Author Guest ~ Deirdre O’Dare (with 2 Book Giveaway)

Hi Tarts,

It’s a tremendous pleasure to welcome Deirdre O’Dare to the tea room.

Deirdre and I go way back.

She’s one of my few US friends who knew me in my Munich days.  We stayed in touch through snail mail.  More than a personal friend, Deirdre was also a writing mentor.  As President of RWA’s Outreach Chapter, she encouraged to me to join the chapter.  Somehow, she also talked me into being a so-called Group Lead.  Under her much-appreciated guidance, I ‘led’ a small group of aspiring writers.  My ‘job’ was to support and encourage, team up critique partners, and send out newsletters.

It was a fun time.

I’m no longer in RWA.  I don’t even know if Outreach still exists.  But I was very fortunate to be an active part of Outreach ‘back in the day.’

The chapter rocked.  It was, in my opinion, the heartbeat of RWA.

Deirdre is the reason that was so.

She was RWA’s Outreach Chapter.

Deirdre and I have been friends ever since.  We’ve also met face-to-face.  We’ve had great times at conferences and those memories remain so dear.  She’s a special lady and a great writer.

You know her as deirdrewindancer.

Please give her a fine Tartan Ink welcome…

Deirdre is giving away two books, Tarts!  Comment to win.  Book details are at the end of this post.  Good Luck!

Here’s her Bio:

Deirdre O’Dare celebrates her Celtic heritage by turning an Irish gift for gab into romantic tales full of imagination, mysticism and adventure. Discovering the wonder of words early in childhood, Deirdre always wanted to be an author and worked toward this dream most of her life. Since everything she wrote seemed to turn into a love story, she decided to make romance her niche but many of her stories have at least a hint of paranormal woven through them as well. She harkens back to the legacy of the prehistoric Celtic people who honored the Mother Goddess for Her gifts of Love and Desire. Giving voice to these traditions, Deirdre portrays the physical side of romantic love as she feels The Mother meant it to be—joyous, open, and full of wonder and delight. For those who prefer the milder or less explicit brand of romance, she writes these as Gwynn Morgan, mostly as longer romantic adventure novels.

Deirdre, a long-term resident of the southwest, sets most of her contemporary tales there but some in more exotic or fanciful locales. After many years in Arizona and a couple of sojourns in Colorado and California, she now resides in Alamogordo, NM, a corner of the high desert region she loves. A self-styled Renaissance woman, Deirdre has a thousand interests and avocations, but writing is her first and one true love. An avid reader herself, she also enjoys listening to New Age and ethnic, especially Celtic music, does handcrafts, and exploring and photographing the remote corners of her favorite states in her red pickup with her dog and various friends.


TI:  If you could have a quiet dinner with any writer, living or dead, who would you choose?

Deirdre:  Anya Seton. Although I read widely from about age ten and a lot of novelists and other authors influenced me, it was Ms. Seton’s books that truly made me say, “I want to be a writer.” In addition, her father (Ernest Thompson Seton) was a fascinating and talented man and I would like to know how he influenced her life and work. He had ties to New   Mexico where I now live and also to Scouting which my late husband and my two step-sons were deeply involved in. It would be wonderful just to talk with her!! (My dad also wrote about the outdoors and conservation which makes it even more significant in odd parallels of our lives though mine was a much lower key situation!)

TI:  What would you enjoy doing if you weren’t writing?

Deirdre:  I have way too many hobbies! I like to work with my hands and create things, concrete art and craft objects and practical things, not just word-creations! I now might like to work with a selected few as a mentor or teacher although I shunned that as a career.

TI:  What do you think readers appreciate most in your books?

Deirdre:  I try very hard to present settings that become vivid and real to a reader and also to develop characters that we can all identify with. Most of them are just everyday people, maybe a smidge larger than life but not royals or celebs or anything. I’ve had readers say they like my tales because they are not ordinary or typical. I think that is great! I also guarantee a happy ending.

TI:  What kind of books do you enjoy reading?  Has your reading taste changed over the years?

