Friday Fun (aka Foreign Covers)

Sue-Ellen here…

Hi Tarts,

This isn’t my usual Friday Funnies post, but I’m hoping it’ll still bring some smiles.

I love to end the week on a high note and levity is a good way to do so.

This week, in particular, has been interesting.

A busy work week, for sure.  The arrival of a newly-minted German edition of Seducing A Scottish Bride.  And the week saw Summer Solstice.  You know what that means to me..

Uh-huh.. I’m delighted that the nights are drawing in again.


Might officially be summer now, my least favorite season.  But autumn (be still my heart) inches closer by the day.

But it’s Seducing A Scottish Bride that I’m bringing into the tea room today.

I really love this book.

It’s from my MacKenzie series and tells the story of Duncan’s youngest daughter, Gelis.  She’s fiery, headstrong, and spirited.  Wonderfully passionate, too.  A lass who knows her mind, if you will.  And she sets out to win her hero’s heart, letting nothing stand in her way.

I love strong heroines.

And you’ll always find them in my books.  No shrinking violets or long-suffering lasses allowed.

But anyway…

I also really love the cover for Seducing A Scottish Bride.

To me, it looks like a master oil painting.  (see top of this post)  I adore the whole center-box thingey for the title.

I’ve only had such a box-title on one other book, A Highlander’s Temptation, which told the tale of Gelis’s sister, Arabella.

Another cover I truly loved.

But this is about the new German edition covers for Seducing A Scottish Bride, titled Die Feurige Braut des Highlanders in German.

Literally translated, The Fiery Bride of the Highlander or The Highlander’s Fiery Bride.  The title’s use of ‘fiery’ is meant to imply spirited.

So this is an apt title for Gelis.

But what about the German covers?

Like most of my books that have seen foreign translations, there are several German editions of Seducing A Scottish Bride.

None of them resemble the original US version.

Here’s one of the German editions, a paperback..

I like that they included Gelis’s bauble chain, a delightful belt-like piece of jewelery that she uses a time or two to attract the hero’s attention.  Ahem, ahem…

And a Highlander’s bare back is always welcome.

Especially when he’s kilted.

I still prefer the original version of Seducing A Scottish Bride.

But it’s always neat to receive a box of new, fresh-off-the-press foreign copies.  It’s exciting to see what other lands do with the books.

So when the German hardcovers for Gelis arrived the other day, I tore into the package.

Here’s what I found..

Straight out, I love the blues.  And I’m delighted to see Nordische Legenden at the top.  That means Northern (or Nordic) Legends.  As Vikings and Nordic myth often play a strong roll in my work, that’s a good series hanger.

That’s also a nifty dragon in the border beneath the series title.  He scores big.

I’m not sure about the hero’s hair.

A rock star comes to mind.  A punk rocker, actually.

And although he appears to be wearing a kilt, I am not going to hazard a guess about the thing around his neck.

It looks like a black feather boa to me.

As for Gelis, her hair isn’t blond.  She’s a flame-haired redhead, her tresses as fiery as her temperament.  I also doubt she’d have pink lip gloss readily available in medieval Scotland.

But there you go…

Cover art (and titles) are always a surprise.

Authors have little to zero say in either, most of us anyway.  In any event, learning a book or series’s new title from our editors keeps things lively.  As does seeing the cover art for the first time.

Even if we’re more inclined to chuckle than say, “O-o-oh, that’s stunning!”

What is stunning on the German hardcover edition of Seducing A Scottish Bride is Eilean Donan Castle (aka Duncan’s castle) in the background.

You can’t go wrong with Eilean Donan.

So if hero Ronan’s black feather boa hasn’t brought a smile, pop over to Duncan’s castle and explore the magnificent stronghold than inspired Devil In A Kilt and my MacKenzie series.

Have a great Friday, Tarts!

(just watch out for men in black feather boas)

**And so you know – work demands mean I’m leaving this post up over the weekend.  I’ll see you again on Monday!**


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13 responses to “Friday Fun (aka Foreign Covers)

  1. Mary Preston

    I’m waiting for Spring to be sprung. I re-potted some plants today in the hope of warmer days. Then the clouds rolled in & the day turned raw.

    I thought rock star when I saw the hair. The black feather boa thing did make me laugh. Maybe it’s a favoured pet that he lugs around.

    • Your weather sounds just my cuppa, Mary. But I hope your spring kicks in soon. Gardening is such a lovely way to spend the day. I really miss my Munich garden. Hours of bliss spent gardening, sigh.. Enjoy yours for me, please.

      Hah! I love your take on the black feather boa. :) Yes, he does look like a rock star. Hilarious.

  2. Kathy Luehrs

    Wow – if you can erase the couple and replace them with the couple from the US cover – it would be perfect – guess they didn’t read the book when they were doing the cover.

    • No kidding, Kathy – wow! I really did some blinking when I saw the cover. Yes, the background is gorgeous. Similar to the other German hardcovers, which are all truly beautiful. I think you’re right.. they had a different type of story in mind with the couple.

  3. Tarts – I’m away into the cave now. I’ll look in again later today or tonight, weather depending. It’s already raining here, sky is dark, and big storms are in the forecast. Long as the power holds, I’m loving it. Great writing weather.

    Have fun with my rock star! ;)

  4. Mary Morgan

    Good Morning! :)
    Oh I love the last one with Eilean Donan Castle in the background…of course you knew I would!

    The Solstice week was very interesting…and I only have one word for it: mischievous! The sprites were fired up. Perhaps I didn’t leave enough milk out? ;)

    The weather went from sizzling to cool breezes and highs in the 70′s, making me rethink the month of June. Strange indeed, but so-o-o loving it!

    • That’s one of the best photos I’ve ever made of Eilean Donan, Mary. I love it, too.

      Hah! ‘Mischievous’ is a good way to describe this week. I experienced things that were mind-boggling. Never-before-happened-to-me experiences. But there’s a first time for everything. No matter. Life goes on. Such solar events do stir tempers and shake things up in the world, always.

      There’s a storm in the Gulf now. Thankfully, it’s dropping temps a few degrees and bringing rain. I’m happy.

  5. Nice cover. Sue-Ellen you can sure tell I didn’t get any sleep last night, I thought it was some kind of animal fur.

  6. Sorry to be so quiet, Tarts. I really am under the proverbial deadline gun these days. I’m working around the clock and NOT coming up for air – except to glance in here now and then. If anyone has emailed and is waiting on a response, work overload is the reason I haven’t yet replied. I’ll respond when I can.

    For now.. have a great Friday night and an even better weekend!

  7. Lexi

    When a cover doesn’t match the characters descriptions I always wonder what the art department was thinking. But how fun to see your books in other languages, and see what they come up with for covers =)

    A fun post. And nice to learn you are a fellow autumn lover!

    • I wonder, too, Lexi. Especially as I know authors are asked to send in pages of detail re character description, settings, specifics that can be displayed as props, etc. Even so, some covers bear little to no resemblance to the hero and heroine.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I knew a fun one could be made of the ‘rock star’ hero. I have tons of foreign covers, so I’ll have to see if any others might bring a chuckle.

      Oh, yes, I love autumn. LIVE for autumn, actually. We’re on the same page there, for sure. If you missed it, you might enjoy this post I did a while back on the pleasures of the gloaming..

  8. I love that book cover too. I just wish they could have gotten the hair right and like you, I was wondering about the thing around his neck. It tickles me to no end knowing your books are loved world wide :) The original cover of Seducing A Scottish Bride has always been a favorite of mine. I just love her hair and the tartan on that one. I am also thinking you WOULD look good as a red head. (No, I haven’t forgotten ;) )

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