Real Heroes (and a giveaway)

Sue-Ellen here…

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Good luck!

Now on with the original post…

Hi Tarts,

Romance writers and readers love heroes.

Usually when we speak of them, we mean romance novel heroes.

As this is Tartan Ink, heroes mentioned in the tea room are usually hot Scots, braw and kilted.


There are real heroes among us.  It’s always a joy to hear about them.  This weekend, I learned of a really heroic construction crew.  And I just have to share their story with you.

It’s a heartwarming, feel-good tale.

And it has a happy ending.  So much so, that my eyes misted upon hearing what they did.

I’m betting your heart will swell, too.


These guys dug up a just-laid (and set) concrete garage floor to rescue a cat and her kittens who were trapped beneath.

This is one of the rescued kittens, promptly named Crete..

The men did this rescue at their own cost.  They couldn’t bear the alternative.

To my mind, their choice, and the ensuing rescue, makes them not just heroes, but HEROES.

Read the full story and see a video of the amazing rescue by clicking here.

I love hearing about such noble deeds.  If animals are involved, all the better.  Which brings me to something else..

Did you know that June is Adopt-A-Cat Month?

Well, it is.

And there’s a good reason that is so.

Spring brings more than rain and blooms into the world.  Kittens arrive as well.  And when they do, they join the already teeming population of stray and feral cats.

In an ideal world, these darlings (and their parents) would be well-loved house pets.  Someone would lavish care and devotion on them.  Feeding them daily, giving them clean, fresh water, and taking time to play with them.  Letting them know they are loved and appreciated.  Never needing to worry about cold rain or blazing sun.  No need to fear snakes, birds of prey, or predatory animals and cruel two-leggers.

They’d be spayed and neutered, receiving the meds they need.  Monthly preventatives to keep them free of fleas and other parasites.

They’d have cushioned beds and toys aplenty.

They’d sate themselves on loving words and adoration.  There’d be no fear of cars and traffic.  They’d have no worries at all, because they’d be among the lucky ones.

Able to sleep each night knowing they’re wanted.

Sadly, such a fine fate befalls only a portion of the cat population.

I’d love to make a difference for all of them.

Years ago, when I lived overseas, I worked actively in dog rescue.  Back then, I did lots to help homeless dogs.

This is a younger me with a stray dog I rescued..

My readers surely know how much I love dogs.

But I love cats, too.

And I think stray and feral cats have a pretty lousy lot in life.  So I’m using today’s post to let you know that this is their month.

Your local shelter is brimming with needy cats and kittens just waiting for a good and loving forever home.  If you give one a chance, you’ll be rewarded every day for many, many years.

Pets love unconditionally, with the whole of their hearts.

If you’re unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there’s still much you can do to help them.  The Conscious Cat  has a great piece on ways we can help stray and feral felines.

Click here to read their tips.

Even if you can’t implement them, you can pass on the link via your social media connections.  That, too, will help.

Thank you!

I’d love to hear of pets you’ve rescued.  Cats, dogs, whatever.  I love all animals and love seeing them receive the help (and love) they deserve.

And to celebrate the construction crew heroes mentioned in this post, I’m giving away a signed copy of Tails of Love.

Tails of Love is a benefit anthology of stories with animals playing key roles in the romance.  All author and agent profits go to a no-kill animal shelter.

If the winner already owns Tails of Love, she can have her choice of my available backlist titles.

Drawing is open to everyone.  International readers are welcome.

I’ll announce a winner tomorrow or Tuesday.

* Please remember to vote daily for Rosemary.  Click here to do so.  Thanks! *

*Edited by SE to share INTERESTING NEWS (if you didn’t know already)..

There’s a partial eclipse of the moon tonight (in the Western Hemisphere, before sunrise on June 4th; in the Eastern Hemisphere it’s after sunset on June 4th)  Example, in my time zone (US EDT), the partial eclipse begins at 0600 with the greatest eclipse at 0703, then ending at 0806.

Click here for details (incl. world maps showing viewing areas and exact times worldwide).


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67 responses to “Real Heroes (and a giveaway)

  1. Mary Preston

    It’s never really been a case of me adopting a pet, but them adopting me. Sometimes, you just know. Love at first sight does exist.