Deirdre:  I went from Nancy Drew into adult books and started with westerns such as Zane Grey and then into historical fiction and some contemporary novels. I’ve had periods of reading about every genre there is almost exclusively –lots of fantasy and some lighter science fiction, police and detective, and of course romance but now read a very wide variety of books and a lot more non-fiction such as biography, history, true life adventures and spiritual and metaphysical books. I still don’t care much for most literary fiction as it depresses me; if I am reading for pleasure happy endings are mandatory! Life is too grim and harsh to just read stories about the same things. Just watch the news for that.

TI:  How do you unwind?

Deirdre:  I love to be outdoors. When I can, I do some mild hiking or just drive back roads and explore. Love ghost towns, old mines, Native American ruins and settlements, and scenic places. I take lots of pictures. If I am around home I just putter in the yard, work on my flowers and shrubs or simply sit and soak up the sun. (Yes, I do use sunscreen!) Indoors I read, do crafts, listen to music (New Age, Folk/Ethnic and some classical are my faves) and rearrange the furniture LOL.

TI:  What drew you to writing?

Deirdre:  Since my father wrote off and on and I learned to read at a very young age, writing came very naturally to me. I was writing verses and little stories as soon as I could print the letters and had rudimentary phonetic knowledge to make a stab at spelling! There were all these pictures and events and people in my head that had to come out, so I have written almost all my life; I just did not get commercial or professional for a long time! I also did a lot of technical and non-fiction writing in my ‘day job’ with the government but that was dullsville!

TI: Do you believe writing is an inborn talent or can be learned?

Deirdre:  I’d have to answer by saying both. I think there are natural born story tellers to whom it comes very natural to narrate tales—maybe they were bards in a past life! But even that needs to be disciplined and directed and fine-tuned to be commercial and professional. I don’t think one with no bent toward this can really learn it—their work may be technically good but some spark is not there. Maybe their heart is just not in it!

TI:  Do you believe in ‘gift books?’

Deirdre:  Oh yes! I have had tales that came to me in dreams, tales that I truly felt I just dictated as one or more characters told it to me and works that flowed so fast I could hardly keep up. Others are much harder and more of a struggle but that is okay too. Actually I consider everything I write a gift of sorts. My characters always tell me their stories!

TI:  Do you have author friends, or do you tend to find friends outside your professional circle?

Deirdre:  I have about three circles of friends: writers; former co-workers, neighbors and people I’ve met in mostly volunteer organizations; and people involved in some of my hobbies and activities. In a few cases the circles overlap but not many.

TI:  Do you attend conventions? If so, why? If not, why?

Deirdre:  I have attended a number of big ones and enjoyed them for the most part but more and more the ‘mob scene’ is very tiring. While I miss seeing many friends and the excitement of getting charged up with new ideas and energies, it is expensive and exhausting and not too much fun anymore. Plus I hate to fly and also hate to leave my ‘furkid’ behind.

TI:  How has the business changed since your early books?

Deirdre:  I started out in the early 90s (1990s LOL) by joining RWA and getting involved in its Outreach Chapter where I found mentors and friends. I began to try with serious intent to write ‘romance’ since almost all my tales were love stories. At that time the idea of ebooks was just barely sneaking into awareness. After a number of ‘good’ rejection letters (which I could not really follow as perhaps I should have)  and contest wins, I recognized I was not going to be able to fit the mold and write to the demands of the big markets. By then small indy and ebook publishers were becoming more numerous and active so I jumped aboard, publishing my first novel in 2001. I’ve never regretted it a minute! Now ebooks, self-publishing and all sorts of alternatives are going mainstream as the economy has done drastic damage to the whole literary business. It’s even more competitive than ever and hard to know what another ten or fifteen years will bring! Meanwhile I just keep on keeping on and fully enjoy the limited success I have been lucky enough to find.

Wrap-Up Quickies:

Kilt or burr?  Burr—kilts can come off ;-) (which is not generally bad!) but the burr sticks. A deep voice with a burr melts me to a puddle!

Pipes or Fiddle?   Adore both but the pipes win by a nose here. With a military band they are awesome!!

Glasgow or Edinburgh?   Edinburgh for the history and cultural events but all of Scotland is on my bucket list.

Highlands or Lowlands?   Highlands! High, rugged and wild is my kind of country be it desert or the misty north.

Dog or cat lover?   Dog. Love nearly all critters but I’m allergic to cats.

