You’ll Love This… (time sensitive)

Hi Tarts,

As you can tell by the door hanger, I’m still deeeep in revisions.

So this is just to remind you not to look for me in here until the work is done.

That said, I did want to share some neat news I am betting will interest you…

There’s a meteor shower tonight!

It’s called the Lyrid meteor shower and is best viewed after midnight tonight and between tomorrow’s sunrise.  Also Saturday night into Sunday’s dawn.

You can read about it here.

I know many of you share my interest in such things, so the big old nasty and mean Revisions Dragon allowed me to peek out of his den to share the news with you.

So have a go at it and let us all know if you see the shooting stars tonight or this weekend.  Em and I will certainly be watching for them.

And now I see you-know-who twitching his scaly tail and taking a deep breath, ready to aim a blast of sulfuric smoke at me.

Revisions Dragons (like any Deadline Dragon) mean business and can become very scary if they do no get their way.  A wise writer heeds their wishes and whims, always.

So I’m outta here.

Have a great weekend, Tarts!

I’ll see you when revisions are done.


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20 responses to “You’ll Love This… (time sensitive)

  1. Mary M

    Thank you, Sue-Ellen! Take care, and try to get some rest, too! :)

  2. Kathy Garuti

    Cool Sue-Ellen, thanks for the heads up.It’s fairly clear here right now. Hopefully it will stay that way.

  3. Ginny

    Thanks for the info Sue-Ellen(and right in the middle of revisions too!)

  4. Kathy Luehrs

    owwww..can’t wait – I love shooting starts – don’t forget to make a wish when you see one – SueEllen did you buy marshmallows for that dragon yet?

  5. Ivy

    Thanks, Sue-Ellen..I love these!

  6. Thank you for letting us know. Maybe I can talk my DH into heading up the mountain when he gets home tonight and look for them. I know the perfect spot to sit and watch for them. Now I’m excited :)

  7. Karen C

    Thanks, Sue-Ellen. Now I just have to manage to stay up late enough to see it!

  8. Aurora Mata

    At some point when you read this, Sue-Ellen, take a BIG bucket of water, the colder the better, and throw it at that dragon. That ought cool down his fiery throat!!!
    BTW, have you read any of Lillian Stewart Carl’s Sabazel quadrilogy? I’m on Book Two… Love and hate relationship…. I didn’t like to see Marcos’s demise! UGH!

  9. Trudy Miner

    Oh Sue-Ellen, how I wish we could see the metor-shower. Alas, all the lights you and I will be seeing will be flashing as in lightning bolts! One cracked right over my head just after I walked inside. Can hardly wait for the rest to come tonight and tomorrow (not). I hope they don’t disturb your revisions!

    • I know, Trudy. I was just thinking the same thing. It’s getting loud here now (thunder) so I am shutting down the pc as soon as I hit send on this reply. Normally I thrill to get a good, rollicking thunderstorm, but I was hoping to see the meteor shower tonight. Not a chance, as you say. Maybe tomorrow night.

      Now I’m out of here… it’s really cracking now, rain beating down…

      • Aurora Mata

        We had the bad storm here in Ft Pierce too. One of the lighting bolts struck just a few blocks from my condo somewhere in the Savannah’s Preserve which runs behind our homes.
        Risa and her crew are here with plans now to move to the Keys as my son has offered her a good job with one of his companies. She’s still looking for housing. My house looks like a campground…. and I won’t mention the state of my usually pristine kitchen. ROFL Would you believe even their 14 yr old miniature schnauzer SNORES in her sleep???? And they have a miniature chihuahua mix that loves to eat shoes & socks!!!!! Quiet? Yep, as long as they’re all asleep…otherwise it’s Ipods, Playstations, or laptops all going at once! Ha ha ha ha ha If I don’t laugh, I’lll cry!

  10. librarypat

    It will be too cloudy her both nights to see anything. Rats.
    Good luck keeping the dragon happy. Hope the revisions go quickly and well.

  11. Mary Preston

    I’m assuming this is a visible to the Northern Hemisphere phenomenon.

    I must say though that tonight Mars is very clear to the naked eye.

  12. Kathy Garuti

    Well no luck for me. Clouds rolled in after dark and stayed until about 9:30 this morning. Supposed to rain tonight. Thus it goes for every meteor shower.

  13. Well, the meteor shower was a dud for me, too. Sigh… Big bad storms here last night, as Trudy and Aurora have noted. More of the same are due today/tonight. We haven’t had storms in light-years. Why must they come just when there’s something neat in the night sky? (always seems to happen that way)

    I will be in the Revisions Cave taming the beast all weekend, Tarts. Hope you’re having a good one.

    • Trudy Miner

      Ellen, I hope you will be safe because they are saying that south of Tampa Bay will have severe weather. Right now, we’re having boat loads of rain; they just dropped the severe thunderstorm warning but there’s a tornado watch until 7 a.m. However, there were some stars, briefly, earlier tonight. Aurora Mata, you get it worse than I do too. Somehow Tampa Bay is in a “protected” area; stuff usually goes north or south but when it doesn’t……………..

      • We were slammed down here, Trudy. Almost like a hurricane with huge winds blowing sheets of rain everywhere and tons of thunder and lightning. I had to shut down the pc throughout the night. I suspect this evening will be a repeat from the looks of it right now. I love storms and don’t mind as long as the power holds and there aren’t any tornadoes. Hope you continue to miss the brunt of it up there. Aurora is in a dabgerous corner for storms, I know. Hope it stays away from you, Aurora.

        • “Dangerous.” That was George again, Tarts. He hangs around to needle me even when I’m working like a fiend on revisions. ;)

        • Aurora Mata

          We had tons of rains(BADLY needed), some high winds which were still here yesterday and not as bad today. We had lightning Thurs…I took the young ‘uns to the pool yesterday. The water was tolerable, but on the cool side. I took the oldest two boys shopping for clothes and shoes today, so I had no chance to go to the pool. Tomorrow I go to the doctor for pre-check up before my cataract surgery this coming Monday. Left eye April 30, right eye May 7th.

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