Things That Amuse Me II

Sue-Ellen here…

Hi Tarts,

Once again, this is my usual reminder that the tea room is closed until I wrap my revision work.

Of course, before I slip back into my writing cave, I have another wee glimpse of my world for you.  Well, not exactly mine as the misty wood shown above is in Scotland.

More specifically, the Cairngorms.

Although, if I speak with my heart rather than cold hard facts, Scotland certainly feels like home to me.

I know Tarts feel the same.

So today’s musings are similar to my recent post with pictures of my fake heather.  This time I’m offering fake Highland mist.  I hope it, too, will bring a smile until the tea room reopens.

Don’t believe I can enjoy Highland mist in tropical Florida?

Well, I can and do.

All that’s required is a good dose of imagination as noted in my first Things That Amuse Me post.

Of course, Highland mist is very, very special.

A bit more than mere whimsy is needed to conjure it to these hot and humid climes.  Such as rising early enough to be out and about when real mist makes an appearance..

This was just the other morning.  I need to walk Em early in the day now to avoid the big heat.  Everyone knows I’m a night owl and not fond of rising early.  But (see above) there are advantages.

Sure, our walks are in Florida and not the Highlands.

Yet if you focus on the misty sky, this could be somewhere in Scotland.  I do know that enjoying such soft mornings makes these early walks with Em a real treat.

Fake Highland mist can also be encountered much later in the day.

Except the evening version is not mist, but sun haze.

Even so, depending on where you are and how the lowering sun slants, this haze can be a pretty good substitute for real Highland mist.

As a lovely example, take a peek at the bougainvillaea Em and I pass on our way to the harbor each evening..

The wonderful thing about misty mornings and sun-hazed evenings (that give the impression of mist) is that such atmosphere allows fanciful minds to wander.

And that’s a good thing – especially for a writer on deadline or doing revisions, as I am currently.

The old Celts believed that mist is a sign of thin places.

Sacred places where the veil between the worlds is thinner than elsewhere.  With such transparency between then and now, or here and there, it’s easy for a fanciful mind to open.  Barriers fall away, thresholds appear, and the creative soul is free to embrace magic.

Most writers will tell you that whenever they might hit a wall in their work, getting up and away from their desk is often the best way to replenish creative energy.

If you’re able to get out and walk in mist, chances are you’ll tap into that energy much easier.

For myself, I also just plain enjoy misty mornings and sun-hazed evenings.

My writer’s fancy sees magical mist hovering above the bougainvillaea below.  I can also imagine wood sprites in the twisty trees behind.

Look close, maybe you’ll see wonder, too..

Sure, I might be walking in Florida, heading down to the harbor as Em and I do every night.  A vast ocean might stretch between our usual path and where my heart longs to be.

But in my mind, I’m there.

Make-believe Highland mist allows my characters and setting to slip just a wee bit closer.  That helps the ink flow when I return to my desk.  Which is where I need to be now.  There’s a fire-breathing Revisions Dragon pacing the cave, roaring my name.

I’ll reopen the tea room as soon as I’m finished with revisions.  Till then, be well, be happy, and may all your walks be magical.

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24 responses to “Things That Amuse Me II

  1. Kathy Garuti

    Oh Sue-Ellen I wish I could bottle my weather and send it to you. We are on our second day of rain and mist. I stopped at the beach a few minutes ago and took some pictures. I’ll have to do a post. My heather is doing well but has not bloomed. It is candling. Great series of posts. Now for coffee.

  2. Kathy Luehrs

    love the mist – when I was in Scotland I had quite a few days that were misty – and on Isle of Skye the tops of the moutains always had a ring of mist around them – really lets the imagination run wild – can’t you just picture a band of kilted highland warriors emgering from the mist – now that’s the stuff day dreams are made of

    • No kidding, Kathy. Scotland has a patent on mist. Rainbows, too. Especially Skye. You’re so right… it would seem absolutely right for a band of wild kilted warriors to appear out of the mist over there, shouting their slogans, pipes screaming. We know they once did. What a sight that must’ve been…

  3. Aurora Mata

    You want to have a sight for sore eyes??? Check out Eilean Donan’s Facebook page… The photos are stunning! From early morning to late evening shots; from full colour to black & white to sepia! You want rainbows and mist? It’s got it…Photos from the Loch, it’s there; from the air?? No problem! Is has all this and more: IN SPADES! Want an live streaming, real time webcam? Has it too! Want a wee bit of shopping? They’ve just launched their first 50 items taken from their gift shop online! There are photos of David(the webmaster), Alex and his gorgeous bum…and everyone else who works there. ;-) I’ve already ordered a copy of the Castle and a teatowel of Eilean Donan… too bad they can’t send the chocolate w/whipped cream featured in one of the photos…Some of us wanted to know if they’d ship it over… No LUCK! LOL. And, Sue-Ellen, I do some lovely pics of faery houses and gardens if I can only figure out how to send it to you..I tried, but your email would not accept the attachment and sent it back.