Tea or Coffee?   Coffee—bad habit LOL. But ice tea is nice when it is hot and healthier than sodas. Hot tea not so much—just never got the taste.

Owl or Lark?   Love daybreak and sunset both. Probably lark as I work best early in the day but love the night also.

Quiet or music when you read?   Live with music, even sleep to it but mostly quiet and instrumental.

Ebooks or paper?   Both! Written word in any format goes straight to my spirit but ebooks are environmentally more responsible and better for a mobile or downsized lifestyle. Regular books are so space intensive!!

 Final Word:

TI:  Where can readers find you?

Deirdre:  Blogs: and

Websites:  and

Twitter: Deirdre_ODare

Facebook: as Gwynn Morgan (mostly for family and friends)  and working on a fan page for Deirdre—when I get time! (

And my work is available at,, AllRomanceEBooks etc. and through my publishers’ sites: chiefly Amber Quill.  and Awe-Struck.


Deirdre, thank you so much for being in the tea room today.

It’s such a pleasure to have you here.  We’ve dressed the tables with tartan, have oodles of haggis, real ale, or tea and scones, depending on taste.  As always, we have kilted Heilanders and even a piper.  In your honor, we also have some hot cops, a sexy cowboy or two, and we’ve set out water, kibble, and treats for our canine friends.

So, enjoy!   The tea room is all yours.

Tarts, please give Deirdre a warm welcome!

The deets for Deirdre’s 2-book Giveaway (in Deirdre’s words)..

Deirdre O’Dare writes the hot stuff (smile) and titles both of hetero romance and GLBT romance are in her backlist. Gwynn writes more PG-13 and generally longer full novels where Deirdre’s is mostly novella lenght–15-25,000 words.

So one winner can have a copy of my Gwynn title January Gets Her Gunn. The hero though an American cop, is Scots!! This one was written with my late husband who was also of Scots ancestry and Sue Ellen was our critique partner for a lot of the writing of that book which I finished after Jim’s death. Then someone can win Canine Cupids I, a collection of GLBT stories where a dog or dog plays cupid to get his master hooked up.

Good luck!

*SE adds.. I’ve read and enjoyed both titles.  It was such a pleasure to be the cp through the early writing of January Gets Her Gunn.  Good times!  I really LOVED that book.


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43 responses to “Author Guest ~ Deirdre O’Dare (with 2 Book Giveaway)

  1. Welcome Deirdre! I love dogs & Celtic music too… That is one awesome cover! Can you tell us more about the cover?

    • The first cover is for a story released earlier this year. Inspired by the work of the late Anne McCaffery and Elizabth Moon in particular, I tried a dragon shifter tale. It has kind of a fairy tale feel and involves a female knight and the younger “disposable” prince of the mythical kingdom of Draconia and the adventures they share–and a bit of romance ;-) It’s available at my Amber Quill “Heat” backlist page:

  2. Welcome to the tea room, Deirdre! As you’re an official Tart, you know your way around in here. And everyone knows you. Today, they’ll get to know you even better. It’ll be a fun time, I know.

    Tarts, enjoy the day with Deirdre! (I know you will) :)

  3. One of my greatest loves is getting in the Jeep and hitting the back roads in the mountains here. Give me a dirt road with no destination in mind and the great outdoors and you have my heart wrapped around your little finger. :) I’d love to head west one day to just meander from place to place with no set time or boundaries. Ghost towns have always called to me. I think the history of a place is what is calling.

    I admire you for grabbing a hold of your dreams of writing. That has to be one of the best jobs in this world for those who do it from the soul. The written word brings so much to our lives and without it this would be such a black life to live in.

    Deirdre, thank you for doing this interview and letting us into your world. :)
    Sue-Ellen, you asked some really good questions and I’m glad that you shared Deirdre with us!

    • Jeeps are awesome! My folks got one when they were still a new thing and theirs was the first one in town; the only other 4-wheel drive I knew of was an ancient Dodge Power Wagon that belonged to one of Dad’s friends.
      Any time you come west give me a shout-out and we’ll go exploring! There are soooo many kewl places to go! BTW the pic of the girl with the horse was me, very long ago! That was Tina, my Thoroughbred/Arab mare that I loved so much. She had a great heart and lloved to get out and go.