  2. DebraG

    My cat was a feral cat and we adopted her from a friend who trapped them because it was winter. He found homes for most of the them and the rest he kept. All of his cats are adopted because they needed a home. I am slightly allergic to cats and so can only have the one. But I think at school, in honor of adopt a cat month, we will do a cat food drive for our local humane society.

  3. Sean just came in from work last night talking about a guy he works with took one of two kittens that was found in the Walmart bathroom yesterday. I told him it’s just as nice to BE found as it is TO find. Ceaser and Sweetpea were found in shelters (even though I still think they found us) and Emory found us from a woodpile in our back yard. What a heart warming story those guys gave the world with their selfless caring hearts! Amazing post, Sue-Ellen!

    • Aren’t those guys the greatest, Leah? True heroes, indeed. I know your darings are rescues. They make such wonderful pets, don’t they? And (as Mary P says above) they sure do find us, not the other way around. I really believe that. So glad the Walmart kitties were adopted. Yay!!

  4. melly801

    Both of my tabby boys were rescued from shelters in VA. I live in Austin. I’m taking care of 10 outdoor cats. One has 4 kittens. Anyone interested? Of course I’ll have to wait until July to give them away. Also I have a small Maine Coon who is ready for adoption. Contact me if you’re interested. Please spay and neuter your animals as soon as they are old enough. There are way too many homeless kitties out there! And please adopt from your local shelter! I know there are kindhearted kitty lovers in here. They need you! Thanks. Btw, if you live in Austin or near by we have places where you can get a lot of stuff done for a very low price. And sometimes FREE!

    • Mel, you’re wonderful!! Wish I could give you the biggest-ever hug. Wish there were more like you. I hope your adoptable darlings find good homes. A thousand blessings on you for caring for them.

      • melly801

        Thanks for your very kind words, Sue-Ellen. Perhaps I’ll get that hug? ;-)
        My purpose in life is to take care of cats. I’m sure of it. I just wish there were folks in here who lived in Austin. KUDOS, Catslady! :-)
        Thank you, everyone!! ANIMALS NEED A VOICE. WE ARE THEIR VOICE!
        I am really looking forward to reading TOL.

        • One of these days, for sure, Mel. :)

          I hope you find great homes for the latest kitties. Thanks for your words re cats/animals, by the way. So true and so important!! And again, bless you for doing all that you do. I wish there were more like you.

  5. melly801

    I want to add a few things. PLEASE DON’T DECLAW! PLEASE KEEP KITTIES INSIDE! And if you are in the Austin area and can’t keep kitty for whatever reason but you don’t want to take it to a shelter…I’ll give you my contact info. and I’ll take it for you. Spread the word if you have friends or family here. Thanks again.

  6. I would love to read this book. Please enter me in contest.

  7. catslady

    I’ve been working with feral/stray for almost 20 years. It started when a mama cat showed up on my back porch with 3 kittens and were eating the bread and popcorn that had dropped out of my bird feeder. Since then I have had outside females fixed and have had up to 7 inside (5 at the moment)) and found many homes (before I had them fixed and one season there were 11 kittens). I believe all the strays tell each other that there’s food at my house lol. I’ve had 2 wonderful dogs too. I have Tails of love and it was a wonderful book!!!

    • Catslady, I always think of you when I hear about strays and ferals. You’re a hero(ine) of the highest order. And I absolutely agree with you – the word is out among the moggies. They KNOW where to go when they’re in need. ;) A thousand blessings on you for all you do.

      Glad you had two great dogs as well. I grew up in a menagerie and so, like you, love both dogs and cats.

      Thanks so much for your good words about Tails of Love. I agree – it’s a fantastic anthology and benefits such a great cause!

  8. Tarts – I’m away into the writing cave now. I’ll look in later today or this evening to say hello to anyone I’ve missed. Winner for Tails of Love will be announced tomorrow or Tuesday, latest.

    Have fun in here today.

    And if you can’t adopt a cat this month, please help them by spreading word on your social media connections. You can share a link to this post and/or the links noted in my text. THANKS!!

  9. librarypat

    Having been around home construction I can see how the cat and her kittens got where they did. I can also see my husband and son desperately trying to find where they were, then digging things up. Not happy about it, but doing it just the same. These workers, their boss, and the home owner are to be commended for their actions.

