PS Book Lovers (and Writers)

Sue-Ellen here…

Hi Tarts,

I was going to let yesterday’s post, For Book Lovers (he he he), stand a few days.  But two things came to my attention yesterday and I wanted to share them..

One, Karen found a book perfume that is much more affordable than Karl Lagerfeld’s new Paper Passion.  (which is sure to bust anyone’s budget)  

What Karen discovered is a line of highly unusual scents by Demeter.  There are some really neat ones, sure to bring a smile.

You can browse them by clicking here.

Better yet (as the above is the amazon link), here is the actual Demeter website with oodles of neat scents.

Thanks, Karen!  (she posted the link in comments, but I’m adding it here so everyone sees it)

They offer everything from Paperback (only $20) to Rain, Thunderstorm, and Wet Garden.  Those three really appeal to me.

There’s also Salt Air, Laundromat (he he he… fresh linens, anyone?), and even Dirt.

I chuckled about the Dirt perfume.

Then I remembered how much I loved the smell of rich, loamy earth when I worked in my Munich garden.

So who knows?

Dirt might be an incredible scent for garden lovers.  Or anyone who ever enjoyed walking through a wood after rain.  Such a smell is alluring, hinting at older times, fairytales, and a more earthy primal world..

I could go for a perfume that would transport me back to where I took the above photo.  It’s just such a magical site as described above.  And, no, this time I won’t say where it is.

Although, I will share that it’s in Scotland.

This is one of those extra-special places that needs to be left alone.  Those meant to find it, will be drawn there.  If you’d like to read my original post mentioning this place (there’s a sacred well there), just click here.  

But any-hoo…

If you were hankering for book perfume yesterday, now you can try Demeter’s Paperback.

And lots more, depending on personal taste.  I believe there are even body lotions.

Now for something writerly.

Something else that caught my eye yesterday…

My friend, Terry Odell, had a fabulous guest at her blog, Terry’s Place.     The guest was author/reviewer, Nell Duvall, aka Mel Jacob and she had some great editing tips for writers.

Editing is heavy on my mind these days, mired in revisions as I am.

Editing is also very, very important.  Which is why I might fuss and fret about the Revisions Dragon, but at the end of the day, I know he needs to make his visits.

All writers need editing.

See here if you have any doubts..

Terry’s guest, Mel/Nell, presents a wonderful and concise run-down of what writers need to watch for when polishing their work.  It’s probably the best piece on editing I have seen in a long time.  Maybe ever.

You can read it here.

Speaking of editing, it’s that time again.  I need to don my armor, grab my sword, and head into the cave.

Before I leave you..

* Please remember to vote daily for Rosemary.  Click here to do so.  Thanks! *


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26 responses to “PS Book Lovers (and Writers)

  1. Z

    It wouldn’t let me vote again. Love the snapshot. I personally love the smell of clean laundry…I wonder if they have a perfume that smells like a newborn baby.

  2. Mary M

    Good Afternoon!

    I’ve been absent for a few days…working on my web page, and re-injured my knee, ack!! Thanks, Sue-Ellen for the magical photo of Scotland, and for the piece on writing tips. I’m going to head on over there! Also, will vote Rosemary, too.

    Hmmm….book perfume, teehehe. What will they think of next? Yet, certain scents do invoke memories, good and bad. I love the way a forest smells in early spring. Just something that makes me feel so good, as if the land is awakening after a long sleep. :)

    • Be sure to let us all know when your website is up and running, Mary. We’ll celebrate. Terry’s guest’s piece on writing/editing is excellent. All writers should read it.

      Love how you describe the scent of spring. So true. Myself, I’m counting the days to Midsummer Eve. Soon as it rolls around, days will start getting shorter, the nights longer. (you know I hate DST and love the long dark nights of winter)

      • Mary M

        My site is now fully up and running. I did a soft opening a few weeks ago, but still had to add some pages, and other items. One of the publishers that is looking at my manuscript loved the site. They now want to see how much you are willing to promote yourself, and this is one way of doing it. It was positively nerve wracking! My brain is wired for creativity, not technology, but with a friends help we did it! Plus I saved oodles of money doing it myself.

        If I may….can I post the site’s address here?

        • Mary, OF COURSE, you can post your url in here. You might want to use today’s post (Friday Funnies) so everyone sees it. This post has already slipped down a bit in view.

          Congrats on the site! Can’t wait to see it. :)

        • PS – You are so right. Publishers now want authors doing major promotions on their own. There’s no way around it. So it’s excellent to have your own site (or blog) early on.

  3. As soon as I logged in, I went to yesterdays post to vote, LOL. I didn’t know you would have it here. I sure hope she gets that money! Wouldn’t it be so neat if she did?

    I went exploring on that site yesterday but today I found myself wondering if they might have those tiny sample smell thingies that some companies have so you could smell before you buy. I’m going to go back and check. I would probably end up purchasing boo-koos of them if I could be sure of a smell first.

    • Bless you for keeping on with the voting for Rosemary, Leah. I am, too. Hence always putting the link at the bottom of my posts. I’m not sure when the voting ends. Sure hope she wins.

      Please holler if you find out if Demeter offers samples. I’d love to try the book scent and also the others mentioned in this post. :) I really love perfume. All-time faves are Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir (LOVE that), Estee Lauder anything, but especially, Beautiful. Many others.

  4. There are some other scents that make me want to try them, just to see what the heck they smell like. Wish they did have a sample collection. Darn.

  5. Oops, spoke too soon. They have .5 oz size bottles for $6.00 at their website.

    They’ve got one called Bonfire and Black Pepper. (Don’t they sound interesting?) Here’s a link to their site:

  6. Just added this so posts don’t end at 13. Yes, I’m superstitious.

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