Spring Slides into Summer on the Cranberry Bog

Kathy here…

Hi Tarts,

Some activities on a cranberry bog happen in both spring and summer.  Depending on the weather some summer activities make the tail end of spring.  As I said yesterday, we are three weeks ahead of schedule here in south-east New England.  Usually the bog flowers in late June and early July.  This year we have had flowers all the month of June.  The bog looks so pretty with all the tiny pinkish, white flowers.

When the bog is in bloom you need many little helpers to help with the pollination so that we will have all those lovely red berries in the fall.  We could hire tiny fairies to do the job but I don’t know where you would find enough of them to do what is required.  Devorgilla could come wiggle her fingers and say an incantation but the old girl has enough on her plate with keeping up with all the folks in Sue-Ellen’s several worlds and our tea room.  That just leaves the hardest workers of all, the honey bees.  The bees usually arrive late in June making them an early summer happening most years.  This year they arrived early in June and have been hard at work ever since.  Here is their home.

The bees arrive at night on a truck.  The driver takes the hives off the trailer and places them in a safe place near the bog.  They do this at night because the bees are all in the hive.  That way they don’t loose to many bees.  They will also come back several weeks later and pick them up at night.  They usually don’t need to use smoke or anything like  that.  They just pull up, start up the forklift, pick up the pallet that has the hives on it and set them on the trailer.  Then off they go to the next bog.

Another activity that starts in the spring and continues into the summer is the collecting of bug samples.  In the spring you will see bog owners walking their bogs with butterfly nets swishing back and forth.  The owners are looking for anything that might eat their crop.  Later when the flowers are blooming or once the berries start to form bug traps are set out.  Once the blooming and the forming of fruit starts it is best to stay off the bog as much as possible so as not to damage the crop.  Here is a picture of one of the bug traps that are currently set up on our bog.

The bug trap is the white thing on a stick.  It is like fly paper.  After the bugs are identified it is time to eliminate them.  This is done sometimes by putting stuff in the sprinkler system and sometimes it is done by spraying.  When they spray a helicopter is used.  Usually this is done at five-thirty in the morning with the chopper turning right over the house.  I thought I would never get pictures.   Well as luck would have it, Monday as we were going out the chopper showed up.  Here are some of the pictures.

Here he is over head getting ready to turn around.  Does that telephone pole look familiar?  It was in my January moon pictures with the creature.  By the way this was not to smart of me to be in that spot.  I was sucking in what ever they were spraying and hoping there was not chopper malfunction.

Here he is landed on the hill by the screenhouse.  You can see him just to the right of the garage.  Remember the blue tarp from the bee pictures above?  That is where he landed.  The stuff under the tarp was more of what he was spraying.  He was doing a reload.  They also spray for weeds.

I will watch the doings at the bog and bring you anything that may be interesting.  As you drive through the countryside of south-east New England you may not see a lot of activity.  It is peaceful.  But there really is a lot of work going on. you just need to be in the right place at the right time to see it.  I love living across from a cranberry bog.


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14 responses to “Spring Slides into Summer on the Cranberry Bog

  1. Mary Morgan

    Very interesting Kathy. Yet, I don’t think you should have been out there when they were spraying. Yikes!

    I loved seeing the bog in bloom. Very pretty.

  2. Aurora Mata

    Fellow Tarts: Am in hospital. Facing back surgery on Tues. Then two weeks in rehab center. Stay safe; take care.

  3. Lovely addition to your Cranberry Bog Chronicles, Kathy. I agree with Mary – watch out with that spray.

    Tarts – BIG storms here today. Sheeting rain and bad thunder/lightning, so I am just in and out of here. Keeping the pc shut down most of the day. (loving the storm, though)

  4. Tarts, I’m off to work this evening. Ah, air conditioning.

  5. Trudy Miner

    totally fascinating! thank you! btw, I live not too far from Sue-Ellen and we are going thru’ TS Debby; she may be doing a happy dance b/c of the heavy rain, high winds, t-storms, tornadoes, etc but, me, I want the sun to come back out! It’s flooded where I live!

  6. Kathy, another great post! Now you have me craving Cranberries :)

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