    We have always had rescue pets. We did foster care for our county animal shelter for about 7 years. Our lab mix was from the first litter we kept. We lost her just a couple of months ago just days shy of her 16th birthday. She was such a sweetheart. It broke all of our hearts even though we knew it was time. Our terrier mix is 11 and she is from the last litter we raised. We have had many dogs over the years. They have all been shelter adoptions or dogs that needed a safe home. Some just showed up on our doorstep and stayed. All were spayed or neutered as soon as they were old enough. We have only had four cats, and they were acquired the same way. We have (had) other rescue pets. Currently they are peacocks and a ball python. Our daughter has a mini farm full of them. She has had more than 20 cats. Not because she wanted them, but because people have dumped pregnant cats off or they have just found their way to her barn. She had 8 litters one year. Two litters went to the pound. They were so wild and vicious there was no choice, and the pound had no choice but to put them down. At a time when my daughter was having trouble paying her bills, she made arrangements with a vet to have all the cats, about 20, spayed and neutered. She didn’t want them to be euthanized so she did the responsible thing.

    It is so important that people be responsible pet owners. Our local shelter gets about 100 cats and kittens a month this time of the year. In one month the had 900 animals either turned in or picked up. We are a small county and there is no way that those number of animals can be adopted. It is hard to have to put animals down, but it is impossible to keep them all. I have never understood the resistance to spay and neuter programs. It has been very successful in the North and New England. As a matter of fact, the number of kittens and puppies available for adoption has dropped
    so much that the shelters are coming south to this area and taking animals from our shelters to be adopted in their area. The animals won’t miss the removed parts and they will be healthier.

    A word on feral animals, cats especially. It may seem like a good deed to feed a wild cat population, but in the long run it isn’t. They multiply rapidly and tend not to be healthy. My biggest complaint is the effect on the wildlife population. Wild cats are devastating the songbird population and make a dent in the rabbit and other small animal populations. Yes, they can be caught and sterilized then rereleased, but that does not lesson the damage to the wildlife population. Feeding them won’t help. They will still hunt and kill. Most are too wild to tame down enough to become pets.

    Thanks for the post. It is an important message to get out. Sorry this is so long winded, but this is a problem that is much easier to fix than so many out there. People just need to care. Your construction worker heroes are and excellent example of caring and taking action.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to post such an insightful response, Librarypat. I’m so glad you did. And such true words. So much needless suffering could be avoided if only people cared.

      Glad you mentioned the spay and neuter problem. It is so crucial. I, too, do not understand why anyone objects.

      I’m so sorry about the loss of your lab mix. Em is 13 now and I cherish each hour with him.

  10. Mary M

    Good Morning! :)
    I actually have two stories. The first was when I lived in Washington, and a friend found a feral cat and her kittens in the wooded area across from where we lived. She worked with the spca at the time, so with my help we spent several days rounding up all the kittens. Sadly, we were unable to get the mother, but my friend and I made a shelter in her garage, and raised them until we were able to adopt them out.

    The second story has to do with my husband. He does not like cats, and is allergic to them. When he was very young, a black feral cat attacked him, and I think that’s where his issues stem. Yet, one night after work, he spotted a stray cat outside of his restaurant. He knew that it must belong to someone living nearby, since it had a collar around its neck. Well, he actually brought home that stray cat, letting it sleep on the couch, and…searched for its owner the next day. To this day, he makes me proud by doing this act of kindness. Also, I don’t know what it is, but cats really do like him. They will always go up to him, and start purring. He claims they do it just to annoy him. ;)

    • Thanks for the smiles, Mary. I loved these stories. And so true about cats (or dogs) ALWAYS going straight to the one non-animal person in a room. Cats also always seem to have to follow their human into the bathroom. Although Em does this, too.

  11. Mary M

    I meant to add…what a great story on the construction heroes! Woot! :)

  12. Joy

    The book sounds really good. Don’t know how I missed it.

  13. Dalila G.

    What a story, poor kitties, but happy kitties for being rescued and adopted!

    I am more of a dog person, Sadie, our pet was a rescued doggie.
    She was so mis-treated and so sad looking that we just couldn’t leave her at the shelter. We have been together for 7 years now, she just loves my hubby, follows him everywhere. She even sits by the bathroom door and waits for him, too funny! LOL!!

