Devil In A Kilt’s Duncan Honored Today…

Sue-Ellen here…

Hi Tarts,

I’m just peeking my head out of the dread Revisions Cave to let you know that Devil In A Kilt is featured in a neat article about romance covers today.

If you’d like to swing by and say hello to dear old Duncan, you can find him here.

Claire Brown who designs covers for my historical publisher, Hachette Book Group, is quoted in the article and she has lots of interesting things to say about the making of romance covers.

I’m betting you’ll find the article well worth reading.

And while you’re there, it’d be ever so nice if you leave a comment and mention Devil In A Kilt.

Oops, I mean Duncan.

The book is his, of course.  And we all know Duncan likes a bit of praise and admiration.  So if you’re game, please be nice to him, okay?

But don’t worry… even if you just read the article and don’t mention Duncan or Devil In A Kilt in comments, he won’t whip out his sword and come after you.

Sir M will hold him in check.

‘Course, I can’t vouch for Devorgilla.  That one does what she wants, so watch out.


That’s my quickie news for you, Tarts.

Now I am back into the Revisions Cave before it gets too smoky in there.  I can already smell the sulfur…


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12 responses to “Devil In A Kilt’s Duncan Honored Today…

  1. I visited and left a post. :)
    I will say that I love these beautiful dresses that are gracing the covers today but nothing compares to a man in a kilt, or a woman lying or wrapped in one.

  2. Mary M

    Oh yes….you know how much I love Duncan’s story, and cover. I went over and posted a comment, too. What a great article. :)

    • Thanks so much, Mary. Duncan will always be special to me, too. He will ride again one of these days. Not in this new series I’m writing, but when I do Sir M’s children, which is up next.

      Wasn’t the article neat? The covers all so lovely.

  3. Trudy Miner

    Wow, love those covers! They are hot, hot, hot! I remember the first book you read too because I read it also. Now, I ask you, how am I supposed to cool down after looking at these covers while sitting in a hot condo in Florida with a broken a/c? Guess I’ll have to stick my head in the freezer! LOL!

    • Aren’t the covers all stunning? Great selection.

      Sympathies re the broken a/c. Dear heavens. It is getting hotter and muggier by the day, isn’t it? I was out with Em about an hour ago and it was ghastly. Still frightfully hot and not a breath of a breeze. I am now officially counting off the days until autumn again.

  4. carol L

    What an interesting article about the covers. And of course I commented on Duncan. He was and is my very first Kilt wearing love. lol It’s because of the strapping Devil I’m an obsessed Highland lover. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. Kathy Luehrs

    Likedd the article – covers are a great way to peak your interest – gets me to pull the book off the shelf and then I read the back cover – to see if I really am interested -

  6. Forgot to come back and say hello. Did go over to the story.

  7. Aurora Mata

    Done deal! And I’m NOT afraid of Devorgilla… she’s a sweetie…

  8. Lorraine Kline

    I loved That book and the cover! But most of all it was your first book. It made me fall in love with your writing….!

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