  4. I could so see the sprites zipping through those trees chasing each other around.

  5. For those who might be interested in the mist from the point of view of Celtic spirituality. there is a great book–it is not real accessible if you are used to fiction but worth buckling down as if you were –gasp–studying!! It is called The Mist Filled Path by Frank MacEowen. He also has another called The Celtic Way of Seeing. I recommend both and they will give you some insights into the beliefs and motivations of some of Sue Ellen’s very true to life characters!

    • Thanks so much for mentioning MacEowen and his books, Windancer. They’re wonderful. Everything he says really resonates with my own views and outlooks as you surely know. (I ordered the books the last time you spoke of them in here)

  6. glittergirl2

    You know, I don’t think the Tea Room is closed. I’ve enjoyed your little thoughtful posts along the way. The shorter ones have been easier for me to get to with my busy schedule these days. I love your whimsy ~ so much like my own… These short posts have given me smiles that have been much needed. I can then pass them on to others…paying-it-forward from coast to coast.

    Take care and know you are loved and supported by all your Tarts. Keep that dragon at bey. We’ll all be happy with the results ;-)

    • Kathy Garuti

      You know I agree with you. We are posting quite a bit. I have a post written that only needs faerie dust and it will be set. Sue-Ellen has a lot to share even when she is so busy.

    • So glad you’re happy, Lenna. I’ve been trying to keep the tea room closed (because of revisions) but am glad to have managed the shorter posts. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying them.

      And bless you for your kind words. You brightened my night. :)

  7. LOVE that first picture! I could just sit and gaze forever. Dream my day away and envision my own tale. The Florida pictures are beautiful also and like you said, atmospheric. You’re always where your heart is and it is with you so yes, I can see a little bit of Scotland in your world there. I’ve always felt mist was special and have problem at all believing it could be a thinning between places. Maybe one of these days as I walk through it, my soul will find it’s home. Here’s wishing! ;)

    • Isn’t that wood lovely? I love, love, love walking there and so wish I was there right now. Wish we all were. Wouldn’t that be fun? Yes, it is beautiful here, too. Different. But there are always wee bits to remind me of Scotland (like the above photos). It’s all in one’s perception, how the heart views things. ;)

  8. We have such lovely atmospheric fog in San Antonio in the spring and early autumn (winter to most people). It’s deadly to drive in, since we’re not accustomed to it, but wonderful to just sit and watch with a cup of tea.

    • Oh Karen, I so hear you! I lived several years in the northern Sacramento Valley in California and from about Thanksgiving to late February it was foggy about 99% of the time. A little bit is atmospheric but days on end? My solar batteries went plub flat LOL. And driving in it was wisked but yes, if you can just sit and dream, then it is kewl!

      • I can never get enough mist, Windancer. Germany was ideal for me – we had thick mist/fog much of the year. I loved it so much. Understand the lack of sun bothers many people. I thrive without it, loving cold, damp, and mist-drenched days. Even (especially) when they last nearly all year.

    • Karen, I am still swooning over the oh-so-atmospheric photos you posted recently of that medieval-y looking ‘castle’ in San Antonio. The tower was swathed in mist, delightful. I’m with you re the cozy chair and a good cuppa, chill mist blowing past the windows. Ahhh, bliss!

  9. Sheesh, I can’t spell!! Plumb flat and wicked!!

  10. Mary M

    I’ve often said that I left my heart in the mists of the highlands. There is just something magical as it descends. Such beautiful pictures, Sue-Ellen, and I don’t think the tea room is closed, since you manage to pop in and give us an update, or share a bit of yourself and the day, so thank you! :)

    • I’m trying, Mary. Isn’t easy, hence trying to keep any posts short and sweet.

      I do have some hilarious writing cartoons to share soon. One is about the importance of editing and how grammar gaffes can derail a sentence’s meaning. As I am presently mired in revisions, that one is a real hoot. Others are about agents, critics, etc.. They are all a riot. I’ll post them soon. Then I’ll dive back into my cave. :)

      You’re right about Scotland. My heart resides there, too.

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