here in Minnesota – this 90 plus degree heat needs to break soon – Enjoy your weened

  4. Karen C

    Try not to work too hard – be sure to take those breaks to keep you fresh! We’re taking an unplanned break while waiting for a new pick-up. We’re at Iowa 80 which is a huge truck stop – they had their annual Jamboree here on the 11th and 12th so we missed a good portion of it. And when we were ready to go visit, it poured – which was good for Walcott. We got to see lots of big rigs, both old and new. Just topped off the week since we had been to Missouri 44 a couple of days earlier. You wouldn’t believe these places – everything you could want for a truck and more, plus lots of nice gifts, too. Now we have to go see if there’s any washing machines available (the housework doesn’t go away, even on the road)! :O)

    • Karen, I’ve seen that truck stop on TV and probably passed it back in ’04 when we came home from NM via CO., WY, and then across. I had hoped to stop there some day. It would be quite a project now.

  5. glittergirl2

    I’m working hard as well Sue-Ellen so you’re not alone :-) You have a comrade. I’ll give you and all the Tarts an update…This is an update and NOT whining mind you :-)

    I finally found Mother a new place to live and receive care after her insurance company gave me 3 days to find her a new place to live and granting her ONLY 3 weeks of rehab after a major stroke and brain surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage. They originally gave me notice on Friday at noon to release her that Sunday of the July 4th holiday weekend. I OBJECTED. They then gave me 3 more days. I appealed their decision 2 times trying to get her more time but was denied both times. While doing that I searched for a new home for her and only found 3 choices in the whole of our area. 2 Nursing homes and one Level 3 Foster Care Home that I had reservations about. I finally placed her in the Foster Care Home and it seems to be going fine. This is just the pitts and it’s costing a small fortune, $4200 a month. By the way nursing homes cost $6660/mo. LADIES GET ADEQUATE INSURANCE. I’m off shortly to continue cleaning out my parents home as my Daughter moved in Thursday and it isn’t empty. My Daddy was at emergency 2 times in 7 days during all this. He first had a bladder infection that put him almost catatonic and then he fell and ended up with 4 staples in his head…

    I’ll check in as I can, I’m off to work at the house and deal with all the memories…I lived there since I was 3 until I left for college.

    • Three weeks! that’s terrible. Phil had a week in rehab then had a heart attack and spent a week in the hospital. Then back to Rehab for 33 days. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks before rehab the first time around. All in all it was June 4 – August 5th.

      Good luck on the house and I’m glad you have your mother placed for the moment.

      • glittergirl2

        Yah, Insurance is done with her I guess. She’s 84, in her 3rd rehab since Sept ’11. I found her foster care home that should be her last move…I hope it’s a good fit. It has to be better than an nursing home that would just park her in front of the nurses station to watch her. She’s a “slippery fish” and falls almost every day. We got all her stuff moved out of her previous place Sunday/yesterday. Today, Monday I have a meeting with home health at her foster care. Tomorrow is more sorting and deciding what to save and what to pitch at the home I grew up in. I AM SO TIRED. I have to make a follow up visit with Dad’s Dr. and meet with Medicaid next week.

  6. Lexi

    Hey…at least you are in a turret! =)

  7. I smiled when I read about another book being born. I hope your weekend is fantastic make sure George is good to you. :)

  8. Trudy Miner

    Be sure to get out on the beach for your walk so the muse can work!

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