Two Things…

Hi Tarts,

I’m posting this from a different computer (not mine) and so this is quick and to the point.

Just to let you know two things…

1)  It’s spa day!

Woo-hoo!!   I am so ready for a haircut, full body massage, and pedicure.  Today, more than usual.  You have no idea how much I need this mini-break.


Maybe you do if you read my final comment posted to my Nature Girls R Us post yesterday.

If you missed the comment, here it is..

2)  Of the above mentioned points!

Tarts – I have had major computer problems today.  Including the blue screen of death.  I have been busy with it all day and hope a system restore will save it.  I’ll know in the morning.  (I hope)

If it is stone cold dead – it may be a few days until I am up and running again.  So if I disappear, that is why.

Also why I am currently not answering email – if you are waiting to hear from me.

So it’s been quite a day.  (I am on a different computer just now and do not have regular access to it)

Please send good thoughts!  Thanks.


And so you see, I am REALLY needing a spa day.  I intend to enjoy every moment and will tend the pc issues upon my return.

Worst case, I will be missing-in-action for a few days.  So don’t worry if I go silent.  I am hoping, though, that the system restore whipped my poor, ancient computer back onto his feet again.

Till then, here is a Friday Funny for you..


Isn’t that the truth?

Seriously, I wiped tears on this one.  Woe be to anyone who disturbs a reader reading.

And such fools should REALLY watch out if they disrupt a writer WORKING.

So!  That’s me for now, Tarts.

I’m away to be revitalized….      


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14 responses to “Two Things…

  1. Kathy Luehrs

    so not good – know what having a computer that is out of commission does to you – you don’t realize how much you really need them until you don’t have them – good luck

    • No kidding, Kathy. Aren’t we helpless without these buggers? They affect us in other ways, too. My handwriting, for example, has become horrendous. Used to be beautiful. Now it’s ghastly. Use it or lose it, really is true.

      • Kathy Luehrs

        oh man, tell me about it – mine is actually worse than a doctor’s – can you believe it – I type everything

  2. Mary Morgan

    Enjoy your spa day, Sue-Ellen. :)

    I hear there’s a malware that will take over the computers, and the virus will probably hit Monday/Tuesday. Even the FBI has issued a warning. Could this have happened to yours a bit early? Hopefully yours is not serious…best of luck! (((HUGS)))

    • I did, Mary. Every living moment. Bliss!!!

      I wondered about the malware scare, too. The crash happened when I was online, working on a blog piece. The Internet froze the screen. Everything disappeared, the screen turning white. Nothing helped. I shut down the pc, thinking to reboot. That did it. Up came the dread blue screen of death and everything was DEAD. A horrible mess!! Took days of working with Windows remote support to get it working again.

      I am fearful of Monday now and hope none of us are hit.

  3. Oh no! This seemed to be the icing on the cake for things, huh? I hope you get it worked out soon and that you haven’t lost anything. What Mary mentioned above scares me. I hope none of us get hit. Crazy people have nothing better to do than disrupt others lives.

    I laughed HARD at that funny you posted! That is SO me! :D

    Sending happy thoughts your way and I hope the spa day will bring you peace. (((HUGS)))

  4. Lexi

    Hahahha…sad but oh so true! I can no longer give my hubby crap for getting immersed in his hobbies.

  5. Lenna H

    Take me with you Sue-Ellen…I need a spa day too, sigh.
    Loved the cartoon. It’s so us, lol.

    Got a call today from Mother’s Rehab facility. Insurance want’s to kick Mother loose SUNDAY! Yah right, I’m appealing… I have to find a new place for her if they release this week as she’s still on the feeding tube and she can’t go back where she was with it in place…My daughter is moving into my parents old home on Thursday and it’s NOT empty yet…It just goes on and on. I GIVE UP! I definitely need to be cloned multiple times AND made out of money…Now I have to fight the insurance company instead of emptying my parent’s home. I know I’m whining but who else will listen I guess. She just was released from the hospital 3 weeks ago after brain surgery and a major stroke. They gave her 6 weeks in October with her first stroke and 4 weeks in February with the cracked head that almost bled out. Now 3 weeks? I guess they are doing major cost/claims cutting…

    • Lenna, I really wish you could’ve joined me yesterday. I’m so sorry to hear how your troubles keep multiplying. Here’s sending you lots and lots of strength and good wishes for a rapid change in luck. (((HUGS)))

      • Lenna H

        Thanks so much Sue-Ellen. I’m learning so much about this aging system. I guess I’ll be able to help others in the future when I survive this…One day at a time! Thanks to everyone who is keeping me in their thoughts and prayers. It’s keeping me above water.

  6. Karen C

    Sue-Ellen, enjoy the spa day and I hope the computer issues are resolved quickly. Lenna, so sorry to hear this – sending you some cyber hugs!!

    • Thanks, Karen. The spa day was just what I needed. Total pampering. My computer -seems- to be running like a brand new pc now. Super fast and clean. I sure hope it stays that way. The last few days have been a nightmare. (excepting my time at the spa :))

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