    Please do not enter me in giveaway. :-)

  14. Cathy P

    What a heartwarming story about the construction workers and the mama and baby kittens. Growing up, animals would follow me home from the bus stop and end up staying with us. They know a sucker (lol!) whene they see one. We have adopted several dogs from a shelter and they were wonderful pets. I have only had one cat in my life, and he was an outdoor tomcat that thought he was a dog. He would come when we whistled, never left the yard, and loved to sit in your lap. For some reason, I wasn’t allergic to him. It is really strange because cats have a tendency to swell my eyes shut and give me hives. Of course, they are drawn to me because they know I love animals.

  15. Lea Ann

    Hi Sue-Ellen, Thanks for a wonderful way to start mu day. That is such a heartfelt story & I wish that there where more people who had a heart to do the right thing. In the past 20 years I’ve had a Golden, ( who passed at 15years, in 2005), I have a Min Pin (who will be 16 on July 4th, if he can make it, He is still getting around, although he is slower, his sight is falling off & his hearing isn’t what it used to be.), I also had my neighbors cat adopt me when I lost my Golden seven years ago, & then last July 2011, I got my new kitty, although she’s a couple of years old. She was outside underneath the stairs trying to find some shade from the 100 temperature outside, & that was at 7am! I saw her when I went out to feed my turtles. (I also have 6 Desert Tortoises. The mom & Dad & 4 of their babies, who are six years old. The Dad is at least 50 & the mom is at least 35. They have been in the family a long time. They are well loved & cared for along with all the animals. I live on 2 1/2 acres & there is a lot of desert all around so there are all kinds of animals out here. I try to take care of all that i can. This morning I found a baby bunny on the property. I’m sure it was someones pet, but know it is here so it will join all the other critters that I try to take care of. There are birds of all kinds, wild birds, hawks, humming birds, peacocks, quail etc….. I live on a gated yard so the animals feel safe from the coyotes & other predators that are around here. It’s like once they are on the grounds, they are safe & protected. There is plenty of grass, trees, bushes & fruit trees for all. But back to all my animals, the last four— two dogs & two cats, have all adopted me. My life has been enriched far more than I could have ever known. They are my heart & soul. I’ve always had dogs growing up, big dogs, but in the last 35 years & I’ve had hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, birds, etc… I love all animals & try to do my best to help ALL animals. I love my ‘kids’ with all my heart & I’m Thankful every day for them. My youngest daughter just had a baby girl last Wednesday, & she has 2 dogs & 3 cats. My oldest daughter has one dog. We all love animals. Thank you again, Sue-Ellen for starting my day out with a big smile & warm heart. Time to head out to take care of the tortoises. I love “Tails of Love”, but I’d love to be entered into your contest. I love all your books & have them all. But I have always loved your books. Duncan hooked me in all the way back in “Devil In A Kilt” & I have been with you ever since. Love your Allie MacKay Books, too.

    • Lea Ann, you sure do have a menagerie. What a blessing! The Desert Tortoises sound fascinating. Wow. I hope your little Min Pin stays with you a good long while yet. Author Barbara Samuel had a little dog who made it to 23 or 24! I always think of her and her dog and it gives me hope for all older dogs.

      Thank you so much for your good words about my books. I’m so glad you enjoy my Allie Mackay titles. I love those books so much.

  16. Our first rescue pet was a German Shepard/Husky mix that my husband brought home when he was working on a job at the local rescue center. One his lunch hour he went to “visit” the cute little puppies that were running around in the “puppy pen” and fell in love with the little guy on first sight. That little puppy didn’t stay little for long but ended up being a great pet for our two sons who were a newborn and a toddler. He would let them climb all over him and be as peaceful and at the same time protective of them as could be.

    After that all our pets, both cats and dogs, were from the local rescue center except one. One day when my husband was leaving for work he noticed a box left by the side of the street at the exit from our neighborhood. His windows were down and he thought he heard a strange sound. He pulled over and discovereEvery d the box was full of kittens. He called his boss and said he would be late getting to work and put the box of kittens in the car and drove down the road to our local veterinarian. They weren’t able to save two of the kittens but he paid for the care and shots for the rest of them and brought them home. When they were old enough we were fortunate to find good homes for all but one kitten and our home now had a dog and a kitten!

