NOOK Giveaway Alert!


Sue-Ellen here…

Hi Tarts,

My friend, author Terry Odell, is giving away a NOOK at her blog.

I mentioned this in comments the other day.  But I am posting the news in the tea room so all of you will see it and have a chance to enter her drawing.

To learn more, click here.   

Terry is celebrating some recent successes with her books.  That’s the reason for her giveaway.  She’s paying it forward as the saying goes.

So if you’re of mind to try your luck, head on over to her blog and enter.

Oodles of good luck to everyone!

If you enter, please mention that you came from Tartan Ink.  Thanks.

And, yes, I am still battling the Revisions Dragon.  I’m finally starting to win.  Shouldn’t be much longer.


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4 responses to “NOOK Giveaway Alert!

  1. Yeah, but I bet your sword arm is getting tired fighting that dragon.

    • You’re so right, Zina. With every book, I keep hoping the Revisions Dragon will leave me be. But he arrives like clockwork, blasting smoke and fire at me until he is appeased. Then he goes away again until next time. Now and then he does leave me alone. I’ve had a few titles that saw little to no revisions. Devil In A Kilt was one. All my editor commented to that book was for me to ‘up the heat’ a bit. Period. Nothing else was requested/suggested. Highlander In Her Bed also saw zero revisions. Seducing A Scottish Bride was another one that didn’t get revisions. So there are revision-less titles now and then. But most times I have to fight the dragon. It’s just part of the process, albeit my least favorite.

  2. Thanks, Sue-Ellen, and thanks to all those who came over to Terry’s Place and said you sent them. Much appreciated.

  3. Thank you for the heads up, Sue-Ellen. I also hope you have your head above the dragon’s smoke soon! I give you and all authors out there huge kudos for what you do. It isn’t just cut and dried and I’m sure at times can be a little painful, but the end product gives so many, so much. I appreciate what you do SO much! As always I’m sending you happy thoughts. :) ((((HUGS))))

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