  4. Thank you soooo much Sue Ellen for lettng me visit today! As you said, we go way back and your friendship has alway been very precious to me! It is kewl to say “I knew her when” and I am tickled how far you have gone!! But then I knew you could!!
    First I do want to say I am giving away a couple of books today–comment here or visit my blogs and comment to get your name in the basket. Belle, my canine companion, will help me with the selection tomorrrow. I have to say I write a lot of differnt things. Deirdre O’Dare writes the hot stuff (smile) and titles both of hetero romance and GLBT romance are in her backlist. Gwynn writes more PG-13 and generally longer full novels where Deirdre’s is mostly novella lenght–15-25,000 words.
    So one winner can have a copy of my Gwynn title January Gets Her Gunn. The hero though an American cop, is Scots!! This one was written with my late husband who was also of Scots ancestry and Sue Ellen was our cirtique partner for a lot of the writing of that book which I finished after Jim’s death. Then someone can win Canine Cupids I, a collection of GLBT stoires where a dog or dog plays cupid to get his master hooked up. Good luck!

    • My pleasure, Deirdre!! And bless you for the good words. You know I love you, too. I learned sooo much from you and MANY were the times you (and Jim) kept me going. We had some great times, didn’t we? And we’re in it for the long-haul. Friends like you are rare and to be treasured always. (((HUGS)))

      PS – So glad you mentioned the giveaways. I’d forgotten. But we’re all set now. :)

      Good luck, Tarts! Deirdre is a fantastic writer!! I love her work, in all genres.

  5. The third cover is my latest release, one of my GLBT stories, about a Navajo “biker” and a guy who comes to open an animal shelter on the Rez. Yes, it is explicit and gay but I think the story is good and you can skip ‘those parts’ and not miss too much if you have any issues with an explicit gay romance! It isn’t one of the Canine Cupid series but yes, there are dogs in it!! I don’t write too much without dogs, horses or both!

  6. I have to stick in a side note about January…. Sue Ellen was our crit partner in this as I said earlier. We had a little dog injured in a bad traffic accident –both the H&H are cops–and she prevailed on us that it had to survive. So that’s the way it was! It does not come out in the book itself but in ‘the story after the story’ I think after getting together, Jan and Thad go to the shelter or wherever the pup is being fostered and adopt it! (Now haw is that for a real happy ending!?

  7. Well, Ms. O’Dare, what a pleasure it is to see you here! I’ve been MIA from the tea room for a while, but you know why. I smiled when your name popped up in my inbox this morning and knew I had to pop in to say hello.
    The Tarts are such a welcoming bunch and I hope you enjoy your day here as much as I did. {{{HUGS}}}

    • Thank you Kimberley –AKA Gemma Murray and the author of an awesome book herself! Tarts, we are colleagues over at Coffee Time Romance and More where she does a bunch of stuff and I host the monthly Book Brew party the first Monday. SOOO glad you stopped by, Kim–or can I maybe say Kimma?? LOL. Anyway thanks and hugs.

      • *blushing* Thank you for the plug! I appreciate it. We do manage to keep busy, don’t we? LOL Kimma…I love it! *grin* FYI- I have signed copy of January Gets Her Gunn and I treasure it. It’s a wonderful story and one I return to when I’m looking for a familiar friend:)

        • Aww, Kimma, that is so sweet! I always tear up at the wedding scene even now LOL–and there is so much of my hubby in that book that he is really ‘with’ me when I think about it. And if I remember correctly, you won the book at a CTR Book Brew event or a TRS party or somewhere no? And so a new reader will get a crack at it soon! It’s a book of the heart I love to share–and I love the cover a friend did for me–that is the real Gunn plaid too.

          • It was at the Book Brew! Great memory! The fact that your husband is so much a part of this book really touches my heart.Whoever wins it today will simply adore the story.

            • I agree so much, Kimberly. My heart swells whenever I think of January Gets Her Gunn. I was privileged to read along as Deirdre and Jim wrote it. And now I have a prized signed copy in a place of honor in my office. Brings back such wonderful memories.

              I have also met Jim, by the way. He was every bit as wonderful as Deirdre speaks of him. A one of a kind man and a real hero in all ways. I know he’s in the tea room with us today, smiling.