    Many people can’t have pets but they can still help by supporting their local shelters. You don’t even need a lot of money to help out. By simply buying a few cans or a small bag of pet food and taking it to their local shelter they can help to save the life.

    • Jeanne, I loved hearing about your rescue pets. I sure wish more people were like you and your family. As illustrated by your experiences, rescue pets give us so much in return.

      Thanks or noting how easy it is to support local shelters. Every little bit helps. It all adds up, making a huge difference. And, as you say, saving lives.

  17. Wow Sue-Ellen, super post! Thanks for sharing. What lucky kittens.

    Tarts, I have read “Tails of Love” cover to cover. It is a don’t miss.

  18. lduncan

    Both of my dogs are rescues, one was actually on Animal Planet. My daughter’s three cats are also rescues. One of those was one she kept from a feral mother who decided to have her babies in the middle of the living room one afternoon. The daughter managed to find homes for all of those, save the one she eventually had to keep. Donnach turned out to be a beautiful cat and totally devoted. Rescued animals, it seems have extra devotion to those who save them. Cheers to all those who save those who can’t save themselves!

    • I really love your next to last line, about Donnach. Rescued animals sure do know when we’ve saved them and are incredibly devoted as pets. I’ve no doubt they remember always.

      Wow to having your dog on Animal Planet. :) Please cuddle all your rescues for me tonight.

  19. Diane Sallans

    I had a dream early this morning that there was a stray dog at my back door – I think it’s my subconscious working on me to get to the shelter & get a dog.

    • Yep. Time to go to the shelter, Diane. Dreams mean business. There’s surely a very special dog waiting for you now, as we speak. Please let me know when you find him/her. (I won’t be surprised) :)

  20. bullrem

    I have a request myself. Everyone needs to log in to and press ‘like’ for all of Sue-Ellen’s books. She is the BEST… Helen in Ark.

    • (((HUGS))) to you tonight, Helen. Thank you so much for this. What a kind and generous thing to say! Thank you! In today’s social media-driven world, such things do matter and make a difference. Love you bunches!!!

  21. Trudy Miner

    The last three dogs came from the humane society; they all adopted me! The dog I have now is a rescue chihuahua which was rescued nine years ago from a puppy mill in NC. George just turned 13 on Friday and while I wish I could say that he was well-adjusted, I can’t. He’s still only wants to be home with his mommy. He’s very sweet otherwise but I’d like to get my hands on the person who ruined this dog! Riding in the car is limited b/c he doesn’t want to be away from home. He hides under the table; I used to keep a large box there so he couldn’t stay there. If I leave and board him at the vet’s, they all know that he knows his way home and to be careful when walking him or he’ll run (home). Good thing he’s microchipped! My hat’s off to the construction workers who saved those kittens! They are true HEROES!

    • That’s it, isn’t it, Trudy? They adopt us. Happens every time. George is so fortunate to have landed with you. He sounds like such a little sweetie and utterly devoted to you. (love the name George, by the way) I’d love to join you in tackling whoever traumatized the little fella! I won’t say in words what I think should be done to such people, but you can imagine.

      The construction crew were indeed heroes. GOOD men with their hearts in the right place.

  22. All of the cats I’ve had have been rescues. I used to volunteer at an animal rescue organization and got two of my cats there. I loved to go in and socialize the kittens, and I was so happy when we found good homes for them. In the last year, I lost the last of my cats, but I’m going to be adopting a couple of them soon – and they’ll definitely be rescues. Hopefully I’ll get a pair that is harder to place because people don’t always want two.

    • Barbara, bless you for volunteering when you did. It’s such an important and rewarding thing to do. I’m so sorry you lost your cats. Our world gets knocked sideways when we lose a pet. Please let me know when you find the right pair for you. (or better said, when they find you!) I agree – it’d be fantastic to adopt a bonded pair. Great for you, so meaningful for them. Good luck!

  23. Kai W.

    I plan to adopt two more cats as soon as I get my new place settle. These two cats will keep my current cat company so he won’t feel alone when I’m at work.

    • Excellent plan, Kai. Two more will definitely keep your present cat company. Please let me know when you find the right two. I love new cat/dog stories. Good luck getting settled in the new place! :)

  24. Carol Woodruff

    I now live in an assisted living facility and cannot have pets now, but over the years I have adopted several dogs from a local shelter. We also adopted a greyhound from a rescue group. He was such a gentle giant and a real couch potato. I miss having pets now, but would be unable to care for them now.

