Winners ~ Deirdre O’Dare!

Hi Tarts,

Wasn’t my friend, Deirdre O’Dare, a great guest on Tuesday?

I knew you’d love her.

Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello and make her feel so welcome in the tea room.  ‘Course, she’s a Tart, anyway.  One of our own.  But still…

You were wonderful.

And as you can guess from the pipe band marching into our midst with much hoorah’ing and fanfare…

Deirdre has sent me the winning names for her giveaway books.

Winners are:

“BlondieBlack” ~ Canine Cupids

Mary Morgan ~ January Gets Her Gunn

Ladies, please email Deirdre with your mailing addresses so she can post the books to you.

Congratulations!  I’ve read both and they’re wonderful.

Mary, as you surely saw in comments on Tuesday, I was critique partner for January Gets Her Gunn.

So that one is especially dear to me.  Enjoy!

And “BlondieBlack,” as I know how much you love dogs, Canine Cupids is a perfect book for you.  The stories are wonderful and who can resist matchmaking canines?  Happy reading!

Everyone else, thank you again for making Deirde’s visit such a success!

Here, again, is the gorgeous cover everyone loved so much..

And where you can find Deirdre…

Deirdre O’Dare/Gwynn Morgan
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Websites:  and

Twitter: Deirdre_ODare

Facebook: as Gwynn Morgan (mostly for family and friends)  and working on a fan page for Deirdre—when I get time! (

And my work is available at,, AllRomanceEBooks etc. and through my publishers’ sites: chiefly Amber Quill.  and Awe-Struck.


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12 responses to “Winners ~ Deirdre O’Dare!

  1. Congratulations to the winners! Deirdre, thank you for being so generous and thank you for a wonderful visit.

  2. Wow! Thank you! I didn’t even know she was giving away any books… I just posted… I’m sure I’ll love Canine Cupids! How perfect!!!!! Congrats to Mary Morgan also on her win!!!!! Thank you!

  3. P.S. The email Deirdre link doesn’t work… it says it’s unavailable… I’m going to try to find her via her website… Thank you!

    • Ahhh.. so sorry! Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize WordPress wouldn’t allow an email link. If you can’t contact her through her website, email me and I’ll forward your email to her. So sorry. :/

  4. Congrats to BlondieBlack and Mary Morgan! Wasn’t it good of Deirdre to do a two-book giveaway?

    Everyone else, thanks again for looking in on Tuesday. It wouldn’t have been a party without your participation, so thank you!

    I’m away into the writing cave now. Have a great day, Tarts!

  5. Mary Morgan

    Congrats Blondieblack!! I was thrilled to have won, too! :) Thank you, again, Deirdre!

  6. Aww, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thanks everyone for sharing an awesome day with me. I’ve now heard from both winners and their books will be in the mail later today! Enjoy. BTW I will be posting a new review of The Farm Girl’s Dragon on the deirdredares blog later today! It is a fun story and only a little bit tongue in cheek…. And I am slowly getting all my fab covers up on Pinterest–now what is that darn URL for my page? I’ll get it, and share soon!!

  7. Congratulations, ladies! Deirdre, thank you for sharing yourself with us here. It was a great post and I truly enjoyed it! :)

    ps. Sue-Ellen, and Mary, my e-mail got hit again so if you received anything from me that wasn’t a personal e-mail to you, delete it. I think I’ve stopped the problem. They were targeting my contacts so I just deleted them all and will hand type the address in when mailing someone. I didn’t even realize it had happened until I looked at my sent folder and saw a bunch sent that I hadn’t sent. I’m so sorry if it has caused you any problems.

  8. Karen C

    Congrats, ladies, and happy reading!

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