  8. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning Deirdre! :)

    What a treat to finally get to know another Tart and author! Your story made me smile and my heart soar when you mentioned your Irish gift for gab. When I visited Blarney Castle in Ireland, my family told me not to kiss the Blarney Stone. They said I had enough of the “gift for gab” and didn’t need anymore help. Haha! Well I did kiss that stone! ;)

    My father had a huge collection of Zane Grey hardcovers, and when he passed my mom divided them up between us four children. Whenever I see those books on my shelf, memories of my dad come flooding back. Great stories, too!

    Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself. I just have to say that I love the cover of “The Farm Girl’s Dragon.” I’m a visual gal, so it drew me in instantly. Now…I’m off to check out your websites, and that book, too!

    • Wow, Mary we might even be kin since my real maiden name is Morgan! And that grandfather is the only one I have no genealogical info on. His dad just appeared in Missouri from nowhere as a riverboat captain; he got typhoid and a widow nursed him back to health. They wed and had one child, my grandpa! Both my grandmothers had a lot of Irish blood so that is mine to claim too.
      My fave western authors were Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour. And I adored all those TV westerns when I was a kid–had huge crushes on a bunch of the actors LOL. So I still love cowboys–and cops (the DH was one for years and my middle son is) and of course those Celts!

      • Mary Morgan

        Oh Deirdre…I must share a story about my last name of Morgan–my husband’s grandfather came over from Italy, and because they couldn’t pronounce his last name of “Morgia,” they wrote down “Morgan.” But…my grandmother’s (father’s mother) maiden name is…Morgan! The Morgans came over from Wales, don’t know exactly when, but they settled in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Sooo…we might be kin after all! :)

        And I’m always saying that I love a man in either spurs or kilts. ;)

        • I saw your post on my blog. THX!! I’d love to continue our conversation. This post reminded me of a couple of brothers we knew up by Marysville. They were Portuguese but one had been named “Lewis” and the other “Evans” by a school teacher who could not pronounce or spell their real last name. Why different names I am not quite sure. (I do not think they were twins but maybe a year apart and did look a lot alike! )Once most of their records were in these names they just kept them! They were friends of the folks who had Henry and Charlie Brown–and his mother was at the stockyard in Elk Grove!! Email me if you feel like chatting some more; it is azwriter 427 at yahoo.

          • Mary Morgan

            You’re welcome!! I don’t know the last time you were in Elk Grove, but when I returned almost five years ago, I could not believe how much it has changed…grown! I so miss the cattle and the open spaces. There’s so little of it left. :( Yes…we must chat some more!

      • Deirdre, your g-g-grandparents’ tale is so romantic. Loved hearing about them. Wouldn’t it be neat if you and Mary are connected somehow? You know – there’s no such thing as coincidence.

        • I have been thinking of writing a story with that as a starting point. Also have one based on some of my mom’s kin in Kentucky. The Witts were there right after Daniel Boone and the Wilcox fmaily shortly after. (her mom and dad’s names) I have actually started that one but kind of let it sit dormant, called “Yonder Comes My Beau” which is the title of an old folk song from the area. The hero is a musician and horse trainer who has just come from Ireland and they meet at a barn dance. That part is fictitious –probably…

  9. Deirdre, Welcome! But then your always welcome. It is a pleasure to honor you here in the tea room.

    When I first started writing the moon posts I thought you were Native American or at least part. Back then you were just Winddancer on your posts. I was so careful as I still am to get my info as correct as possible.

    You have so many interesting interests! I too, like hand crafts and would love to be able to grow herbs. The herbs have been a disaster so far.

  10. Kathy, my genetics may be mostly Celtic and I do love that but my huge love for the desert comes from at least a couple of past lives right here in the southwest as a Native American–or Indian (a lot of my NA friends say they are fine with “Indian” if you do not use thier tribal name.) In fact Wind Dancer comes from a hypnotic regression my good friend Melinda Rucker Hayes did for me where I was in the Anasazi period and that was my name for what those people called hummingbirds. Wolves and hummingbirds are my totem animals; both are fearless and great travelers, FWIW! So I do have a great affinity there.

  11. Oh, Deirdre, we are having our NM relatives visit Thursday through Saturday. It will be fun. Wish we could visit them again but doubt we ever will with Phil’s health issues.