    • Carol, I would miss pets so much, too. I sure hope people are allowed to bring pets to visit you. Your greyhound rescue made my heart squeeze. A neighbor has one and he’s such a sweet dog. Super gentle, as you say. Also a couch potato. I love seeing people give these special dogs a good home and the love and affection they deserve so much. A thousand blessings on you for having done that. Love and (((HUGS))) tonight.

  25. bullrem

    All our pets through the years have been strays that have found us or were rescued. We have two cats and two dogs right now. The cats, one male and one female both tabbies and of course not declawed – but “altered.” We have a rescue Welsh Corgi and a yellow lab, both female and both ‘altered’.
    The four little ones complete our lives. We are so lucky to have them.

    Helen in Ark, happily watching all the BBCA events today.

    • Helen, thank you so much for sharing your pets. I have a big soft spot for tabby cats. Absolutely love them. And a Corgi and a yellow lab. Both such wonderful dogs. Yes, you’re lucky to have them all – and they are so lucky to have you!!

      Ha ha… yes, to be across the Big Pond this weekend would be the thing, wouldn’t it? ;)

  26. Kathy Luehrs

    That kitten is simply adorable – how can any resist – all of my animals come from pet rescues – Brenna (half lab & half irish setter) came from animal control (which destroys the animals after 7 days in their care – BillyBob (tabby cat) was a stray that some left behind after they moved – REALLY – how can people do that??? – Shadow & Freckles (half lab & half springer spaniel) were the last 2 of a litter that were going to the human society unless we took them – Twinkie (gray & peach calico) was in the same position as Shadow & Freckles – Tabby (orange tabby) found us – we found him under our house and he was been with us for 5 years now – gee can you tell I love animals – I grew up on a farm and we always had lots of critters around.

  27. Loved hearing about your rescues, Kathy. Yes, you do love animals. What a wonderful home you must have – so many happy heartbeats! Thank goodness you rescued Brenna timely. I shudder to think of such animals having only seven days. Dear heavens!

    You’re in the drawing, by the way. Today is full moon and I do not know if Kathy will be posting her moon piece or not. So I am leaving this up today. (if she posts and knocks it down a notch, anyone commenting today will still be in the drawing) I’ll still announce the winner tomorrow.

    Good luck!

    • Kathy Luehrs

      love the full moon – being a Cancer that is my ruling planet – however I don’t like the crazies it brings out – but then hey we all have to howl at the moon now and then, right?

      • Kathy, I love the full moon, too. That’s why I made the heroine of Must Love Kilts a ‘luna harmonist’ who advised people according to the natural cycle of the moon and moon lore.

        This morning I cycled over to the beach at 0530 to watch the partial lunar eclipse. It was AWESOME. Especially watching it on the beach and all alone. Wow!!!!

        I took photos and will do a post on it later this week. I’m still in awe. Such a wonderful experience…

        • Kathy Luehrs

          I had never heard of a luna harmonist until I read that book – what a cool profession – can’t wait to see your pictures

          • Ha ha ha… I made it up. The career title, anyway. Although… there are people who are like Margo and very well-versed in moon lore and its cycles, etc.

            I first became interested in the topic (in this regard) upon listening to a talk in Germany by an Alpine farmer who lived and breathed moon lore, using her knowledge on her farm and in everyday life. I’ve been fascinated ever since, hence creating Margo. ;)

            (and getting up at 0530 to cycle to the beach to watch a lunar eclipse)

      • Yes, as a Cancer, you should love the moon. :) You’re right about the crazies, too. ((:O

  28. Z

    I worked in the animal shelter in So. Lake Tahoe as a teen and we adopted a puppy and named her Cinnamon. We had her a long long time before I had to take her to the vet for the last time. Crud I loved that dog and now the tears are falling. Don’t eater me in todays drwing because I own the book and as much as I’d love a back list I want someone to win Tails of Love, what a great book of novellas.

    • Oh, dear, now I’m misty-eyed, too. Your Cinnamon knows very well how much you love and miss her. I do believe in Rainbow Bridge. We will see our darlings again.

      Thank you so much for your good words about Tails of Love. It’s such a good cause.

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