Thank You!

Hi Tarts,

I’d like to thank you for being so sweet to my little buddy, Em, yesterday.

He’s still basking in the glory.

Keeps telling me he’s a STAR.

He certainly is extra-special to me.  And so I appreciate all the lovin’ you gave him.  It’s wonderful to see him happy.

I also appreciated all your hugs and sympathy re my computer woes.  You were great and knowing you were there, rooting me on, made the situation much easier to handle.

So, thank you!

You really warmed my heart.

Speaking of which, I’m sharing some neat ‘heart’ photos today.  Little things seen or discovered on my daily cycle rounds and beach walks.

They prove that nature really is wonderful.

For instance..

I pass the above trees every evening when I walk Em down to the harbor.

Is it me (hey, you know I see whimsy everywhere) or can you also see a heart in the way they’ve grown together?

Lovely, aren’t they?

Perhaps two star-crossed lovers, kept apart in life and now united as trees.  Entwined forever.  (I like that idea)

And here’s a piece of heart-shaped coral I found on the beach the other day..

Isn’t he neat?

Here’s a closer look..

Pretty special, what?

Well, he is to me, anyway.

The little coral heart came home with me, of course.  He now has pride of place on my desk, right in front of George (my keyboard), so I can see him all the time.

He makes me smile.

And he reminds me always that even when things get tough (dead computers, snakes in the garden, ants invading the kitchen.. don’t ask about that one!) there are friends wishing me well.

That means a lot, Tarts.

So today’s post is just to let you know that I love you, too.

Bunches and bunches!

Thanks so much for being there.  I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

I’m working today.  It’s major catch-up time around here.  But I’ll look in late tonight, after I finish my work.

Till then, have a great Sunday.  And enjoy the tea room.

If you’re wondering, yes, I collect heart-shaped stones and coral, or whatever.  Have you ever found a heart-shaped stone?  Seen heart-shaped trees as the two above?

Isn’t nature amazing?


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25 responses to “Thank You!

  1. You are no ways alone, Sweetie! I too see hearts and other symbols a lot! I still have a couple of little seed pods–they are tiny, maybe 1/4 inch and studded with fine reddish hair-thin thorns but they are definitely heeart-shaped and in my treasure box still–more years later than I care to admit. I have a heart shaped rock or two as well. Then there is the piec of drift wood from the beach at Fort Bragg, CA (not the east coast one!) that looked like a seal to me; I had rubbed it forever to a sheen with a bit of oil on my hands. And many more little found things. No colorful crabs LOL but one does not find them in the desert too mcuh!

  2. Lexi

    Aww, if you look at it right your heart shaped coral also looks like a man embracing a woman. At least to me =)

  3. Mary Morgan

    Oh Sue-Ellen…you are truly surrounded my love. Your special Guardians were showing you their love with all the gifts they presented to you.

    I love the tree. It made me think that perhaps lovers met, fell in love, married, and were buried there? Such stories we weave. :)

    I have never come across anything heart shaped. Mostly odd shaped items. The heart shaped coral is beautiful, and meant especially for you.

  4. Mary Morgan

    ooops…surrounded “by” love, and of course my love, too. :)

  5. Love the coral! And thank you for the delightful posts ~ always a bright spot in my day and a delightful little escape. Blessings! ♥

  6. Karen C

    Sue-Ellen, I love the whimsey photos today. I agree with Lexi – the coral does look like a man and woman embracing and I can see the hearts in the tree, too. Sending hugs~~

    • So glad you enjoyed the post, Karen. You have a patent on the fanciful yourself, with your darling gnome home. Lexi is so right about the couple in the coral. I’m so glad she saw them. (And posted) :)

  7. Ivy

    Love the pics and all the things you can see in them if you bother to look.

  8. Diane Sallans

    I’m sorry I missed Em’s post yesterday – I was fighting with my internet connection. First talked to the provider, then the Router manufacturer (in the Phillipines), then the provider again. Provider Tech was supposed to come yesterday, but cancelled until this morning. Of course the came at the end of the time range I was given, then fiddled with things for over an hour setting up a new modem. Didn’t work. Finally changed to a new wire connecting the modem to the router – Ta Da!! I hate it when things with a computer act up.
    So my best to Em & her Lady!

    • Dear heavens, Diane! Sounds like you really have been battling the technical demons. Obviously, you weren’t alone… I, too, have been struggling with similar in recent days. I’m so glad you’re all squared away again.
      Will cuddle Em for you. :)

  9. Em IS a star! And a mighty handsome one at that. :)

    This post was so fortuitous. Just yesterday while I was in the mountains with friends swimming, there was a rock beside my chair that was shaped like a heart. Now I wish I would have taken a picture. Next time we are there I will. The only thing I got pictures of was the huge black snake that was in the water with us. We heard a “plunk” and thought it was a fish jumping but a little while later I saw the snake trying to get up on a rock where water was flowing over and it couldn’t make it up. It was getting exhausted so Wendy splashed water towards it until it floated downstream and finally got out on a rock across the river. The plunk we heard was the snake falling off a branch that hangs over our swimming hole.

    I too saw the heart in the trees and the way they are wrapped around each other I like to think there is more to it than just trees too.

    • OMGosh, Leah! Your snake encounter tops all! “Plunk,” indeed! Shudders!! You and Wendy are brave souls. My great love of nature ends at all things that slide and glide.

      Agree with you about the trees. There’s magic there.

      Em is still basking in the glory. :)

  10. Mel K.

    In a graveyard near P-town in Mass. there are the graves of two children that lie beneath two huge trees that are wrapped around each other. Nature is indeed quite amazing. I have some heart shaped stones. I always give my hubby the heart shaped potato chip I inevitably find in the bag. Sue-Ellen, you always post the best pictures! That water is so inviting.
    Love and hugs! xo

    • Wow, Mel, I loved your comment. That’s so neat about the graveyard trees. And I love it that you also find and keep heart shaped stones. They’re so special. LOVE the heart shaped potato chips. :)
      So glad you enjoy my pictures. I love taking and sharing them.
      Love and (((HUGS))) back to you!

  11. Aurora Mata

    Dressed self today. Going home tomorrow. Finished Until the Knight Comes. Loved story. Going to therapy now. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

    • Woo-hoo, Aurora!! That’s super-fantastic news – that you’re up and able to dress yourself again. Excellent. I hope the therapy went well and wish you a continued speedy recovery. Love you bunches, too!!
      And I’m so glad you enjoyed Until The Knight Comes. :)

  12. Kathy Luehrs

    It’s amazing the way nature seem to take forms – I don’t collect hearts but when I find an odd or unusual shape or color stone or something else I do add it to my collection. Glad your computer is in the rights again.

  13. Trudy Miner

    I didn’t mean to ignore Em but I know how you love storms. Are you enjoying today’s storms? Doing happy dances? What Em did was so wonderful, really! I give anything if my dog would do that but he’s a rescue dog and won’t even let me hold him! Way to go Em! I feel connected to you too, maybe because we share the same piece of coastline? or because we love all things natural? Never fear, you are loved!

    • (((HUGS))) and love you, too, Trudy. I agree, it is special that we’re so close. :) We’ll definitely have to meet up for lunch or dinner one of these days. I’d love that.

      Ha ha… yes, I’ve been loving today’s storms. It was so hefty earlier I had to shut down the computer.

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