  12. Awesome. Where do your relatives live? I love this state and the northern part is gorgeous this time of year. I do like mountains even if I am a desert rat LOL. If you ever do manage to come west holler at me!

  13. When we visited NM we were taken to Bandoleros National Park and the Valles Caldera. Up there I asked my cousins if i could drink out of the stream that we ate lunch by. I was told never to drink out of any stream as you do not know what has died in it up stream. Here I was thinking of the cowboys that drank out of streams in the movies. :)

  14. Karen C

    Deirdre, I was in you lovely community a couple of weeks ago. We were on on way to deliver in El Paso and spent the night in the truck stop on the north side of town. Was able to replenish our supplies and get some laundry done. Ate dinner in the Mexican restaurant next to Wal-Mart (oh, so good!). Wish we’d had more time to explore – and a smaller vehicle! Adding your books to my teetering TBR stack and will explore websites when I get home and have more computer time. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day and left me some scones!

  15. OMG, small world indeed! We *love* Mexican food. (My brother and I who share a home after we both ended up single). Margo’s (by WalMart) is good but our fave is La Hacienda, toward the south end of White Sands Blvd, the main drag. We had carry out from there tow nights ago. The chicken avacado burrito is to die for and rellenos, my long-term fave Mexican dish, are xlnt too. Are you and the DH truckers? You mentioned a delivery so I was wondering. (Not to be nosy LOL but I am, I guess. )

    • My favorite dish is rellenos as well. I always look for it at a Mexican restaurant.

    • Oh, man, you’re making me hungry. I LOVE Mexican (or Tex-Mex) food. Lived in Texas too many years not to get hooked. The hotter and more spicy, the better.

    • Karen C

      DH is the driver. I’ve been riding with him since May and we are really enjoying our time together. Sure gives you a different perspective! And we both love Mexican food; have been treated to some great food at the food trucks. I love rellenos, too, but haven’t had a good one recently.

      We were at this one place awhile ago getting loaded and all of a sudden I see everyone leaving the building. I was looking over both shoulders trying to figure out what was going on … the food truck had arrived!!! Everything just stopped until break time was over. Yummy!!

  16. It is time for me to call it a day! Wow, this has been a fabulous visit. Again many thanks to Sue Ellen and Kathy for hosting me. It has been neat to touch base with some older friends and meet some new ones! I will gather all the comments tomorrow and draw my two winners–allow time for any late birds (smile) . This has been about as close to a “Sue-Ellen day” as we get here in the dessert! The clouds were so heavy with moisture they were dripping down off the mountains this morning and we got a nice .25 rain this afternoon. I took a few pix and will try to get a couple up on my deirdre-fourds blog tomorrow. And oh, I just noticed the first pic in Sue Ellen’s post yesterday–don’t those clouds look like a landscape? I mean a real earth-based one? I used to want to write a fantasy or sci fi story about a race of beings that lived in a cloud-world like that. Maybe I will someday! I do love clouds and watching them.
    I have really enjoyed visiting with everybody and now you will know me when I pop in to comment now and then! Go in peace and harmony with bright blessings, one and all!

    • Deirdre, what can I say? You were such a fabulous guest!! Thank you so much for being in the tea room. I knew everyone would love you. It was a FUN and GOOD day!!!

      And I’m delighted the weather gods gave you ‘my kind of day’ today. How fitting! :) There we go again – no such thing as coincidence. It’s been storming here all night. Hence only now getting in here to say thank you and goodnight. (I had the pc off much of the evening)

      Ha ha… you’re so right about the ‘Cloud Giants’ photo. Like you, I love such things and see wonder everywhere. Landscapes, indeed, in those clouds.

      Thanks again so much for joining us today. You were fantastic!!!

      Love and (((hugs.)))

      Let me know the winners in email and I’ll put up a special post to announce the names.

  17. Ooops, that is in the desert, not the dessert! I do know the difference but hands and eyes are both tired tonight and maybe the brain too. LOL. G’nite

  18. Deirdre you were wonderful! Thanks for a super day. Clouds – I am another cloud watcher. Being raised in the mid-west how could I not be. A lot of mornings heading into town I can see the top and edge of the cloud bank out over the bay and it looks more like I am heading toward the mountains than Cape Cod Bay.

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